Non-Profit Mobile Chiropractor: Making a Difference for Service Industry Workers

Dr. Susie Hansen founded the Essential Project, a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to delivering mobile chiropractic services in Vail, Colorado. The mission of the Essential Project is to provide chiropractic care through mobile services to essential community members. Dr. Hansen brings her services directly to her patient’s workplaces, homes, and hotels, making chiropractic care accessible and convenient for all who need it.

I was fortunate enough to be recommended to Dr. Hansen by the Grand Hyatt in Vail, Colorado, when I was unable to walk, let alone ski, during my visit. In just one hour, Dr. Hansen provided various techniques including muscle manipulation, adjustment, exercises, Graston, cupping, and needling. Her bright sense of humor makes her visits something to look forward to and I eagerly scheduled another appointment within my seven-day stay. My husband was so impressed he managed to squeeze an appointment in as well. Thanks to her exceptional care, I was able to ski for four days, which was nothing short of remarkable, given that I was limping through the airport and struggling to sit comfortably on a flight due to pain. Without the burden of a steep $200 consultation fee or the need for an x-ray, she adeptly identified and remedied the issues at hand. Dr. Hansen’s services far exceeded my expectations and provided remarkable results. I even asked her for an impromptu video, which you can view here:

Dr Hansen’s long-term goal is to expand nationally. if you would like to support her non-profit, learn more and/or schedule an appointment with Dr. Hansen she can be reached by email at or by phone: 520-220-8972

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Pumpkin Shaped Gnocchi Recipe

Here’s a simple but visually stunning holiday dish that will “wow” your guests with a great taste and stunning presentation. And the best part? You’ll look like a master chef when you bring it to the table!

While I am not generally in the lead role in the kitchen, that’s hubby’s job, he played the part of wine sipper in chief and left me to it.     I had attempted making Gnocchi once before, in Italy, under the close supervision and guidance of chef Gianluca D’Esposito and his wife, Holly Star, at their beautiful Ristorante Michel’angelo in Capri. Seen here and if you are interested in an Italy experience Gianluca and Holly are currently offering cooking classes in the comfort of their picturesque garden villa and most recently collaborating with EATALY holding cooking classes at their USA and Canadian locations in 2020. See for more details!

If you would like to make the Pumpkin shaped gnocchi here is the experience.    Once I got started creating the dough, I began to relax and found the essence of cooking a new dish to be less intimidating than I thought and I quite enjoyed the process. The dish turned out delicious while also being visually stimulating. I give credit to where I found this recipe. It’s a winner for holiday dinner parties and a fun dish to prepare with your partner. 

I may have used regular butter 😀 and found that the 00 napoli antimo caputo flour worked very well. * tip def freeze the dough for 30 minutes.  Try some meatballs on the side and you have a Husband approved party dish ready to serve!

TRY IT YOURSELF! Pumpkin Shaped Gnocchi Recipe


SIREN Stories on La Sirena with Kim Fuller

SIREN Stories on La Sirena – showcasing the personal side of professional women and SIREN Women’s Cooperative members that live, work and play on Aquidneck Island located in alluring Newport County.
Get to know Siren Member Kim Fuller’s Siren Story on La Sirena through the signature SIREN questions about her and her company,  Kim Fuller Photography
Meet even more influencers at
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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles.

I’m Christon and joining us today is Kim Fuller of Kim fuller photography.

I know you have some other things but you’re also a SIREN coop member.

I am and very excited to be.

How long have you been a member?

Wow, almost from the beginning because it hasn’t been quite a year yet

that it’s been around, but yeah I came in pretty early so I’m excited about that.

Welcome to The La Sirena Siren Cooperative Series.

Thank you.

Which is a little bit more on the personal side,

but we’d like an overview of your business,

before we get to know you a little bit better.

First of all, thank you for having me,

because I’ve been following you for a long time.

Oh , Thank you!

My business has been evolving

I’ve been a photographer for you know 30 years,

but I’m starting to use my photography along with mindfulness,

to help women really,

really see who they are.

I do everything from empowerment shoots,

branding shoots for their businesses and

trying to capture something that they feel is authentic to them.

We get away from sort of that stagnant you know coffee cup on the white bed,

kind of business shot, because that’s really not everyone, and so I’m

trying to pull out something in them that they feel attracts the kind of

clients that they want to work with, first of all. I really feel like the more

authentic we can be, the more, the more our life can feel a little freer

especially in our businesses, so I do that and then along with that, a little

mindfulness coaching, along with the photo shoots, as well as, just separately.

With all of your background and your diverseness,

What are some of the hobbies, on the side that, or activities, that inspire you or get you get lost in ?

I study Buddhism so I do a lot of reading and try to listen

to a lot of YouTube videos from various monks and teachers, so that’s a

lot of work, but I love it. I’m just kind of a nerd in the analytical side of

the life so Buddhism is my analytical…

An analytical Buddhist?

I know, imagine that? Well Buddhism is very analytical at least Tibetan Buddhism is.

There’s a lot of layers to it and so

it gets me really thinking, it gets me really thinking and then meditation along with that.

I really love just going out and hiking in the woods and and being,

being on the water as much as possible and just sitting and being.

Is that your favorite thing about Aquidneck Island?

Oh my god yes, like that hour between like

5 and 7 or 8PM, when the sun’s going down my husband and I

just get the chair out, we get our snacks and go down to the beach and it’s

like a big exhale. I just love it, that’s my favorite thing about living near the beach,

is you can just pop down there in a second.

What are some of the things in life that have made you who you are today, that have motivated you?

I would have to say my kids more than anything, my own children and they just,

this generation is so smart to me. I just think they have a lot of tools at their fingertips

and they’re using them really well.

My youngest son is adopted and he has inspired me in a different way than my other kids did,

because he came from such a tough beginning, which I did not have at all, so

I didn’t really know a lot about that kind of thing, so he’s particularly

motivated me, so much so that I wrote a book and did a TED talk.

The book is called Finding and it brings in my whole Buddhist practice and how that helped me

get through the whole adoption slash issues that my son had.

“Our son” had, I always say that, but the whole family…

Changing peoples lives, even in the household.

Would you say that there’s any three women in in the world, in your life, that have helped you become the person you are today?

Yeah you know, like you said, and I know in a previous interview that I watched,

my daughter inspires me every day. She’s so creative and she’s a go-getter.

She doesn’t let anything, like you said, like she knows,

No Fear

Very little fear and she battles a touch of anxiety,

but she’s really learned to overcome that and I’m very proud of her

for doing that and she looks for tools to do it.

She has a great role model.

Well thank you and

I really love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez I always mess up her name Ocasio-Cortez the new U.S. Representative.

She’s the Hispanic woman who came from literally like working in a restaurant,

grassroots, and became a U.S. Representative and she is kicking butt.

and I love her because she didn’t let the fact that she came from a grassroots

organization or worked in a restaurant to stop her from making change in the world.

I really admire her.

She’s motivated.

Yeah and then I would say my grandmother because I think that she was

she was from that generation where women didn’t necessarily have careers but she

was a legal secretary and I think if it been this time, now, she would have been a lawyer for sure.

She would get dressed every day with the pin and the buttons and do the whole thing.

It was great, she was very inspiring.

If you were gonna look back at yourself, younger, what would you give yourself for advice?

Wear more bikinis!

Let it go, Let it go!

Cause something is happening with this body!

Something is happening with this body and I’m just not recognizing it

so I’m saying wear more bikinis girls ! Show what you got it!

Let’s get real

We are not getting any younger over here.

I’II love my body for what it serves me

and how its help me get my kids and the whole thing but yeah,

wear more bikinis!

High-five on that!

Well thank you so much for joining us today.

We hope to learn more about you in the near future and

we look forward to seeing you on

Newport Living and Lifestyles

VLOG | Siren Stories on La Sirena with Lynda West from The Nest at Tenth Gate Yoga

SIREN Stories on La Sirena – showcasing the personal side of professional women and SIREN Women’s Cooperative members that live, work and play on Aquidneck Island located in alluring Newport County. Get to know Siren Member Lynda West’s Siren Story on La Sirena through the signature SIREN questions about her and her company,  The Nest at Tenth Gate Yoga
Meet even more influencers at
#Siren #SirenWomensCooperative #SirenStories #TenthGateYoga #TheNest #NLandL #NLL #NLLnow #NewportLivingAndLifestyles #youthprogramming #kidsyoga #allabilities #yoga4kids #yogakids #mindfulness #breathing #breath #selfregulation #selfsoothing #crosswordpuzzles #takearisk #fearofFailure #AquidneckIsland #LoseYourself #mostinfluencialwomen #lovewhereyoulive #oceanstate
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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles.

I’m Christon and joining us today is Lynda West from The Nest.

Tell us a little bit about your business and

you’re a member of the SIREN Women’s Coop

How long have you been a member?

Just, maybe since December yeah December.

Fairly new, but it’s very exciting. It gets me out, gets me social.

I’ve met some really wonderful women. Happy to be apart of it.

How can the women of the Women’s Cooperative enjoy what you do?

The Nest is a center for babies on up to teens

concentrating on yoga and mindfulness.

It is like a youth program.

Yes, we have a center in Portsmouth , a beautiful studio there.

We also like to do some community outreach go to schools and

do some yoga and mindfulness there and just make ourselves a little bit more mobile.

Yeah from babies on up to teens and tweens everything in between. We’ve got

classes where parents can participate with the child or you can drop your

child off and go take a yoga class yourself at Tenth Gate and it’s really

just about making sure that the whole child is looked after so not just the

physical part of yoga but also the emotional and the mindfulness and

teaching them how to breathe at a young age, which I wish I would have learned.

De-stress, Yes, was definitely

self-regulation self-soothing, getting them getting them used to doing

that at a young age so that when they’re my age it’s just natural and it comes naturally.

Wouldn’t that be nice, because we have to tell ourselves every day every,

every second, breathe a little bit more.

Obviously Yoga is your passion. Are there are other things, activities or

things that you do that you get lost in?

I don’t have a lot of time for getting lost in things.

But my go to, are crossword puzzles.

It comes from my Grandma and Grandpa. I remember them sitting in their chairs

in the evening. They don’t watch a lot of TV and they were just crossworders, crossworders.

It’s just something I go to, it’s relaxing for me.

I hadn’t thought about that, just takes your mind off things.

Yeah, it does. Yeah, no TV, no phone, no nothing.

and I can just crossword anywhere, it’s very relaxing.

Are you from Aquidneck Island?

No no I was born in the Bronx

but moved to Fort Lauderdale when I was 2. I grew up in Fort Lauderdale.

What brought you to a Aquidneck island,

Whats your favorite thing?

A man ! I followed him

That is a story of many.

My husband grew up here he grew up in Portsmouth

We moved almost 20 years ago.

I’ve been here a long time. Raised the family here.

How many children do you have?

I have four. They’re older, college, high school and middle school.

What are the things that keep you motivated every day or

something a trivial thing that happened in your past that maybe changed your life?

I don’t know when this happened exactly but I remember realizing what I

wanted to do and that changed everything.

It was very empowering and it just sort of changed my outlook on everything.

It changed the way that I was raising my daughter’s and it

changed the way I made business decisions, so that was extremely

empowering. Just really, this is what I want to do, this is what I love, let’s do it.

And let’s do it !

Did any three women in the world have an impact?

It’s so hard to pick three! I have to give a shout out and this is

and this is gonna be like 300 women

to women who are doing what they love

That’s you!

and being creative and

and saying, you know what

this might work for a little while, it might not work at all,

it might be a great success, but I know that this is what I’m good at

and where my service to others lies and I’m just gonna go for it.

Like you ! Right ?

so here we are!

You have a talent and you want to share it

and that to me is… those are my women.

well I’m glad to be grouped in there.

If you were gonna go back ten years and tell yourself something

that would help change your life today.

Let’s see, so… 42 year old me, I would probably tell her

just get over the fear.

You know when you’re 42, you’re sort of running from it,

We don’t want to be uncomfortable, I don’t want be uncomfortable.

I don’t want to be afraid.

Fear of failure.

Yeah, so now, it’s just like,

I really don’t care. It might fail, it might not, it might be a great success,

Just to don’t worry about the fear.

It’s all part of it

and usually if it’s scary, it’s something really good to go after.

That is a great point,

Thank you for making that and

Thank you for joining us today on La Serena

Yeah, thank you !

and you can contact the SIREN’s Women’s Cooperative and

You can find your contact information there.

Perfect, well thank you.

Thank you

and we look forward to seeing you on

Newport Living and Lifestyles

LetsBuki App John Muggeridge Your key to events and specials in Newport

A groundbreaking app that will help you navigate the city whether you are a local or resident offering you insights into restaurant specials, pet friendly establishments, events and more! Download the app at
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Read the Transcript
Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles.I’m Christon and joining me today is Buki representative John Muggeridge.Great, thanks for having me.Absolutely, well I like to call him Mr. Muggs.So, you can do that too, I think? You’d accept that?Anytime, Anytime.So JohnJohnWhat is a Buki?Buki is an app that’ll provide you a mobile experience throughout Newport. Giving you information that you might need or want to help navigate the city whether you’re a resident or whether you’re a visitor.It’s really a very handy thing to have and it’s a free download.You have different sections?Yeah, yeah, the app is kind of structured with a look like Instagram.So you scroll up, it’s got a photo with a little bit of information.Across the top there are channels.What are some of the favorite channels?Well the mansion’s Channel is a big one.There’s a lot of information about the mansions,if you’re visiting the mansionsThere’s a channel for Fort Adams.To learn a little bit more about the history of the addition to like going to their concerts,and their eventsand their events and things.There’s a special channel for people from Newport.Which is all about pets.MmmHmmmm….. everybody’s FavoriteThere’s all sorts of pet friendly things,pet supplies, there is a pet boarding service.If you want to take a night out without your dog.They can put the put your dog up for the evening.There’s a lot of different ways to use the appIncluding dining other things to do.Like Restaurants and suchYeah, it’s all in there.That’s fantastic, Thanks so much for telling us all about Buki.How can people download this app? Where do they go?They go to www.LetsBuki.comIs it Love it.Here is the visual.That little guy is Buki.and this is a dog?Buki is a dogOkay now, where did the name Buki come from?Originally?… Honest to god, I can’t tell you.It’s secret guys, its secret…If you can find out, please let me know.I have seen the dog in person, he’s very cute.What is it? English bull dog…?Ah Man… I don’t know…We’ll look it up and we’ll report back.We will get back to you.Named after an actual dog that the owners have, and the dog talks.WOW…so this is like a talking dog app.It’s communicating with you through the app, Buki talks, Buki Speaks.Well thanks so much for sharing that with us today. Download this app atLetsBuki.comAgain, its a free download. We’d love to get you downloaded.We’d love to get the feedback from you and what you like and what you don’t like.If you need to get a hold of me, get a hold of Christonand she can certainly hook you right up.I’ll put you a link in the bio.That works for me !Alright right ! Thanks so much!Thank You Christonand we look forward to seeing you onNewport Living and Lifestyles

The Preserve infrared Sauna with Newport Living and Lifestyles

Diane & Laurel give us an overview of the health benefits of detoxing with the infrared sauna, their personal experiences and why medical professionals are referring their clients to The Preserve. Make sure to read the amazing reviews which tout experiences like luxurious, clean, peaceful, inviting, friendly, rejuvenating, heavenly ***Looking to try it out? See their Valentine’s special to promote weight loss, healthier skin and a cleaner, toxin free body. *** Specials include: Book a ‘BRING A FRIEND’ session now through February 16th, with someone who has never been to The Preserve before, and you both get another session 50% off!

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