NL&L Event : Unleashing Croquet & Cocktails for a Noble Cause

Waterfront Croquet & Cocktails, an unforgettable event thoughtfully hosted by Christon Gibson (Board Member), Ann Mencoff (Previous Boaard Member), Elena Kissel (President of the Board), and Liz Isdale (Chief Philanthropy Officer). Held at the stunning “Rock Cliff,” this spectacular gathering aimed to raise awareness for the Potter League for Animals, an organization devoted to the well-being of our delightful furry friends.

A special round of applause goes to Ann Mencoff for orchestrating an evening filled with delectable refreshments, courtesy of Deb Wyatt’s “Pour People” and ensuring that Wayne Davies, our Croquet Pro from Nantucket, enjoyed a cozy stay at The Hotel Viking. The captivating moments captured in Megan Maguire’s photography tell the story of a night where joy and compassion intertwined beautifully.

We warmly extend an invitation to witness firsthand the incredible impact that the Potter League has on countless animals and their devoted guardians. Immerse yourself in the love that permeates through this organization by taking a tour of one of our three facilities. Simply contact Liz Isdale by replying to this message, giving her a call at 401-846-0592 x 116, or emailing her at

To further explore the inspiring work of the Potter League and discover upcoming events that you won’t want to miss, kindly visit our website at

We eagerly anticipate showing you around and sharing our passion for fostering a brighter future for animals everywhere.

Warmest regards,
Ann, Christon, and Elena

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Embrace Greatness: The Iconic International Tennis Hall of Fame Event

Meet Dan & Learn more about this historic, important and magnetic week long Infosys Hall of Fame Open and Enshrinement Weekend event. July 17th – 23rd at the international Tennis Hall of Fame

Get ready to witness history in the making as we celebrate the legendary feats of tennis greats at the Iconic International Tennis Hall of Fameevent, taking place from July 17th to 23rd! Your heart will race with anticipation, your spirit will soar with pride, and you’ll feel the electric energy of motivation and inspiration coursing through your veins.

Infosys Hall of Fame Open takes center stage this week with thrilling Quarterfinals and Semifinals pitting skilled competitors against one another, vying for ultimate victory. Feel the rush of adrenaline as seats for these unforgettable matches quickly disappear.

Enshrinement Weekend will shine a spotlight on our 2023 Inductees – Rick Draney and Esther Vergeer. Engage with legendary Hall of Famers during an exclusive Meet & Greet, bask in the surreal ambiance of Courting Fashion at Ochre Court, and indulge in a lavish brunch with tennis icons at Brooks Brothers Brunch with Legends.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to be part of something truly inspiring: a celebration of greatness and a testament to what hard work and dedication can achieve on the Class of 2023 Induction Ceremony. As we raise a toast to these phenomenal achievements, let their stories kindle an unwavering fire within you to chase your dreams relentlessly.

Will you stand among the legends? Join us at the Iconic International Tennis Hall of Fame Event and become a part of history everlasting.

Ifosys Hall of Fame Open

A week of tennis before the ceremonies begin!

Infosys Hall of Fame Open – Quarterfinals
Tennis Hall of Fame – Newport, RI
Limited seats available!

Infosys Hall of Fame Open – Quarterfinals
Tennis Hall of Fame – Newport, RI
Limited seats available!

Infosys Hall of Fame Open – Semifinals
Tennis Hall of Fame – Newport, RI
Limited seats available!

Infosys Hall of Fame Open – Finals
Tennis Hall of Fame – Newport, RI
Limited seats available!


6-8pm Meet & Greet with Hall of Famers, Cocktail Reception


11am Infosys Hall of Fame Open |. Quarterfinals

7pm   Courting Fashion at Ochre Court, A Fashion Forward Cocktail Event | Ochre Court at Salve Regina University, Newport, RI


10am Brooks Brothers Brunch with Legends 

11am Infosys Hall of Fame Open | Doubles Semifinal & Singles Semifinals

11:15am Autograph Session with 2023 Inductees

4:30pm Pre-Ceremony Refreshments

Not Before 6pm Class of 2023 Induction Ceremony

Enshrinement Reception presented by Infosys

Following the Induction Ceremony, dinner + drinks served


Infosys Hall of Fame Open

12pm Doubles Final
2pm Singles Final


Newport is a coastal resort community that is typically hot and humid in the daytime and pleasant in the evenings. You may want a sweater or light jacket for evening events.

  • Friday – Courting Fashion at Ochre Court, a fashion forward cocktail party – Cocktail attire
  • Saturday – Brooks Brothers Brunch with Legends – Resort casual
  • Saturday Evening – Induction Ceremony & Enshrinement Reception presented by Infosys – Cocktail attire
      Newport Casino

2023 Newport Flower Show Awards Announced

The following awards were handed out at the 27th Newport Flower Show at Marble House last weekend.  All proceeds from The Newport Flower Show benefit The Preservation Society of Newport County.


Garden Club of America Certificate of Excellence in Botanical Arts (exhibit of great distinction):

Ginni Donovan, Cheshire, CT

The Janice Leary Panoff Botanical Arts Award (exhibit of exceptional visual appeal which best combines whimsical interpretation with impeccable execution): Leslie Purple and Alice Farley, Wyndmoor, PA

The Robyn Kauffmann Spagnolo Botanical Arts Award (design conforms to schedule requirements, incorporates the principles of design and is of exceptional quality in craftsmanship and skillful manipulation of all materials): Jennifer Barnette, New York, NY

The Newport Flower Show Best in Show Award – Botanical Arts (selected from among blue-ribbon winners in the Botanical Arts Division): Christina Kramer, Palm Beach, FL

The Newport Flower Show Botanical Arts Award (exhibit showing impressive quality, skill and creativity): Ginni Donovan, Cheshire, CT

The Newport Flower Show Novice Award – Botanical Arts (most distinctive design by a novice exhibitor in any Botanical Arts class): Katherine Renfrew, Chesapeake, VA

The Newport Flower Show New Exhibitor Award – Botanical Arts (most distinctive entry by a first-time Exhibitor in the Botanical Arts Division): Marta Nelson, N. Fort Myers, FL

– more –


Garden Club of America Certificate of Excellence in Floral Design (exhibit of great distinction):

Nell Carpenter, Richmond, RI

National Garden Club Award (exhibit judged to be the finest in the Design Division): Linda Pare, Ashland, NH

The Newport Flower Show Best in Show Award – Floral Design (selected from among blue-ribbon winners in the Floral Design Division): Nell Carpenter, Richmond, RI

The Newport Flower Show Novice Award – Floral Design (most distinctive design by a novice exhibitor in any design class): Sharon Bender, Westbrook, CT

The Newport Flower Show New Exhibitor Award – Floral Design (most distinctive entry by a first-time exhibitor): Linda Frazer & Chris Duncan, South Hampton, NY

The Preservation Society of Newport County Design Award (exhibit in the challenge class displaying the most creative use of the majority of components issued): Susan Dewey, Chatham, MA

The Corinne Clarke Reynolds Trophy (presented by her daughter, June Reynolds MacKaye, and granddaughters, June Reynolds Davis, Dottie Corinne Houser and Christienne Bailey MacKaye,

for the best interpretation of a class title in the Design Division): Ashley Elizabeth Sparks and Sandra Jean Sparks, Little Compton, RI

The Bettie Bearden Pardee Award (for outstanding design using all fresh plant material grown and arranged by the exhibitor(s): Elizabeth Cusak, West Cornwall, CT

The Candace Morgenstern Design Award (exhibit showing exceptional quality using innovative

techniques involving the manipulation of fresh plant material): Kathy Michie, Worcester, MA


The Garden Club of America Certificate of Excellence in Horticulture (exhibit of great distinction):

Mattapoisett Woman’s Garden Club Group, Mattapoisett, MA

National Garden Club Award (exhibit judged to be the finest in the Horticulture Division): Jane Gamber, Madison, CT

The Gilbert S. Kahn Sweepstakes Award (exhibitor winning the most blue ribbons in the Horticulture Division Classes): Libby Moore, Little Compton, RI

The Mrs. Robert M. Grace Best in Show Award (selected from the Horticulture Division blue ribbon winners): Donna Boulay, Newport, RI

– more –

The Mrs. Samuel M.V. Hamilton Award (most creatively original and whimsical presentation of plant material in any container): Donna Boulay, Newport, RI

The Oatsie Charles Award (most outstanding cut specimen of a shrub grown for its flower): Christina Vanderlip, Greenwich, CT

The Annie Laurie Aitken Award (most outstanding rose cut specimen in the show): Dana Rose, Worcester, MA

The Jocelyn Sherman Propagation Award (container entry by an amateur exhibitor in whose name it is entered. Entry must have been grown by exhibitor for a minimum of six months): Carrie Waterman, Dover, MA

The Newport Flower Show New Exhibitor Award – Horticulture Division (most distinctive entry by a first-time exhibitor): Elaine Bakios, Portsmouth, RI

The Green Animals Topiary Award (best topiary in the show): Nancy Russell, Philadelphia, PA

The Rhode Island Wild Plant Society Award (best native Rhode Island plant entry in any class): Evan Aten, Newport, RI

The Newport Garden Club Centennial Award – Horticulture Division (most creative interpretation of a class or theme in the Creative Container Division): Mattapoisett Woman’s Garden Club Group, Mattapoisett, MA

The Newport in Bloom Award, URI Master Gardener Program Award and Certificate of Excellence in Conservation: Not awarded in 2023

The Preservation Society of Newport County, Rhode Island, is a nonprofit organization accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. It is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the area’s historic architecture, landscapes, decorative arts and social history. Its 11 historic properties – seven of them National Historic Landmarks – span more than 250 years of American architectural and social development.

For more information, please visit

Kemo Sabe Hats are a Must-Have Accessory for the Fashion-Forward Adventurer

Discovering Hip Western Wear: A Blend of Swagger and Confidence

Peter and I were exploring shops and restaurants when we stumbled upon Kemo Sabe, a trendy western-style retail store in Vail Village, Colorado. It was hosting a red velvet rope VIP event for its top-tier clients.

Entering Kemo Sabe, you’re greeted by lively energy, upbeat music, friendly service and laughter from shoppers echoes from behind a red velvet rope by a staircase leading to a small VIP bar. Hope Roe and Kenzie Haskin welcomed us with prosecco and beer, ensuring that we found the perfect hat style and color for each of us. We met a woman at a hotel who had a hat to match every outfit – people are truly passionate about these hats! Kemo Sabe specializes in designing one-of-a-kind cowboy hats, fedoras, and dress hats.

Trying on different styles and colors is key to finding the right hat for you. Despite my desire for a mint or pink hat with a small dip in the front, I was encouraged to try a flat brim in a lighter color. After enjoying some prosecco, the flat brim had grown on me! It added an urban country flair to my look, perfect for my travels.

Once you pick your hat, it’s time for the real fun – decorating it with your salesperson while fellow customers enthusiastically do the same. Kemo Sabe offers a vast selection of hat bands, feathers, ribbons, sparkle strings, branding symbols, and letters for personalization.

Peter chose The Gus Hat in silverbelly, complete with a simple leather band and his initials branded on the left side. We learned that mostly all the cowboy equipment like ropes are hanging on the left side of the body and a cowboy will swing the lasso overhead on the right side of the body so the branding, feathers, and hat extras are placed on the left side of the hat.

I selected The Showman in natural, featuring white beaver felt with pink and brown ribbons, a hot pink sparkle string, and a medley of light pink, soft brown, and white feathers. My name, CHRISTON, was branded on the brim. Once branded, the hat is indisputably yours. If the branding initially seems too bold, it can be toned down with a special sponge that can also use to clean your hat if becomes wet or soiled.

The price range at Kemo Sabe varies from $495 for rabbit fur felt hats up to $1,595 for intricately crafted Constellation collection pieces made from a blend of beaver and rabbit fur felt. The store also offers custom boots, belt buckles, and branded gloves. If they don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, they can create it from scratch – all made in the USA.

If you think this would make for an entertaining group activity, Kemo Sabe hosts personal events such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, wedding welcome soirees, friends’ reunions, or employee appreciation gatherings at their locations in Aspen, Vail, Vegas, Jackson, and Park City. Embrace your creativity and discover endless possibilities at Kemo Sabe.

Photo by Kemo Sabe



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Private all-female Oscars Party

Lisa Dusty hosts a private all-female Oscars Party coinciding with the actual Oscars Award ceremony. Guests are encouraged to dress up as a character from a movie or show, or as if attending the Oscars themselves. The result is a hilarious array of creative costumes, often with women portraying male characters in a comedic fashion. Throughout the night, attendees remain in character, making it nearly impossible to discern the true beauty of the woman beneath the costume. The focus of this party is not about being one’s sexiest self, but rather embracing the most outrageous persona possible. Check out the photos below, See if you can spot me and be prepared to laugh out loud.

You will have a favorite; please share in the comments below

Learn more about Lisa, the all-women’s Oscar party, the Oscar awards, and view some of the tamer photos from the events below.

How did you came up with the idea of hosting the Oscars awards?

The idea of hosting an Oscars awards party came to me when my sister mentioned attending one. After a few years, I finally experienced it and was instantly captivated. The creativity of the women in attendance was astounding. This inspired me to start my own party in 2012. At my first event, there were 21 women, half of whom didn’t dress up. Fast forward to today, the party has outgrown my home and I have seen the most outrageous costumes

Why did you choose to make it an all women’s event?

I chose to host an all-women party for numerous reasons. As a working mom who moved to a new town, I became actively involved in my child’s school events, where I met some incredible women. Some were business owners working tirelessly and seeking stress relief, while others craved girl time or “me” time apart from their partners. Some just wanted to have a few drinks, share laughter, and relive their best high school dance moves. Nights like these are essential for women as they serve as stress relievers, allowing them to unwind without the pressures of work, family, or other commitments. While we may sacrifice some sleep, we ultimately feel recharged and reconnected with our feminine energy and strength.

Who is invited to this event?

Invited to this event are family, lifelong friends, college friends and teammates, new friends, neighbors, colleagues and customers from work, tennis and kickboxing pals, and more! It has grown exponentially over the years and I have met so many fabulous women.

What Awards are given at your private Oscars Party?

We want as many people to grab an oscars as possible so the awards have grown over the years and you literally leave with an Oscar, not the life size Oscar though. from Best Costume, Best Group, Best TV/Movie/Show portrayal, Best Duo and so on. Everyone at the party votes for who they believe should win each award. This year the biggest hit sweeping the oscars were the Chippendales. not only did these females show up in complete head to toe costumes they stayed character the entire evening even performing a chippendale “strip show”  pulling a chair and a guest onto the dance floor. We may have even experienced a bar top performance, but what happens at the Oscars party Stays at the Oscars party!!!

Where is your event hosted?

The Oscars event was originally hosted at my house for eight years, but as it grew larger, it became too big to manage. Consequently, in 2022, I decided to move the event to The Jake Speakeasy in Providence. Damian is an excellent host and extremely accommodating!

What have you learned from hosting the Oscars Awards events over the years?

I genuinely appreciate how many women at these parties become close friends after their initial meeting. There’s a remarkable sense of camaraderie, mutual support, and networking opportunities. For instance, my friend Stephanie, who owns The Flower Shack, mentioned that several women she met at The Oscar Party are now regular customers. Women truly uplift one another! We’re strong but also cherish the chance to support each other and unwind. A girls’ night out works wonders for our well-being!

Moreover, I’ve discovered how supportive my husband is in everything I pursue. He endures my months of preparation and even helps with bartending, setup, driving guests home after they’ve had too much to drink, tallying votes, and cleaning up! I’m incredibly grateful for him; he’s my rock!

What is in store for 2024?

We are working to streamline the event by implementing phone voting. We are also considering hiring a photographer to capture guests as they arrive. The idea of conducting red carpet interviews is being explored as well. Additionally, we may set up a stage for willing participants to showcase their talents.

More about this party animal 😀

I relocated from Puerto Rico to Cumberland, RI in 3rd grade and have resided in Rhode Island ever since. I attended the University of Rhode Island and have worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative since 1996. My husband, Jimmy, and I enjoy traveling both alone and with our two sons, aged 19 and 22. Four years ago, we rescued a stray dog from Georgia who is now extremely pampered. Life can certainly be hectic, but we always prioritize time with our family and friends, as we love hosting gatherings!

Shout to her DJ – DJ Finesse is a fabulous DJ who also MC’s the event.

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An Evening of Elegance: Inside the 2023 Women of Distinction Awards at Elms Mansion

The exquisite Elms Mansion played host to a spectacular evening reveling in the 2023 Women of Distinction on Thursday, March 23rd for National Women’s month! With nearly 200 distinguished guests in attendance, this sold-out event was nothing short of an elegant affair.

Guests were graciously welcomed by Erin Donovan-Boyle, The Chamber’s President & CEO, and Trudy Coxe, CEO & Executive Director of the Preservation Society of Newport County. In addition, Kaity Ryan, Executive Director of Norman Bird Sanctuary graced the occasion as the awards emcee by hosting a lively panel discussion and Q&A with the esteemed honorees.

A round of applause to this year’s exceptional honorees:
Heather Hole Strout, Executive Director, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center
Brenda Brock, Founder, Farmaesthetics
Lynne Tungett Publisher/Editor, Newport This Week
Melissa Green, Esq., Sayer Regan & Thayer, LLP

The volunteer committee of Chamber board members diligently reviewed numerous nominations, highlighting the honorees’ impressive achievements in community involvement, industry impact, and professional success prior to selecting the award winners.

This event is part of the Chamber’s Women in Business series, which is proudly sponsored by The Preservation Society of Newport County, Greenvale Vineyards, and Seacoast Sweets, and was truly a delightful evening filled with inspiration, celebration, and joy.

Congratulations to these extraordinary women!

PHOTOS by Kate Grottenberg