Ask us Anything


Photo Credit: Alexander Nesbitt
Vogue Cover Newport Living and Lifestyles Annual Influencer Awards inspiration #NLLAiA

 2022 Newport Living and Lifestyles Upcoming Interviews  #NLLAuA

Newport Living and Lifestyles is a roving video journal highlighting entrepreneurs in a lively and gregarious fashion, pulling peoples natural personalities to the screen. Expect to laugh and be amused with enchanting stories that you will only experience on this show.  Although, I have my own questions for each person that I interview, I would like to extend the opportunity to the community with Ask us Anything #NLLAuA 

This is your moment to ask any questions that you have been yearning to know the answer to and may not have the access to ask.  You may submit more than one question and to as many interviewees as you like.  Ask us Anything,  NL&L may feature your name and your question during the video conversation.