Justin Richardson Newport Pedi Cab

Being featured on Newport Living and Lifestyles has been the highlight of the season!  It was such a pleasure working with Christon and Gambit as we toured around town!  We share a mutual love for Newport and we truly appreciate her shedding light on the city we love. At Newport Pedicab, dogs always ride free on our amazing memorable tours.

Justin Richardson

Laurie Ruttenberg Lucky Dog Resort

Working with Christon of Newport Living and Lifestyles was a wonderful experience! She really captured the essence of Lucky Dog Resort and what a joy it is to be surrounded by Dogs everyday.  We really felt supported and guided through the process, which was fun, easy and collaborative.

Laurie Ruttenberg


Newport Living and Lifestyles is a new and fun way to get the word out about your business!   Christon is wonderful to work with and even though being on camera can be nerve-racking, she is a pro and made me feel really comfortable.  I am excited to support her mission and this new exciting platform.  Newport is full of amazing things to do and see and Newport Living and Lifestyles is a wonderful way to stay informed.  I will share and reshare, best of luck Christon!

Tiffany Peay


Newport Living and Lifestyles is a unique platform to inform clients, friends and potential customers to learn and understand your business and how it can affect your way of life – As an Interior Designer, TurnKey Design was able to share and show our life changing living spaces through Newport Living and Lifestyle – Come, Join and Enjoy your new life!

Lynne Shore


“Loved working with Christon Gibson from Newport Living and Lifestyles on a gift giveaway during the holidays last year! She not only has her finger on the pulse of what happening here in Newport, but also brought her own unique panache and energy to promoting my store “SWANKY Newport” with a lively and entertaining video-cast created specifically with my products as the stars of the show!!”

Patricia Coleman


I truly enjoyed working with Christon! I was really nervous about filming our segment. She totally put me at eased and walked me through the whole experience.

Laurie Ann


I originally met Christon from Newport Living and Lifestyles as a guest at my spa, she approached me about featuring the bodhi spa in her lifestyle blog. We offer a unique spa experience in Newport, RI and being only 2 years old at the time we knew we needed to add to our brand and presence in order to stay relevant. I appreciated Christon’s willingness to adapt to our needs as a new business and to work with me on my presentation for the business. While it’s easy to feel out of your comfort zone while being interviewed, I felt at completely at ease with her big smile beaming back at me as she guided me through her thoughtful questions. Newport is the loving home to many small businesses and offers opportunities for unique lifelong experiences that may get overlooked with the wealth of choices available. The Newport Living & Lifestyles platform is a wonderful way of sharing some of the hidden and not-so hidden gems in our beautiful city by the sea.