Waterfront Croquet & Cocktails, an unforgettable event thoughtfully hosted by Christon Gibson (Board Member), Ann Mencoff (Previous Boaard Member), Elena Kissel (President of the Board), and Liz Isdale (Chief Philanthropy Officer). Held at the stunning “Rock Cliff,” this spectacular gathering aimed to raise awareness for the Potter League for Animals, an organization devoted to the well-being of our delightful furry friends.

A special round of applause goes to Ann Mencoff for orchestrating an evening filled with delectable refreshments, courtesy of Deb Wyatt’s “Pour People” and ensuring that Wayne Davies, our Croquet Pro from Nantucket, enjoyed a cozy stay at The Hotel Viking. The captivating moments captured in Megan Maguire’s photography tell the story of a night where joy and compassion intertwined beautifully.

We warmly extend an invitation to witness firsthand the incredible impact that the Potter League has on countless animals and their devoted guardians. Immerse yourself in the love that permeates through this organization by taking a tour of one of our three facilities. Simply contact Liz Isdale by replying to this message, giving her a call at 401-846-0592 x 116, or emailing her at LIsdale@potterleague.org

To further explore the inspiring work of the Potter League and discover upcoming events that you won’t want to miss, kindly visit our website at www.potterleague.org

We eagerly anticipate showing you around and sharing our passion for fostering a brighter future for animals everywhere.

Warmest regards,
Ann, Christon, and Elena

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