INTERVIEW: A Luxurious Lakeside Escape at Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli

Video via Christon Gibson

The Lake region was a new experience for Peter and me. Our trips to Italy typically include one or two notable spots such as Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, Cinque Terre, and always conclude on the Amalfi coast. We feel at home in Anacapri due to its warm weather, rocky cliffs, breathtaking views, incredible food, and unique history. One reason we venture back to Italy every year, sometimes twice a year, is because of its rich history and authenticity. Additionally, we have Italian backgrounds – mine from the north and my husband’s from the south.

This season, we were drawn to the northern lakes region as many of our well-traveled friends recommended its picturesque and relaxing setting. Our main impetus in 2023 was an invitation from dear friends to visit a villa they had rented complete with a pool, stunning Lake Garda views, and even a chef.

We chose a hotel in Gargnano within walking distance of their villa. Villa Feltrinelli was the finest hotel we have ever experienced in all our travels. Every measurable aspect – physical facility, grounds, ambiance, setting, hospitality, and dining – was superb. But describing Feltrinelli goes beyond words; the entire experience was exceptional.

The discrete gated entry opens to a small stone driveway that winds through lush local flora with glimpses of the pool area and subtle views of Lake Garda through tall thin Italian Cypress trees. A grand Venetian-style mansion emerges in splendor as its meticulously kept grass and landscaping come into view. Built in 1892 by Faustino Feltrinelli’s two sons – a lumber magnate – the Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli in Gargnano provides evidence of its lumber roots through paneled walls, elaborate crown moldings, paneled doors, and floors.

Upon arrival, we received a small bouquet of white roses and a personalized welcome followed by a tour of our elegant quarters. At every turn, mirrors, painted frescoes, detailed woodwork, and marbled rooms were delicately integrated into the villa’s design.

A standout feature was the freedom to dine at any time and anywhere on the property. The cuisine was local gourmet with appropriately sized portions. My favorite parts of every meal were the amazing views, white-glove service, and an abundant assortment of fresh and delectable canapés.

We invited five guests staying at a nearby villa for cocktails by the lake. Our servers presented us with anchovies, mozzarella, tomato confit bruschetta, giardiniera, arancini balls with marinara, miniature pesto bun sliders with smoked salmon, dried tomato paté, and our favorite canapé – bonbon finger bites of fresh cheese and hazelnut. Of course, martinis accompanied our treats.

Everyone greeted us with pleasant smiles as if it were our own home. They even knew our names and room whereabouts. Each guest room/suite was discernible by its unique name.

Our stay consisted of two accommodation experiences: one in the main villa and another in charming lakeside cottages with gorgeous views. Both had large marble bathrooms adorned with petals in the toilet and complimentary amenities like hand fans with carrying cases. Laundry was collected daily without any special requests.

During our visit, we enjoyed the grassy pool area set among beautifully maintained flower gardens. The property offered separate covered areas for group outdoor grilling and dining along with terracotta planters filled with seasonal flowers for an authentic Italian atmosphere. There were multiple access points to the lake for swimming – occasionally shared by a visiting family of swans or resident ducks. The only problem with our stay was it was not long enough and that activities with our friends took us off property. Our next visit we will confine ourselves to quarters and enjoy the restful ambience of Villa Feltrinellli to the fullest.

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Photos via Villa Feltrinelli

Photos by Christon Gibson

Kemo Sabe Hats are a Must-Have Accessory for the Fashion-Forward Adventurer

Discovering Hip Western Wear: A Blend of Swagger and Confidence

Peter and I were exploring shops and restaurants when we stumbled upon Kemo Sabe, a trendy western-style retail store in Vail Village, Colorado. It was hosting a red velvet rope VIP event for its top-tier clients.

Entering Kemo Sabe, you’re greeted by lively energy, upbeat music, friendly service and laughter from shoppers echoes from behind a red velvet rope by a staircase leading to a small VIP bar. Hope Roe and Kenzie Haskin welcomed us with prosecco and beer, ensuring that we found the perfect hat style and color for each of us. We met a woman at a hotel who had a hat to match every outfit – people are truly passionate about these hats! Kemo Sabe specializes in designing one-of-a-kind cowboy hats, fedoras, and dress hats.

Trying on different styles and colors is key to finding the right hat for you. Despite my desire for a mint or pink hat with a small dip in the front, I was encouraged to try a flat brim in a lighter color. After enjoying some prosecco, the flat brim had grown on me! It added an urban country flair to my look, perfect for my travels.

Once you pick your hat, it’s time for the real fun – decorating it with your salesperson while fellow customers enthusiastically do the same. Kemo Sabe offers a vast selection of hat bands, feathers, ribbons, sparkle strings, branding symbols, and letters for personalization.

Peter chose The Gus Hat in silverbelly, complete with a simple leather band and his initials branded on the left side. We learned that mostly all the cowboy equipment like ropes are hanging on the left side of the body and a cowboy will swing the lasso overhead on the right side of the body so the branding, feathers, and hat extras are placed on the left side of the hat.

I selected The Showman in natural, featuring white beaver felt with pink and brown ribbons, a hot pink sparkle string, and a medley of light pink, soft brown, and white feathers. My name, CHRISTON, was branded on the brim. Once branded, the hat is indisputably yours. If the branding initially seems too bold, it can be toned down with a special sponge that can also use to clean your hat if becomes wet or soiled.

The price range at Kemo Sabe varies from $495 for rabbit fur felt hats up to $1,595 for intricately crafted Constellation collection pieces made from a blend of beaver and rabbit fur felt. The store also offers custom boots, belt buckles, and branded gloves. If they don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, they can create it from scratch – all made in the USA.

If you think this would make for an entertaining group activity, Kemo Sabe hosts personal events such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, wedding welcome soirees, friends’ reunions, or employee appreciation gatherings at their locations in Aspen, Vail, Vegas, Jackson, and Park City. Embrace your creativity and discover endless possibilities at Kemo Sabe.

Photo by Kemo Sabe



You can also find other amazing western accessories including Lindsey Thornburg Collections,  Pendleton Collections , Knives, Boots, clothing, jewelry and more

Non-Profit Mobile Chiropractor: Making a Difference for Service Industry Workers

Dr. Susie Hansen founded the Essential Project, a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to delivering mobile chiropractic services in Vail, Colorado. The mission of the Essential Project is to provide chiropractic care through mobile services to essential community members. Dr. Hansen brings her services directly to her patient’s workplaces, homes, and hotels, making chiropractic care accessible and convenient for all who need it.

I was fortunate enough to be recommended to Dr. Hansen by the Grand Hyatt in Vail, Colorado, when I was unable to walk, let alone ski, during my visit. In just one hour, Dr. Hansen provided various techniques including muscle manipulation, adjustment, exercises, Graston, cupping, and needling. Her bright sense of humor makes her visits something to look forward to and I eagerly scheduled another appointment within my seven-day stay. My husband was so impressed he managed to squeeze an appointment in as well. Thanks to her exceptional care, I was able to ski for four days, which was nothing short of remarkable, given that I was limping through the airport and struggling to sit comfortably on a flight due to pain. Without the burden of a steep $200 consultation fee or the need for an x-ray, she adeptly identified and remedied the issues at hand. Dr. Hansen’s services far exceeded my expectations and provided remarkable results. I even asked her for an impromptu video, which you can view here:

Dr Hansen’s long-term goal is to expand nationally. if you would like to support her non-profit, learn more and/or schedule an appointment with Dr. Hansen she can be reached by email at or by phone: 520-220-8972

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Pumpkin Shaped Gnocchi Recipe

Here’s a simple but visually stunning holiday dish that will “wow” your guests with a great taste and stunning presentation. And the best part? You’ll look like a master chef when you bring it to the table!

While I am not generally in the lead role in the kitchen, that’s hubby’s job, he played the part of wine sipper in chief and left me to it.     I had attempted making Gnocchi once before, in Italy, under the close supervision and guidance of chef Gianluca D’Esposito and his wife, Holly Star, at their beautiful Ristorante Michel’angelo in Capri. Seen here and if you are interested in an Italy experience Gianluca and Holly are currently offering cooking classes in the comfort of their picturesque garden villa and most recently collaborating with EATALY holding cooking classes at their USA and Canadian locations in 2020. See for more details!

If you would like to make the Pumpkin shaped gnocchi here is the experience.    Once I got started creating the dough, I began to relax and found the essence of cooking a new dish to be less intimidating than I thought and I quite enjoyed the process. The dish turned out delicious while also being visually stimulating. I give credit to where I found this recipe. It’s a winner for holiday dinner parties and a fun dish to prepare with your partner. 

I may have used regular butter 😀 and found that the 00 napoli antimo caputo flour worked very well. * tip def freeze the dough for 30 minutes.  Try some meatballs on the side and you have a Husband approved party dish ready to serve!

TRY IT YOURSELF! Pumpkin Shaped Gnocchi Recipe


Welcome to Travel Tuesdays

Welcome to Travel Tuesdays where we speak with dashing Yacht Captains aboard some of the most lavish chartered yachts in the world. * Why chartering is an alternative during the COVID19 pandemic, * Favorite places to vacation local and abroad, * what activities and amenities are available, * Dog friendly yachts & so much more….

“We have short term charter B&B specials coming out: Boat & Brunch and Boat & Breakfast” says co-host and President Jennifer Saia aka @YachtQueen of B&B Yacht Charters, Inc.

In this segment meet Captain Kyle Schmitt & Chef Emily Gray of Magical Days Yacht

PhotoCredits: @NewportBuzz
Video Edit Credits: @kat goss @kat_goss

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Read the Transcript
Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestylesand Travel Tuesdays brought to you byB&B Yacht Charters, Inc.with Jennifer Saia President and co-hosta.k.a @YachtQueenThat’s me! Thanks Christon for having us againas we go through our Travel TuesdaysThis feature today is going to be on Magical Days.What a great namebecause we create magic on yachts.We have Captain Kyle and Emily,who are with usWhen people charter a boat or yacht I should sayWhat kind of things are they looking for?I think a lot of what people are looking foris just to have freedom and flexibility todo a vacation on their own.When you charter a yacht,you own the yacht for a week.It’s yours.It’s yours to do whatever you want.For 87 feet of luxury yacht,you offer a lot morethan just your average boat of that sizeI mean she really does feel like a 100 footer andsleeping six guestsWe’re a tri-deck socompared to another boat in the size range,it is quite a bit larger.We’ve probably got about 40% more volume.You have a lot of other amenities on board.We recently finished a big project last summerWe installed a hot tub on the bow.It’s been a big hitPeople are pretty excited about it.The amount of space in the boat is outstandinga full sky loungeThe deck above where we are now is all enclosedThen we have an actual fly bridge up top.The views are great because your one deck higher.What other things can you entertain your guests with?Lots of toysYeah, I want to know about the toys.We have kayaksLast year we bought a clear kayak that is really popular.Especially the Bahamas and the islands.I love that! We won’t have to get our hair wet!Exactly!We’ve got wakeboards, water skis, an inflatable island that everyone loves.We have got the seabobs,the electric underwater scooters.That are really fun too!Paddle boards, we have the inflatable paddleboardsA 13 foot tender.A rigid hard bottom, that we carry on board.It’s perfect for towing people around wakeboarding.Its just the right size.What would be a typical charter destination or itinerary,that you’d like to promote for the summer?Start and end in Newport, Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, NantucketB&B Yacht Charters has our B&B specials coming outBoat & BreakfastBoat & BrunchWe are going to have short term charters.Emily is an amazing chefI think that’s gonna be a unique opportunityfor people this summer.If you don’t want to go for a full 7 days,like you said, maybe just in the Narragansett Bay.Emily you’re from this area.I am! I lived in Newport for five years, soI know how to recommend the best restaurantsand what to do.I am from FloridaI have done a lot of cruising in the Bahamas & CaribbeanBetween the two of us, we have all the bases covered.Do you guys allow for dogs?That’s kind of a case-by-case basis.I won’t say noMight depend on the size and behavior of the dogDo either do you have a hot tipfor people who want a yacht charter?I always try and explain to people as we are planningthe itinerary isbe flexibleget some input from the crewThe whole point of of chartering a yachtis so that you don’t have this rigid itinerary.Speaking of itineraryYou create a beautiful one for this areajust as you described earlierthat was just published inThe International Yachts Brokers Association newsletterI think that’s gonna be fabulous to kick off the seasonif anybody would like a copy of thatB&B Yacht Charters can email that to you,along with the virtual tour anda link to the Magical Days charter brochure.Magical Days is just, just as she is, magical.It’s time to book your charter.AbsolutelyWell you guys, thanks so much for joining us todaystay safe andif you are looking for aself quarantined, customized vacationcall Jennifer Saia at B&B Yacht Charters, Inc.and we look forward to seeing you onNewport Living and LifestylesThank youYou baked us cookies!!!! I love it!