Kemo Sabe Hats are a Must-Have Accessory for the Fashion-Forward Adventurer

Discovering Hip Western Wear: A Blend of Swagger and Confidence

Peter and I were exploring shops and restaurants when we stumbled upon Kemo Sabe, a trendy western-style retail store in Vail Village, Colorado. It was hosting a red velvet rope VIP event for its top-tier clients.

Entering Kemo Sabe, you’re greeted by lively energy, upbeat music, friendly service and laughter from shoppers echoes from behind a red velvet rope by a staircase leading to a small VIP bar. Hope Roe and Kenzie Haskin welcomed us with prosecco and beer, ensuring that we found the perfect hat style and color for each of us. We met a woman at a hotel who had a hat to match every outfit – people are truly passionate about these hats! Kemo Sabe specializes in designing one-of-a-kind cowboy hats, fedoras, and dress hats.

Trying on different styles and colors is key to finding the right hat for you. Despite my desire for a mint or pink hat with a small dip in the front, I was encouraged to try a flat brim in a lighter color. After enjoying some prosecco, the flat brim had grown on me! It added an urban country flair to my look, perfect for my travels.

Once you pick your hat, it’s time for the real fun – decorating it with your salesperson while fellow customers enthusiastically do the same. Kemo Sabe offers a vast selection of hat bands, feathers, ribbons, sparkle strings, branding symbols, and letters for personalization.

Peter chose The Gus Hat in silverbelly, complete with a simple leather band and his initials branded on the left side. We learned that mostly all the cowboy equipment like ropes are hanging on the left side of the body and a cowboy will swing the lasso overhead on the right side of the body so the branding, feathers, and hat extras are placed on the left side of the hat.

I selected The Showman in natural, featuring white beaver felt with pink and brown ribbons, a hot pink sparkle string, and a medley of light pink, soft brown, and white feathers. My name, CHRISTON, was branded on the brim. Once branded, the hat is indisputably yours. If the branding initially seems too bold, it can be toned down with a special sponge that can also use to clean your hat if becomes wet or soiled.

The price range at Kemo Sabe varies from $495 for rabbit fur felt hats up to $1,595 for intricately crafted Constellation collection pieces made from a blend of beaver and rabbit fur felt. The store also offers custom boots, belt buckles, and branded gloves. If they don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, they can create it from scratch – all made in the USA.

If you think this would make for an entertaining group activity, Kemo Sabe hosts personal events such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, wedding welcome soirees, friends’ reunions, or employee appreciation gatherings at their locations in Aspen, Vail, Vegas, Jackson, and Park City. Embrace your creativity and discover endless possibilities at Kemo Sabe.

Photo by Kemo Sabe



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Non-Profit Mobile Chiropractor: Making a Difference for Service Industry Workers

Dr. Susie Hansen founded the Essential Project, a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to delivering mobile chiropractic services in Vail, Colorado. The mission of the Essential Project is to provide chiropractic care through mobile services to essential community members. Dr. Hansen brings her services directly to her patient’s workplaces, homes, and hotels, making chiropractic care accessible and convenient for all who need it.

I was fortunate enough to be recommended to Dr. Hansen by the Grand Hyatt in Vail, Colorado, when I was unable to walk, let alone ski, during my visit. In just one hour, Dr. Hansen provided various techniques including muscle manipulation, adjustment, exercises, Graston, cupping, and needling. Her bright sense of humor makes her visits something to look forward to and I eagerly scheduled another appointment within my seven-day stay. My husband was so impressed he managed to squeeze an appointment in as well. Thanks to her exceptional care, I was able to ski for four days, which was nothing short of remarkable, given that I was limping through the airport and struggling to sit comfortably on a flight due to pain. Without the burden of a steep $200 consultation fee or the need for an x-ray, she adeptly identified and remedied the issues at hand. Dr. Hansen’s services far exceeded my expectations and provided remarkable results. I even asked her for an impromptu video, which you can view here:

Dr Hansen’s long-term goal is to expand nationally. if you would like to support her non-profit, learn more and/or schedule an appointment with Dr. Hansen she can be reached by email at or by phone: 520-220-8972

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