Welcome to Travel Tuesdays where we speak with dashing Yacht Captains aboard some of the most lavish chartered yachts in the world. * Why chartering is an alternative during the COVID19 pandemic, * Favorite places to vacation local and abroad, * what activities and amenities are available, * Dog friendly yachts & so much more….

“We have short term charter B&B specials coming out: Boat & Brunch and Boat & Breakfast” says co-host and President Jennifer Saia aka @YachtQueen of B&B Yacht Charters, Inc.

In this segment meet Captain Kyle Schmitt & Chef Emily Gray of Magical Days Yacht

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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestylesand Travel Tuesdays brought to you byB&B Yacht Charters, Inc.with Jennifer Saia President and co-hosta.k.a @YachtQueenThat’s me! Thanks Christon for having us againas we go through our Travel TuesdaysThis feature today is going to be on Magical Days.What a great namebecause we create magic on yachts.We have Captain Kyle and Emily,who are with usWhen people charter a boat or yacht I should sayWhat kind of things are they looking for?I think a lot of what people are looking foris just to have freedom and flexibility todo a vacation on their own.When you charter a yacht,you own the yacht for a week.It’s yours.It’s yours to do whatever you want.For 87 feet of luxury yacht,you offer a lot morethan just your average boat of that sizeI mean she really does feel like a 100 footer andsleeping six guestsWe’re a tri-deck socompared to another boat in the size range,it is quite a bit larger.We’ve probably got about 40% more volume.You have a lot of other amenities on board.We recently finished a big project last summerWe installed a hot tub on the bow.It’s been a big hitPeople are pretty excited about it.The amount of space in the boat is outstandinga full sky loungeThe deck above where we are now is all enclosedThen we have an actual fly bridge up top.The views are great because your one deck higher.What other things can you entertain your guests with?Lots of toysYeah, I want to know about the toys.We have kayaksLast year we bought a clear kayak that is really popular.Especially the Bahamas and the islands.I love that! We won’t have to get our hair wet!Exactly!We’ve got wakeboards, water skis, an inflatable island that everyone loves.We have got the seabobs,the electric underwater scooters.That are really fun too!Paddle boards, we have the inflatable paddleboardsA 13 foot tender.A rigid hard bottom, that we carry on board.It’s perfect for towing people around wakeboarding.Its just the right size.What would be a typical charter destination or itinerary,that you’d like to promote for the summer?Start and end in Newport, Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, NantucketB&B Yacht Charters has our B&B specials coming outBoat & BreakfastBoat & BrunchWe are going to have short term charters.Emily is an amazing chefI think that’s gonna be a unique opportunityfor people this summer.If you don’t want to go for a full 7 days,like you said, maybe just in the Narragansett Bay.Emily you’re from this area.I am! I lived in Newport for five years, soI know how to recommend the best restaurantsand what to do.I am from FloridaI have done a lot of cruising in the Bahamas & CaribbeanBetween the two of us, we have all the bases covered.Do you guys allow for dogs?That’s kind of a case-by-case basis.I won’t say noMight depend on the size and behavior of the dogDo either do you have a hot tipfor people who want a yacht charter?I always try and explain to people as we are planningthe itinerary isbe flexibleget some input from the crewThe whole point of of chartering a yachtis so that you don’t have this rigid itinerary.Speaking of itineraryYou create a beautiful one for this areajust as you described earlierthat was just published inThe International Yachts Brokers Association newsletterI think that’s gonna be fabulous to kick off the seasonif anybody would like a copy of thatB&B Yacht Charters can email that to you,along with the virtual tour anda link to the Magical Days charter brochure.Magical Days is just, just as she is, magical.It’s time to book your charter.AbsolutelyWell you guys, thanks so much for joining us todaystay safe andif you are looking for aself quarantined, customized vacationcall Jennifer Saia at B&B Yacht Charters, Inc.and we look forward to seeing you onNewport Living and LifestylesThank youYou baked us cookies!!!! I love it!