Deborah Goodrich Royce does it all; Hotelier, Actress, Author

Her new book bravely draws on personal tragedy to redefine the idea of “Identity Thriller”.

A first glance there is nothing about Deborah Goodrich Royce that would belie the colorful and varied tapestry she has woven from her life’s experiences.

As an owner–along with her husband–of one of the country’s most famed seaside resorts, Rhode Island’s “Ocean House” her normal day is already full.  Today she breezes through the lobby in a light blue and white sundress casually greeting staff and club members prior to sitting down for our interview.  Perhaps most noticeable as we take our seats in the Veuve Clicquot “Secret Garden,” is her utter lack of pretention and a sense that she has the world-her world-perfectly under control.

The new book, “Reef Road” draws upon the calm outward exterior that she exudes and delves into a world inspired by personal, traumatic events.  In it, she has created a detailed, layered work of fiction that will have readers griping their seats. Amazon says: “In a nod to the true crime that inspired it, Deborah Goodrich Royce’s Reef Road probes unhealed generational scars in a wrenching and original work of fiction. It is both stunning and sexy and, like a bystander surprised by a curtain left open, you won’t be able to look away.

I had the pleasure of spending nearly and hour speaking with Deborah on the hotel deck with expansive views of the Atlantic and passing rain showers creating a unique and mysterious mood suitable for discussing a murder mystery.  In that brief time, she impressed me not only with the depth and candor of the personal elements she brings to the book but her deep and thorough understanding of the craft of authorship. Her energy is ever present and she is especially animated when she speaks of her life, travels and most of all her family.

The entire interview is a “must see”

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Father’s Day Gift ideas

Want to know what to get your dad this year? Gift ideas ranging from $10 to having your mansion printed on the inside of your suit. Get the 2020 Hot tips for Father’s Day gift ideas with sartorial expert Marc Streisand of Marc Allen Fine Clothier.
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Brought to you by Randal Poirier, Financial Planner, Partner Independence Financial Partners ~ Helping individuals and non profits navigate to a secure financial future
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Read the Transcript
if you look at men’s fashion online you are going to be a little disconcerted orjust plain freaked out so today we are going to get hot tips for Father’s Daytrends. Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles and welcome sartorial expertMarc Streisand from Marc Allen fine Clothier right here on Bellevue. Hey! thanks forhaving me here, thanks for coming to my shop.Welcome! We’re gonna have a lot of fun today I think that we have gifts foreverybody that can possibly want to buy their husbands, fathers,boyfriend’s, parents something and I think that they’re gonna be very veryhappy with what we’ve selected for you. Everything from low range to high range.Yes alright , well where are you located? Tell us a little bit about yourself. Okso my last name is Streisand. Yes I’m related to Barbara, that’s thefirst question that everybody asks me. She is my second cousin, but I can’t singfor anything, so let’s not try that. Not even a smidgen? yeah… nobody nobodywants to hear that. I mean unless you want your viewership to run. so right here inNewport we’re at 142 Bellevue Avenue. We also have locations in Providence RhodeIsland and Boston Massachusetts. I’ve had Marc Allen fine clothiers for the past 15years. We had our 15th anniversary March 5th. Well let’s get to it! What do youhave for us here today? We know how important your relationships are withyour father’s, boyfriends or husbands, so what we did here is we brought in afew kind of key items here very very less expensive less than $30these are from Lemon and Line located here in Newport Rhode Island and they’reobviously a very nautically inspired bracelet as you can see Christon’swearing one as well. We have your classic tie and we broughtsomething again you know bring it to Newport nice and full of coloreverything and all the ties are handmade Italy and you know paint is one of myfavorite colors pink purple those are colors of royalty regal Ness and I’mwealth so don’t be afraid to get that person something that’s going to give alittle bit of pop and Flair here we have a couple of socksnow I’m gonna unroll this one for you so you can actually see what it is this iswhat’s called over the calf sock and you might say to yourself oh my god it’s sobig yes it is right and most people do but the great thing about this sock isthat it’s never going to fall down in a guy’s leg so often guys get frustratedso you know unlike me I’m not wearing any socks today okaytypical New England. right! it’s Newport, it’s the beach and you know we want tohave a little fun and breath a little bit but for the guy that really likes thatcolorful action this sock is never gonna fall down on him so it’s gonna go allthe way up to his calf and it’s gonna stay there and it’s gonna look nice andclean all day long because you know if you look at it the Blues are verysimilar and it goes with your outfit. so I think it’d be really really coolHe is the sartorial expert! and again all their socks, they’re made in ItalyBresciani which is a company right out of Tuscany outside of Tuscany.Marcoliani which is a little bit more of a southern Italy the other real commongift for a guy to get now is the pocket square. It adds a little dish of color or alittle finishing touch, to a guys outfit, so you’ll see here thatI have one air in my pocket and you know with this one we actually make hereright here in the store and we hand crocheted the edges just to give it alittle bit more depth to it this is just from our custom shirt this is someremnant that we have leftover and if I pop it into my breast pocket here youdon’t have to fuss with it, and it just stays in there nice and clean. Now I knowhow they put a pocket square in the pocket. right and there’s so many different ways .I mean weput up on the web right now, a bunch different ways for guys to wearpocket squares. great tutorial. we made sartorial face masksso basically much like the pocket square, we took our custom shirt fabrics and wedeveloped them into a beautifully hand finished, handmade, reusable, washablefacemasks. what we’re doing now is anytime a guy makes a custom shirt we’re makinghim a matching pocket square. I love that idea! Next iscufflinks, this is from a brand called Robin Rotenier out of New YorkCity. again Nautically inspired for Newport. we have an octopus, we have fish, thisis a barracuda so when a guy wants to go fishing, and says this is hisfavorite kind of downtime activity is fishing. next thing is the bathing suit.well you can’t just go with a schlocky old bathing suit that you maybeget from a ten dollar store. what is schlocky? Schlocky isthose , you know cut-offs or the bargain-basement ones that maybeyou’re gonna get at the discount store. okay, all right, schlocky.exactly so vilebrequin is a French brand and they are they have really been knownfor the father-son bathing suit and you can see if you look to your right hand’ll see we have a bunch of different ones. you know have a little bit of fun.and you know there’s a specific way you have to wear the bathing suit, with yourshirt tucked in the back. yes as you can see over here you know it’s all aboutbranding, nobody wants to see this in a bathing suit. That’s why they tuck the back in, not the front.exactly! next thing to me which i think is so so important is the quintessentialt-shirt so this is a t-shirt out of Naples Italy from a company calledMazzarelli, the cotton is extremely soft and it’s so light I mean it feels likeyou’re wearing nothing and I love that. Ettinger is known for their really coolleather goods. One of the things that I like to haveis the flask. Now you’re saying, well why do I want a flask, well I don’t have adrinking problem. however, I like my own spirits. I’m sorry, Newport has a drinkingproblem. Yes and hence the reason why we have these little flasks, so what’s reallycool about this one is it has its own little glasses. Is something in there for us? You know what? I was afraid.because it is only twelve O’Clock, if we started now, we won’t finish tillprobably two o’clock this morning. We will just keep having fun. exactly, so what I loveabout this, is the shape of it, because it’s a little bit different. Imean here’s your classic flask. It’s really cool but I like the sizeof this one and it was just felt really good, it’s a little bit more finished. Ilove the fact that it has a little compartment that you can put yourcups in it right away, so when you unscrew it any periodic, boom. If you are on a boat, it has a good grip. yes exactlyand it’s much more classy than carrying a lot of nips around. This is from alocal designer called Kimberly Pucci and Kimberly does beautiful luxury lifestyleitems, beautiful leathers, all made in Tuscany. This is a dopp kit, what Ilove about this is you can custom make these and you can have them lined withall different colors of leather. okay this is myfavorite thing! I use it all the time! BOOM!wait for it. oh yeah. Do you know what that sound is? Daddy’s little helper.Right here! This is a wine tote. It carries sixbottles of wine. beautiful. beautifully crafted, very very durable handles, greatpockets. Then the other thing, that Kimberly doesn’t know, that I think thisis really great for, I’m just gonna show you real quickly. You can put your shoes in here. Okay and wine! and wine.I have been to several parties around town when you get there they have verylarge silk rugs and they ask you to take off your shoes off.This right here is a very good… HAA okay so this was a gag gift and it has becomereally popular among the men in our circle and it has a whole set.yes! so this is from a company called Ballsy.Let me read you the tagline. “keep the funk off your junk” boom.I don’t get red often people, but I’m red right now.Nut rub. It’s a cologne. Is it? I got nothing. It comes with a whole set.Just a little something for your honey. yeah… yes. And personally, I wouldprobably have a good laugh if I received this. Exactly, That is really what it is all about.Harry shave club. Harry shave club isreally great because it provides you… It originally, just started with shavingcream and a razor and it has really expanded. They’ve gotten a lot more intothe men’s facial facial healthcare, with scrubs, and masks, face wash andagain your razors. The great thing about this is you can just go online andorder it right there and it just comes in the mail, so you don’t have to go buyrazors. Next product. Stay on the boat. Stay on the boat! Don’t worry about it. The nextproduct is something that every man should have. If he doesn’the doesn’t have good friends. The anticipation is killing me.Boom! This is a nose and ear trimmer. oh please yes! it’s terrible when they havelittle things hanging out like that, and then in the ears…You want to take care of this. Something good, get a good one. Out of myresearch, I found Wahl makes the best one. Respect your friends andtrim your hairs. There’s a shop in Newport called Grenon’s and it’s righton Bellevue, right down the street from us. This is a pen fromRome from a company called Zanetti. It’s not inexpensive, but it is really reallybeautiful, it’s all natural stone that its main add up mother-of-pearland you can see here, the color green, it changes. It is Oyster shell-ishIt’s like that oyster shell that you would see, so this pen is $1500 bucks.A lot of money, but a great investment. This is a keep sake,something that you can hand down throughout the years, and to me that’svery very important. I still have my original pen that I got a long time agofrom my parents. She’s always trying to get me to say how old I am.I’m not telling. Next we have a beautiful watch here also from Grenon’s fromAlexander Shorokoff out of Germany. This is a real statement watch.I like this watch. This one here is another beautiful watch out of Europe it’s adiver watch, it’s got a very cool… feel that texture on the top of that band.I love that they stitched the whole band with the orange to give a little more accent. Gives it a pop.Very cool, go on your boat, dive right in, you never have to worry about it. Next watchwe have here is a Speake Marin. This watch is a chronograph.You can see that it has a silicone band, which i think is very very cool.This one here is my favorite. This watch, if you can get a little close up,For anyone who’s a horologist, they’re gonna look at this watchand they’re going to be wowed by it. I’m sorry, a what?A horologist, that is a person who is into horology, which is fine watches and time pieces.Well that explains why I didn’t know what it was.On another subject we have our Newport scenery here.Newports known for our sailing. We’ve had the American Cup here for years and years and years and years.We’re trying to always roll it back, butyou can go down to the wharfs or the even the bay you’ll seehundreds maybe thousands of sailboats so this is a nice gift, it’s notvery very expensive it’s about twenty-five dollars. Get your dadsomething that when he writes you a note back one day saying you’re agreat child. Next thing is a little cutesy item. Thisis from the museum mansion store. What I like about theseThese are coasters but they’re like little flying carpets. Couple items that are a littlebit more random, most men have these thingsalready, but this is a wallet. This is your classic billfold. This ismade from a brand called Tumi. This is from a company out ofFrance called Hermes. It’s got a very cute design to it, so when it isfolded it up, it’s very very slim and sleek. You can carry a creditcard here, credit card here, and you can put a bill rightacross here, this is the width of a bill and you just put a regular bill inthere and just keeps nice and folded. Very very simple & easy. I don’t like tocarry a big wallet. I like something a little bit more small. Well you have a purse!This is a little tablet, you can get a pen that can fit in here.You remember the old composition notepads thatwe used to have as kids. You can keep a log, keep notes, one of those littleeasy things. This is an item that you are really going to love.I am going to love this. I feel like he is saying that I am going to love this.Personally, I get it. yeah now we know what SAXX means. feel this under’s got it’s got a great hand to it, it’s a beautiful cotton modal, a littlestretch to it. And wicking. oh yes absolutely wicks. What’s greatabout this is it has a little ball sack. A guy out in California about tenyears ago said to me, I’ve got the greatest underwear in the world! I’m likewhatever. he goes it’s a ball sack! I’m like what do you mean it’s a ball sack?well you ride your bike right ? I saw it Facebook. I’m like yeahThis will help you with your riding. So I said send me a pair and I wear itever since. If you don’t want to get yourdad just a little gadget or a bathing suit or something like that, you wantmight want to get him something that’s a little sportier, so this is the samemake manufacturers as the t-shirts from a brand called Mazzarelli. What I likeabout this, is that it’s kind of shirt collar, the next thing that can go withthis, Thank you Vanna White, I like the way it feels.This is a brand called PT-01 out of Torino Italy. This is their rendition ofthe quintessential techno golf trouser now I use the word golf because it’s gota couple features in there that make it a little bit more apropos for golf butstill allows you to wear this with a pair of dress shoes and even the polo.This is from a brand out a Naples Italy called Pescarolo the modern-dayjogger or sweat pant. Now it’s sweat pantmaterial it’s made out of all cotton, it’s made in Italy, it’s got a drawstringand everything, but it unbuttons like a regular trouser. Other items over herevery very important. If you’re on your boat cruising around on your scooterjust out lounging around. Gotta be cool. Gotta be cool.What’s better than your ray-ban sunglasses. I’m actually gonna have youmodel these. now not only are these are the classic aviator style but they have thebrow bar. That is the key piece this year is to have the brow bar. she doesn’tsweat, just so that you know that, beautiful, glistening. It’ll actually, it’ll stop there. This is from somebody that’s near anddear to our hearts. I don’t know who it could possibly be? Chris Cline DesignChris Cline Design. All handmade, hand painted shells, locally. You can use thesefor almost anything you want. For something that’s near and dear toeveryone’s heart is the homemade gift. Don’t ever forget about the homemade’s not the gift, it’s the whole feeling about doing something special.What’s says more special than, I love you daddy.Handmade, gorgeous, love it, free! so for the guy who wants something that’s moreindividual he’s gonna maybe want to have a custom-made sport jacket or suit. Weknow many that do. How do you make it special?well we’ve done something that I think is really unique. We have contracted witha couple of different companies and here is all differentlinings that you can put into a jacket. Those are nice. yeah and they’re all made out of bembergand silks and you can get such fun ones in here so this is aclient, on a beautiful estate on Ocean Drive and you’ll see,this is a beautiful mansion on Ocean Drive and you can seethat we have stepped and repeated it, so this whole thing is all made ofsilk, and it’s the exact image that we talk so we hired a photographer to comeout and he took a really beautiful sky shot of this thing.The last thing. The very last thing! Is a lapel pin.I made from another local designer. Chris Cline DesignThis is a beautiful lapel pin star fish.A lapel pin is another way for a guy to have an accessory so that he can wear something that’s individual.and Christon has one on we’re a little twinsy today, which I kind of dig.Marc, thank you so much for making our Father’s Day a special one.Everybody can just reach you or go to your website if they have any questions.and hopefully we will be seeing you on Newport Living and Lifestyles.This featured presentation was brought to you by Randall Poirier a financial plannerand partner with Independence Financial Partners helping individuals andnonprofits navigate to a secure financial future.

Travel Tuesdays with Motor Yacht Rena

Book your Custom Covid Compliant Vacation. Welcome to Travel Tuesdays where we speak with dashing Yacht Captains aboard some of the most lavish chartered yachts in the world. * Chartering during COVID * HOT tips * Compelling Compliments * Secret Secluded Destinations & so much more….

“Feels like your at home with seasoned crew. Happy Crew. Happy guests.” says co-host and President Jennifer Saia aka @YachtQueen of B&B Yacht Charters, Inc.

In this segment meet Captain Brad Baker of Motor Yacht Rena

Video Edit Credits: @0ri.evans

#yachtlife #yachtcharter #charterbroker #yachting #motoryacht #bnbyachtcharters #BBYC #motoryachtcru #yachtbrokers #mymagicallife #yachts #yachtmanagement #NYR #YachtHop #MiamiYachtShow #SuperYacht #Miami #antiguacharteryachtshow #luxury #superyacht #luxuryyacht #superyachts #motoryacht #yachtclub #vacation #yachtcrew #megayacht #coronavirus #Covid19

Read the Transcript

Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles

and Travel Tuesdays

brought to you by

B&B Yacht Charters, Inc.

with President and co-host

Jennifer Saia aka @YachtQueen

That’s me! Hi everybody!

Today we have Captain Brad Baker of Motor Yacht Rena

An incredible program that we have been doing for many many years together

Captain Brad, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your vessel.

Well okay, she’s an NQEA built in Cairns, Australia, which is my hometown for many years.

She just turned 30 years old.

She’s a Leeuwin class. We just did our 30 year survey last year.

She has just come out of the shipyard with a lot of love.

She has five state rooms

10 guests,  we can accommodate more guests if needed, with pullmans, without her sinking.

She comes with a toe tender 38 foot ripper that we love to use. We call it the Limo

Tender, jet ski’s, stand-up paddles, kayaks

All things that you could want for a charter vacation in the Bahamas

Sounds like an amazing fun wealth of activities to do.

Where your favorite places to travel?

We do love the Bahamas especially for chartering. Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Maine

We like a different type of experience.

Very pleasurable, very scenic.

That sounds fun and

Jennifer tells me that you guys put up an amazing beach picnic!

Yes! we do, we cater that to wherever we are.

I got my secret beach in the Bahamas which I will not divulge

Come on give me the Lat/Long (Latitude/Longitude)

It’s a hell of a day for the guests. It’s special.

We cater lunch to the local seafood and keep the local cuisine in mind

Make it fun for everybody.

yeah and you can customize the lunches with a pig roast and other things

Depends on the island and where we are

We try to source the local product and stick with the local fare if we can.

Or go catch it yourself please

Yes! hahaha

We have a wonderful barbecue on the top deck and

we’ve got more than one crew member on board who is a master at grilling.

We like barbecuing. I won’t say that I am good at it!

But anyway, I have people for that! and we like to make it part of the experience.

Speaking of crew, how many crew are you?

We are 8 crew, more than enough!

It looks beautiful and quite elegant.

I call it Nantucket chic!

I’s kind of a New England sort of flair interior and

the owners are from that area and it reflects their taste and style.

It’s such a more traditional style.

We keep the furnishings refreshed on classic feel and style.

Everyone’s keeping healthy and busy.

We are all good and ready to go for the summer.

Jennifer, you are in Florida right now

How would you describe the boat and the crew?

I’m going to be having lunch in a few minutes with everybody,

so then I’ll have a real good description!

But just being back on board after not seeing them for so long

oh my gosh like a year.

I feel like I’m at home

The owners treat the crew like family and we love working for them.

We get to know guests as good as we can

while maintaining our professionalism.

It’s always a fun relaxed atmosphere on the boat and part of cruising a charter.

How long have you been on the boat?

I’ve been about 5 1/2 years

I have heard that charters are all about the crew!

Happy Crew! Happy Guests!

We’ve got nearly a hundred years of experience between the four senior crew on board in yachting.

I was thinking about that the other day,

Not sure if that makes me feel old or experienced.


But it’s a fact!

Seasoned! There ya go!

You have a history of hospitality

with two Atlantic crossings, two Pacific crossings

and cruising remote locations such as Palau, Micronesia and Hawaii.

How have your extensive travels changed your perspective as a yacht captain for your guests?

I started out chartering with Texas sports fishermen on the Barrier Reef in Cairns

some of the most fun, interesting people that I ever met.

Very very laid back program

Had to evolved from that to the Mediterranean high end charters

with people such as royalty, astronauts, rock stars and such.

What makes a good crew?

I would say experience and energy! The two number one factors!

Experience, you know, only comes with time on boarding in the industry and

learning how to service these 5 and 6 star services that we are offering

It only comes with experience

We traditionally range between 5- 10 day charters.

Our longest was 14 days.

7 -10 day charters work well for us.

Some of our highlights would be Nassau, Harbor Island, the Exuma’s.

Also the Exuma keys, we’d like to take the toys off through the shallow waters

and we like to kayak up creeks and streams and I have got all sorts of hikes figured out

and you’ll be chartering there from November to April

This November through Christmas/ New year, we will be available through Easter

Sounds like you guys have a lot of repeat guests.

What was the best compliment that you’ve received ?

Probably when a primary charter guests guests wife says,

“Can I take you and the crew home with me?”

“You guys are so wonderful, we want to keep you.”

What is the #1 hot tip for your guests?

For the Bahamas: pack lightly.

You don’t need all of that stuff.

Once you leave the lights of Atlantis and the slot machines

It will be just us, and the fish, and the birds, and the iguanas and the palm trees.

That is all you need.

And let captain Brad, who’s an amazing photographer, follow you and your guests around.

because his work is magnificent, just magnificent.

At the end of the charter, the last night, you gather everybody together and

you compose this beautiful video of all the photos and

they can relive their vacation right then and there.

Then they take it with them and

it’s like, Oh my gosh, wow!”

That’s a tradition we do on the last night.

It keeps me up late during the charter, I put all together.

On the last night we bring all crew and guests into the salon together.

We have a little party and a presentation.

I know you’re down in Florida so stay safe, I know you will.

We will.

If you are looking for a self quarantined,

covid compliant,

custom vacation,

call Jennifer Saia at

B&B Yacht Charters, Inc

Thank you Christon!

Thank you Christon

We look forward to seeing you soon

Thank you

and we look forward to seeing you on

Newport Living and Lifestyles

Welcome to Travel Tuesdays

Welcome to Travel Tuesdays where we speak with dashing Yacht Captains aboard some of the most lavish chartered yachts in the world. * Why chartering is an alternative during the COVID19 pandemic, * Favorite places to vacation local and abroad, * what activities and amenities are available, * Dog friendly yachts & so much more….

“We have short term charter B&B specials coming out: Boat & Brunch and Boat & Breakfast” says co-host and President Jennifer Saia aka @YachtQueen of B&B Yacht Charters, Inc.

In this segment meet Captain Kyle Schmitt & Chef Emily Gray of Magical Days Yacht

PhotoCredits: @NewportBuzz
Video Edit Credits: @kat goss @kat_goss

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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestylesand Travel Tuesdays brought to you byB&B Yacht Charters, Inc.with Jennifer Saia President and co-hosta.k.a @YachtQueenThat’s me! Thanks Christon for having us againas we go through our Travel TuesdaysThis feature today is going to be on Magical Days.What a great namebecause we create magic on yachts.We have Captain Kyle and Emily,who are with usWhen people charter a boat or yacht I should sayWhat kind of things are they looking for?I think a lot of what people are looking foris just to have freedom and flexibility todo a vacation on their own.When you charter a yacht,you own the yacht for a week.It’s yours.It’s yours to do whatever you want.For 87 feet of luxury yacht,you offer a lot morethan just your average boat of that sizeI mean she really does feel like a 100 footer andsleeping six guestsWe’re a tri-deck socompared to another boat in the size range,it is quite a bit larger.We’ve probably got about 40% more volume.You have a lot of other amenities on board.We recently finished a big project last summerWe installed a hot tub on the bow.It’s been a big hitPeople are pretty excited about it.The amount of space in the boat is outstandinga full sky loungeThe deck above where we are now is all enclosedThen we have an actual fly bridge up top.The views are great because your one deck higher.What other things can you entertain your guests with?Lots of toysYeah, I want to know about the toys.We have kayaksLast year we bought a clear kayak that is really popular.Especially the Bahamas and the islands.I love that! We won’t have to get our hair wet!Exactly!We’ve got wakeboards, water skis, an inflatable island that everyone loves.We have got the seabobs,the electric underwater scooters.That are really fun too!Paddle boards, we have the inflatable paddleboardsA 13 foot tender.A rigid hard bottom, that we carry on board.It’s perfect for towing people around wakeboarding.Its just the right size.What would be a typical charter destination or itinerary,that you’d like to promote for the summer?Start and end in Newport, Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, NantucketB&B Yacht Charters has our B&B specials coming outBoat & BreakfastBoat & BrunchWe are going to have short term charters.Emily is an amazing chefI think that’s gonna be a unique opportunityfor people this summer.If you don’t want to go for a full 7 days,like you said, maybe just in the Narragansett Bay.Emily you’re from this area.I am! I lived in Newport for five years, soI know how to recommend the best restaurantsand what to do.I am from FloridaI have done a lot of cruising in the Bahamas & CaribbeanBetween the two of us, we have all the bases covered.Do you guys allow for dogs?That’s kind of a case-by-case basis.I won’t say noMight depend on the size and behavior of the dogDo either do you have a hot tipfor people who want a yacht charter?I always try and explain to people as we are planningthe itinerary isbe flexibleget some input from the crewThe whole point of of chartering a yachtis so that you don’t have this rigid itinerary.Speaking of itineraryYou create a beautiful one for this areajust as you described earlierthat was just published inThe International Yachts Brokers Association newsletterI think that’s gonna be fabulous to kick off the seasonif anybody would like a copy of thatB&B Yacht Charters can email that to you,along with the virtual tour anda link to the Magical Days charter brochure.Magical Days is just, just as she is, magical.It’s time to book your charter.AbsolutelyWell you guys, thanks so much for joining us todaystay safe andif you are looking for aself quarantined, customized vacationcall Jennifer Saia at B&B Yacht Charters, Inc.and we look forward to seeing you onNewport Living and LifestylesThank youYou baked us cookies!!!! I love it!