Lisa Dusty hosts a private all-female Oscars Party coinciding with the actual Oscars Award ceremony. Guests are encouraged to dress up as a character from a movie or show, or as if attending the Oscars themselves. The result is a hilarious array of creative costumes, often with women portraying male characters in a comedic fashion. Throughout the night, attendees remain in character, making it nearly impossible to discern the true beauty of the woman beneath the costume. The focus of this party is not about being one’s sexiest self, but rather embracing the most outrageous persona possible. Check out the photos below, See if you can spot me and be prepared to laugh out loud.

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Learn more about Lisa, the all-women’s Oscar party, the Oscar awards, and view some of the tamer photos from the events below.

How did you came up with the idea of hosting the Oscars awards?

The idea of hosting an Oscars awards party came to me when my sister mentioned attending one. After a few years, I finally experienced it and was instantly captivated. The creativity of the women in attendance was astounding. This inspired me to start my own party in 2012. At my first event, there were 21 women, half of whom didn’t dress up. Fast forward to today, the party has outgrown my home and I have seen the most outrageous costumes

Why did you choose to make it an all women’s event?

I chose to host an all-women party for numerous reasons. As a working mom who moved to a new town, I became actively involved in my child’s school events, where I met some incredible women. Some were business owners working tirelessly and seeking stress relief, while others craved girl time or “me” time apart from their partners. Some just wanted to have a few drinks, share laughter, and relive their best high school dance moves. Nights like these are essential for women as they serve as stress relievers, allowing them to unwind without the pressures of work, family, or other commitments. While we may sacrifice some sleep, we ultimately feel recharged and reconnected with our feminine energy and strength.

Who is invited to this event?

Invited to this event are family, lifelong friends, college friends and teammates, new friends, neighbors, colleagues and customers from work, tennis and kickboxing pals, and more! It has grown exponentially over the years and I have met so many fabulous women.

What Awards are given at your private Oscars Party?

We want as many people to grab an oscars as possible so the awards have grown over the years and you literally leave with an Oscar, not the life size Oscar though. from Best Costume, Best Group, Best TV/Movie/Show portrayal, Best Duo and so on. Everyone at the party votes for who they believe should win each award. This year the biggest hit sweeping the oscars were the Chippendales. not only did these females show up in complete head to toe costumes they stayed character the entire evening even performing a chippendale “strip show”  pulling a chair and a guest onto the dance floor. We may have even experienced a bar top performance, but what happens at the Oscars party Stays at the Oscars party!!!

Where is your event hosted?

The Oscars event was originally hosted at my house for eight years, but as it grew larger, it became too big to manage. Consequently, in 2022, I decided to move the event to The Jake Speakeasy in Providence. Damian is an excellent host and extremely accommodating!

What have you learned from hosting the Oscars Awards events over the years?

I genuinely appreciate how many women at these parties become close friends after their initial meeting. There’s a remarkable sense of camaraderie, mutual support, and networking opportunities. For instance, my friend Stephanie, who owns The Flower Shack, mentioned that several women she met at The Oscar Party are now regular customers. Women truly uplift one another! We’re strong but also cherish the chance to support each other and unwind. A girls’ night out works wonders for our well-being!

Moreover, I’ve discovered how supportive my husband is in everything I pursue. He endures my months of preparation and even helps with bartending, setup, driving guests home after they’ve had too much to drink, tallying votes, and cleaning up! I’m incredibly grateful for him; he’s my rock!

What is in store for 2024?

We are working to streamline the event by implementing phone voting. We are also considering hiring a photographer to capture guests as they arrive. The idea of conducting red carpet interviews is being explored as well. Additionally, we may set up a stage for willing participants to showcase their talents.

More about this party animal 😀

I relocated from Puerto Rico to Cumberland, RI in 3rd grade and have resided in Rhode Island ever since. I attended the University of Rhode Island and have worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative since 1996. My husband, Jimmy, and I enjoy traveling both alone and with our two sons, aged 19 and 22. Four years ago, we rescued a stray dog from Georgia who is now extremely pampered. Life can certainly be hectic, but we always prioritize time with our family and friends, as we love hosting gatherings!

Shout to her DJ – DJ Finesse is a fabulous DJ who also MC’s the event.

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