A groundbreaking app that will help you navigate the city whether you are a local or resident offering you insights into restaurant specials, pet friendly establishments, events and more! Download the app at https://www.heybuki.com/newport-rhode-island/
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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles.I’m Christon and joining me today is Buki representative John Muggeridge.Great, thanks for having me.Absolutely, well I like to call him Mr. Muggs.So, you can do that too, I think? You’d accept that?Anytime, Anytime.So JohnJohnWhat is a Buki?Buki is an app that’ll provide you a mobile experience throughout Newport. Giving you information that you might need or want to help navigate the city whether you’re a resident or whether you’re a visitor.It’s really a very handy thing to have and it’s a free download.You have different sections?Yeah, yeah, the app is kind of structured with a look like Instagram.So you scroll up, it’s got a photo with a little bit of information.Across the top there are channels.What are some of the favorite channels?Well the mansion’s Channel is a big one.There’s a lot of information about the mansions,if you’re visiting the mansionsThere’s a channel for Fort Adams.To learn a little bit more about the history of the fort.in addition to like going to their concerts,and their eventsand their events and things.There’s a special channel for people from Newport.Which is all about pets.MmmHmmmm….. everybody’s FavoriteThere’s all sorts of pet friendly things,pet supplies, there is a pet boarding service.If you want to take a night out without your dog.They can put the put your dog up for the evening.There’s a lot of different ways to use the appIncluding dining other things to do.Like Restaurants and suchYeah, it’s all in there.That’s fantastic, Thanks so much for telling us all about Buki.How can people download this app? Where do they go?They go to www.LetsBuki.comIs it LetsBuki.com? Love it.Here is the visual.That little guy is Buki.and this is a dog?Buki is a dogOkay now, where did the name Buki come from?Originally?… Honest to god, I can’t tell you.It’s secret guys, its secret…If you can find out, please let me know.I have seen the dog in person, he’s very cute.What is it? English bull dog…?Ah Man… I don’t know…We’ll look it up and we’ll report back.We will get back to you.Named after an actual dog that the owners have, and the dog talks.WOW…so this is like a talking dog app.It’s communicating with you through the app, Buki talks, Buki Speaks.Well thanks so much for sharing that with us today. Download this app atLetsBuki.comAgain, its a free download. We’d love to get you downloaded.We’d love to get the feedback from you and what you like and what you don’t like.If you need to get a hold of me, get a hold of Christonand she can certainly hook you right up.I’ll put you a link in the bio.That works for me !Alright right ! Thanks so much!Thank You Christonand we look forward to seeing you onNewport Living and Lifestyles