Delight in the “The Dog Days of Newport” and fall in love with a few of the local dog friendly businesses in Newport.

We spend a day visiting @TheGroomRoomNewport @ShopWagnation @LuckyDogResortRI @NewportClassicCarTours @MaritimeTribesUSA @HellyHansenNewport @SurfClubNewport @NewportPediCab @HotelViking @Biminime @CKBradley I have been told a third of the population travel with animals, know where to go and what to do in Newport!

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 Morning Gambit! Are you ready for your big day in Newport?

We have are going to have a lot of fun, a birthday party, all kinds of things!

Let’s go!

Oh Hi Gambit! How was your stay? It was Amazing, the bed was amazing! Perfect

Thank you Jackson! Load up, good boy!


Hi Gambit! We are coming to get all cleaned up for our big day in Newport!

Ah Perfect! He is here for his spa day! This is Ziggy.

So I will be doing Gambits grooming today.

My mom, my dad, my sister and my brother. Its a family affair!

Very Nice! Ziggy want to introduce yourself? There is such good energy in here. Yeah thank you so much! So if he is friendly

he can just play up until the time I call you. He will get his nails done and basically

everything you can think of. Are you ready Gambit? I’ll let you come

in buddy! Awesome. Thank you! Say hi to Ziggy!

Have a great spa day Love you!

Hi everybody! How are you doing? Hey Gambit!

Good Girl! Quincy, You like this, huh?

What is the frosting? Mashed Potatoes

Oh Mashed Potatoes? Okay. Oh, you are very close, yes 😀

It’s delicious! All natural!

Happy Birthday Quincy!Happy Birthday ! Yay!

So Gambit, What are you thinking for today?

We need a little Fromm, a little treat and maybe a little stuffed animal.

A little froggie?

We do have apple pay so that you can safely and securely pay, simply and easily.

Bye Guys! Thank you very much! We are off to our next adventure!

Hi Gambit!!!!

Christon, thanks so much for coming and Gambit it is great to see you again!

Thanks so much for uploading all his medical documents, his vaccinations, etc and

getting him registered. We really appreciate that! It is a really easy website. Awesome, Thank you

and Gambit is going to have a lot of fun too! We are going to take him and introduce him to some friends.

He is going to spent some time relaxing outside and inside. Just

have a great day until you’re back.Fantastic! Wonderful! We will see you soon!

Gambit are you ready? okay!

Bye Bye Gambit! Love you! Have fun!

He had a great day! He made friends, he played outside, he played inside, he had a nap, it was wonderful!

so love having him. Thank you so much for having him today Laurie while I went and got all these great gifts! Your welcome!

I thought of something while I out, while I was at Wagnation, there was

a lady there who has dogs and she wants her dogs to be in the wedding. Oh Fun!

Yeah and she doesn’t know what to do with them afterwards. Do you have any ideas? Oh sure I do !

We have a wedding valet service where we come and we are the dogs valet for

the entire a beautiful event, we are there for pictures and ceremony and

we handle all of the doggy details. So let us know! Absolutely!

Let me grab your card and I will get it over to her right away! Great, Thanks Christon, Have so much fun! Thank you!

Hi Ken! Hi Christon Hi Gambit! How are you? Excellent! Thank you so much for making time for us today. Anytime !

I was hoping we could have a bottle of champagne today! Absolutely!

Where will we be going? We’re going to be heading

around the Ocean Drive, we are gonna do Bellevue Avenue, do all the mansions, head down to the

interior of Newport , do Spring Street, downtown area , back onto Americas Cup and back to our podium.

Ready Gambit? I don’t know if he can hop up there! He is a short little guy.

There ya go, make your self cozy

Hey! This is Gambit! Hi Gambit! We are having a whole day in Newport! There ya go!

Are you enjoying your day in Newport?

Hey Justin! Thanks for the pick up! Good to see you again!

Ready Gambit!

What kind of tours do you guys do? We do like hour long historical, colonial and Gilded Age tours, as well as sunset

tours, and Ocean Drive tours where we go around the whole Ocean Drive. Fort Adams, Brenton

Park, Castle Hill. So you’ll see all the coastal scenery.

Then you end up on Bellevue Avenue, which is the road with all the mansions

on it. Yeah! There’s definitely more than an hours worth to see in Newport, so we

do tours often.

What a great turn out at Yappy Hour! It is I know,.

We do our paws on the patio every Thursday night.

We’ve had great success with it and it’s really picking up steam as we are introducing that we are doggy friendly.