48th Annual Newport Boat Show with Newport Living and Lifestyles. Blue Skies brought out over 40,000 people and 600 exhibitors to the boat show. It is one of the top 5 boat shows in the U.S. and spans over 13 acres of Newport’s Waterfront. Board some boats, meet some retailers and see what it is like to attend the boat show!

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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles. I’m Christon and we’re going to explore

the Newport International Boat Show.

We have created our own dry bag. It’s called Ugo. What makes this very unique is our zipper. It literally is a

a divers dry suit zipper, same one on the mustang survival gear. You see that it floats, but obviously it’s fully

submersible. The other thing that we love is you can actually use your phone right

through the bag, so you can talk ,you can text. It’s airtight so no sea or salt air. That is what I need!

Heinke Bohnert Sail art is sail cloth and a little bit of sand from each of the beaches that she travels to as well.

She’s a retired Olympic sailor and so now she tries to finance her family’s travels with some of these beautiful paintings.

How are you doing Courtney? So good to see you! How was is the show today?

Omy Gosh, People are from every where, all over the place.

They have great energy and asking all sorts of stuff about the island and Lila Delman is showcasing nicely!

How was your day?

Amazing, we are having so much fun!

I love it and love Newport Living and Lifestyles! Have fun and enjoy your day!

Docktails Lifestyle Apparel fun, but I am terrible at this game….

Tell us a little bit about Flat waves! We are a California Mexican style restaurant on Aquidneck Avenue.

What is this Hendricks Gin curator? So we configure cocktails using this machine

I love it.

So just pull it back….


The magic touch is that you can pull this lever and the liquid would trickle

down through the ice. Just pull it. Okay, ready? You see here? and it comes out…

Cheers! Thank you! Your welcome

Tell us a little about your jewelry, it is so unique. Well Thank you Thank you.

You are looking at Colby Davis of Boston

It is glass enamel over sterling silver.

Each pendant has a saying on the back. If you take a peek

They all have a little message. What does that one say?

This one says memories are made on Martha’s Vineyard.

If you look at our compass rose right next door. Turn that one over

On the back of that it says life brings us to unexpected places, love brings us home.

Each piece has it’s meaning behind it.

All made in Massachusetts by myself and my two daughters.

I am with Newport Living and Lifestyles. Say Hi to all the people.

Hey everybody!

I just bought a sign from your wife!

Sign Guild Inc. Latlon Plaques located just over the bridge in Wakefield

So nice to meet you! Thank you

Hey Jey! Hello There! How ya doin’ ?

This is our 20th year as a Helly Hansen sponsor and is the best ever! We’re just killing it!

You are killing it! Boom!

This industry is just so amazing though! There’s so much energy.

I mean look at this! Bright blue skies! Bluuee Skiiiees shine down on me!

Wow! And she sings! Well, not well…. but good enough!

so boats! Yeah ! Have you gone on a boat yet? Yeah! I have!

We’re gonna tour on a Hinckley, a Swan and some of the fun motor boats, maybe a Morris Sailboat.

I bought three already! You bought three boats?

I bought three boats! You are killing it! Yes, in my dreams!

Where is your store located? My store is

right across the street 154 Thames Street. It’s the oldest Helly

Hansen in North America! Your kidding me?! I am not! I did not know that!

You self owned, your business is self owned. Yes, I own it myself.

Thanks so much for coming on today! Enjoy the show everyone!

Mr. Ted Fontaine! I couldn’t pass the Jimmy Buffett boat!

Welcome to the Safari 50, it is the first of it’s kind ever built out of North Carolina.

Designed here in Newport and lucky to meet with Jimmy Buffett maybe like 3 years ago.

Hi Joe! Great to see you again!

This is the the Hinckley Telaria 43.

Down below are 2 state rooms and one head.

What you think?

You look great!

Put it on my credit!