Joe Nicholson, City Manager and part of the A Team that helped launch Innovate Newport ( I.N. ) , speaks to the difficulties to launch, the collaborations that made I.N. come to fruition and the opportunity that I.N. has to capitalize on the strengths of the region, strength of Rhode Island’s economy and, it’s blue economy.
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We are with Joe Nicholson, City manager of Newportand he’s gonna tell us a little bit about being on the A-teamto get Innovate Newport, to where is today.Innovate Newport, as you are probably aware, is not only aconstruction infrastructure project if you will, but it’s a plus one idea.The construction project was difficult, re-purposing of a 33,000 squareold school building , but we did it. We did it in collaboration with a number ofgovernment agencies and private partners. We are here.Innovate Newport is an opportunity, it’s an opportunity to capitalize on the strengths of the region,strengths of Rhode Island, strengths of Newport.Which of course are the ocean economy,defense economy and quite frankly our people.The innovative people that we have here in the State of Rhode Island.That’s what we’re trying to capitalize on is is the ability to move industry forward,move small business forward.You just take it to another level and just strengthen the economy.not only locally but in the state and regionally.The most important aspect as I saidis you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that the strongest suit is the we want to enhance the blue economy and all the things that go along with that.well Joe has been an integral part of making this happen.Always raising is hand in the good times and the bad times.Thank you for making this come to fruition so that we have a space here.English