Ultimate Foam Rollers Found in Newport RI. I asked around and it seems that no one is privy to these

myofascial release vibrating foam rollers produced by HyperIce. These products are used to roll out your tight muscles for faster muscle recovery and sustain longer workouts with less chance of injury. Meet Katy Mitchell and I as play with these devices
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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles. I’m Christon and I’m here at the Newport Marriott gym called Studio Fit and there are some devices here that everybody needs to know about and nobody knows about. It’s called Hyper Ice products.They are foam rollers but they vibrate. so you actually have to push this button.That is speed 1 by the way, speed 2, speed 3. Pretty intense. There’s also these round ones1, 2, 3 not just are you rolling your muscles out, you get this vibratingaction going on to which really loosens it up so I want to show you howthis works they got to be careful because thesethings will really get away from you if you set it down on the floor. Thisreally shakes the muscles out and this is on low. It’s really important, the older we get…when we exercise to stretch and roll out because we get this built up fascia. Its a fascia release technique. I usually do my upper thigh laying down forward and I’ll do my shoulders with the ball against the wall.Looks like something alienesque. Don’t know if Marriott would appreciate me doing this on their wall. I’ll be gentleThis is great for that IT band that causes everyone so much issue. Just really roll it around on the buttocks area. Ooo! I need to stretch more, apparently.Maybe sit in the sauna at the gym.I will use this also to roll out my back.This is such a brilliant tool. It is such a secret. Nobody knows about it. Everybody that I ask is so surprised and they are always wondering what it is.So now ya know! Get in here and use your vibrating foam rollers!So Katy Mitchell and I just met. How long have you been working at the Newport hospital?Almost 3 years. What is your role there? I am a physicians assistant and work in orthopedic surgery.What do you think about these vibrating rollers, roller outers?Definitely more effective than a normal foam roller. I agree.I have to tell you about these hair ties. I have been using this hair tie for about one month.This lady Shelley Nicholas made them. They don’t stretch out, they don’t pull your hair out and they are great!You will have to feel that and I will share the website with you guys. www.PrettyKnotty.com Clever little title.Your hair does not fall out either. It attaches but does not pull.I wanted to give her a little plug because I am so impressed, I have been wearing it straight for a month.Well cheers everybody! Thanks for joining us today and we look forward to seeing youon Newport Living and Lifestyles.not so sure that it’s healthy to shake your brain ou