Winners of the Newport for New Products Awards at the Newport International Boat Show. These ladies are on fire!  Spontaneous, Passionate and FUN ( S.P.F. ) is there personal acronym and they live up to it in this lively interview about their ingenious product ugo that is adding a higher quality of life and peace of mind to parents, family members, business owners, boaters, sailors, water adventurists and the people who can only communicate through phones, computers and tablets.  Ugo bags are watertight, air tight, sand, dirt and dust tight and it floats! You can surf the internet, draw and clearly listen through ugowear accessing crucial apps like navionics, GPS and weather. You now have access to pools, oceans, lakes, water without feeling like you will loose touch in case of any emergency.

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Welcome to Newport Living and LifestylesI’m Christon and today we’re at the 2019 Newport International Boat Show with Mel and Vic from ugowearTry not to be distracted by the bodies behind us.Not us! Go look over there!You have some really fantastic products that are up for the Newport New Products AwardTell us about that productVicki .All right well we’ve been selling actively a dry bag called “ugo”so wherever you go in and around water no more worries like we did,because we love water we like to boat and we worried about your phone sinkingor getting wet. We’ve been selling a dry bag for your cell phone. You can useit while it’s in there but our new product is a tablet that fits both themid-sized 11 inch all the way up to all the way up to the 13-inch. This isnot just another dry bag, it is the first one in the world that will protect yourelectronics that are bigger than yourself. Nothing exists today that iswaterproof they’re just drop proof, so finally after 2 years of developmentand listening to our boaters and sailors, we have come up with a solutionthat is fail-proof and the reason for that is thatwe utilize a divers dry suit zipper that is heavy-duty double-layered polymer thatyou can’t break with a hammer. That allows everything to stay dry not onlywaterproof but it’s airtight. It’s all about the zipper. It’s all aboutthe zipper, so no air tight means no sand, dirt, dust, no condensation of course water is easy.And it floats.And it floats and as you can see.So if you do drop it or you want to swim in the shore, you can have this trail behind you.You can access all your applications on the tablet or the phone cases soeverything’s at the ready when you need it. I love to show that now with the newApple pencil you can even draw you can literally draw on here.If you’re an artist working out in inclement weather you can do sketches.It’s just very easy to use right through here.Oh , how about a portrait?Exactly you can do a portrait. You can you can search the world world wide web andget to and see our products that’s awesome and of courseyou can access like your Navionics, your GPS, weather, any other thing that youneed to, right while it’s safe and secure inside the tablet.These ladies are on it. How many sales have you guys had? As I’ve been setting up here, they’ve had 3 sales just standing here.Well, we are doing very well this show, it’s one of our better shows,with the introduction of the tablet we have now sold several thousand cellphone casesand the good news is, out of all those thousands,not one of our customers has had a phone can say that for the other solutions out there?I bought two last year and I love them!It fits a ton of gear! I mean I literally have my macbook pro, my iPad 13-inch, folders, papers all of thisand this big thing will float and it protects everything!You can stick your makeup in there!Yeah make up to! or a spare pair of underwear !You never know when you’ll need that!And the guys love it as much as a galsThis is a heavy-duty gear bag that you can even “conceal carry”and any other items that you want to keep safe.and you can hear read really well.There’s no muffled sound, so if you need to make a call due to safety,you’re in the water and time is of the essence, you can do so, with the touch of a button.oh and there’s more!! Vicky show them. You took it snorkeling!I feel like I’m in a commercial!You took it snorkeling! This is not just a float on top of the water.This is literally a submersible!All of the products are fully submersible down to 20 feet for any length of time.We don’t understand why you can only take your gear for like 20 minutes and then get out.No stay in the water all day long.We like the water.Life is better on the water.Life is a lot better on the water.The last thing you want to do is worry about your items or your electronics ormedications or your password if you travel!I Love it! You ladies are on fire!!! Where do you manufacture these?Germany is where we get the zipper, this has come straight to us.The Germans know how to make some bad bad you know what products , so they are good.These are great products and then the rest of the materials in the assembly is all done in China.It’s very quality.You guys are out of Ohio?We’re out of Minnesota the land of 10,000 lakes. With 10,000 phones in the bottom.That’s probably true!How did you guys come up with this yourselves? Do you have an engineering background?No no, we were just a couple of ladies working for a company together and we just always wanted to do more.Vicki’s two-time breast cancer survivor. I wasn’t real fulfilled than what I was doing andone morning literally being open to the idea it it came to me personally with” It ain’t your mama’s fanny pack, it’s gonna have a zipper and it’s gonna be a cool kick, you know what, product “so that’s how it started literally from there!How did you guys meet?Though our businesses and just personal acquaintances. We’ve known each other 30 years their years.30 years.And you still like each other!Imagine that!In business five years. WowThat’s great! and your growing.Yes, like I said we sold a lot of them.We primarily go to boat shows, sports shows and anywhere. Anywhere we can sell a ugo, we sell.We even have a tricked-out vehicle with the with a wrap.People stop us on the highway and buy a ugo.What’s your slogan?Our acronym is S.P.F. like the sunscreen or what that stands for isSpontaneous, Passionate and Fun! and we live by that every we want our customers to feel the same way. A couple other quick ones.We like to think that you need to prepare for adventure, right ?All of us are out there doing our things on the water but if you go prepared, you’regoing to have a much better time, so keeping your electronics safe andprotected is a very important item, as Vicki likes to say,“If you don’t protect, you can’t connect” “If you’re taking these expensive electronics with you,you want to use it when you need it the most.Oh and then, There’s more! There’s more !You can obviously can wear the devices, you can where the bags in different ways.Crossbodied, you have some carabiners. We have some strong hyper arms there so youcan fanny pack it, you can crossbody it, you can clip it , you can toss it in the waterand don’t wear it at all because it’s going to be at your side floating, ready to be used.Do you guys have raffle items? Enter to win?No not at this show! That’s a good idea! We need to do that. We have some candy!Come on down grab some candy and a ugowear!Are you guys gonna hit any cool parties ?Oh my gosh, that’s part of the boat show life !I mean when we went into business together, one of the things we couldn’t wait to is go to boat shows.I mean the beauty of this area seeing all the things we want to own some day,is actually really cool. Yeah we’ll hit up as many as they’ll let us into.If you could own any boat, what would be your dream boat?A Formula, we like the Formula’s . They have the open bow and a cuddy underneath.We’re all about socializing, enjoying each other’s company.We say, its a circle, so on the open bow everybody can be in one place and enjoy their time.Is there any secret insights that you can give us about a product that you are thinking about, that will be here next year?I think a clue might be our name, so we wanted to call our company ugowear.Wear ugo, where you go.I think there might be some products that you might want to wear in the future.Do you a have a touching story that somebody has told you that maybe has had an emotional impact on you?We have stories about people that use the ugo. We really love it when they share with usbut we have to see it was an interesting story at a show we just did.A father came up and said that their challenged child was not able to communicatewith anything else except a tablet.There’s a whole community out there of individuals that can’t speak only through using a tablet.He said, it didn’t matter what the cost of the bag was. this gives his child a better quality of life.because that tablet now can go out everywhere with that individualin the pool, by the pool, it can be set downand and he can use the tablet to communicate.We’ve also heard from people that are diabetics that are able to detach theirinsulin pumps and go for a paddle and not worry about that.A mother bought it for her son’s cochlear implants they’re so expensive and she stored them in the ugo.Again it just gives people a better quality of life and they can do more.EpiPens are expensive. You can’t get them wet, you can’t get them dirty and they can’t they put him with confidence inside the ugo, three, four or fivecause you’re allergic to food or you get stung by a bee at least you have itavailable should you need it.Then one other really cool story, our doctor she literally owns a ugo.She was in Hawaii, she went out on the water.Her husband didn’t want to kayak with her, so he stayed on the shore.She was going out several miles and she told her husband, look I feel good because I have ugo.I can contact you if I run into troubleI kid you not, a whale literally breachedfrom like here to that camera in front of her and there was a whale boat behind her,that captured her seeing that whale breachand she would have never been out there without the ugo.That is an unbelievable story.We have pictures of it, it’s super cool.Well I hope that you guys win the Newport for New Products!Thank you we are very excited about it.It’s very exciting to be in that.We’re honored to be in it.To celebrate. Do you guys have a signature dance move?Viki you go first.I call it the Gorilla. I used to be a shortstop when I played ball,so I call mine the shortstop shuffle and you do you can’t get my feet but I am shuffling.What is your favorite boat show of all time?Newport Boat Show!!!Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you onNewport Living and lifestylesThank you so much !