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Get to know Siren Member Katy Annulli’s Siren Story on La Sirena through the signature SIREN questions about her and her company @KMAorganizing

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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles

I’m Christon and joining me today is

Katie Annulli from KMA Organizing. Welcome.

Thank you

Also SIREN Women’s Cooperative member.


Welcome to La Sirena

Thank you, I appreciate it.

We are doing a series of boat interviews where we get to know some of the

SIREN members businesses and a little bit more on a personal level.

How exciting, tell us about your business.

I am a professional organizer. I have a residential side of my business as well as I work with small businesses.

I help people to organize their homes from kitchens, closets,

basements , garages, I help people with moves, purging and packing for a move

as well as unpacking and setting up their house when they get to their new place.

Then on the small business side I do bookkeeping, data based organizing,

digital files, processes, productivity, kind of just getting the business flowing

so that they’re in a good place and can run it more smoothly.

What about a home office?

Yeah , I definitely organize home offices too

You need a space where you feel comfortable going in to do your taxes, right?

Definitely, Yes

Thanks for sharing that with us

How can they find you?

My website is

I also have a Facebook as well as Instagram and they’re both


Did this startup is a hobby or passion for you

or do you have other things that you get lost in ?

I do get very lost in organizing. I find it very fun and I often lose time with my clients.

Another hobby that I really do like lose time in is sewing.

I started to sew earlier this year and I really enjoy being able to make something. .

It’s a very detail-oriented hobby so I like it, it fits my personality.

You get sucked into it, Wow, well I have some dress ideas, maybe we can….

I don’t know if I am there yet.

Okay, so when did you move to Aquidneck Island?

I actually live in Warren but I’ve lived in Rhode Island for about a year and a half.

What is it that you like about Aquidneck Island?

I love the landscape, I moved to Rhode Island to be closer to the ocean

and I get to see the ocean every single day so I love that.

It is really beautiful, is it not

What is something that motivated you or pushed you out of your comfort zone?

I would say yoga. I’m a big yogee and and yoga has changed my life.

I’ve been practicing for about 10 years and it has taught me a lot of patience and

perseverance and through my breath, I’ve been able to get through a

lot of challenging situations off the mat.

I want to ask you so many more questions.

We SIREN’s have set a protocol with very SIRENista questions.

Did any women in the world help inspire you to become the person that you are today?

Yes, definitely, I have… it’s hard to think about just three women,

because there are a lot of people that really do inspire me.

I would say my mom first of all,

Yes, They always do, Its almost like an inside unspoken rule.

She did instill a love for order and organization in me.

She also is just so unselfishly loving and supportive and it’s really inspiring.

I’d say someone else Christa Ripa

who’s one of my clients, she’s a virtual client of mine. She has a branding and

marketing company in San Francisco and she has really taught me a lot about

building a business based on something that you’re passionate about and making

something you’re passionate about into a successful business.

Also balancing self-care and having fun as well as running a business so

she’s been very helpful to me.

Work hard , play Hard.

Then I’ll say Michelle Obama as my last one.

What about Michelle Obama?

She’s had a different upbringing than a lot of people and she’s been very

successful in our country obviously and supporting of President Obama.

Yeah, Definitely , did you read the book?

I did

It was really enlightening.

If you were going to go back in time and give yourself a nugget of advice when you were younger, what would it be?

I would say have more confidence in yourself and your ideas and

you can achieve what you put your mind to.

I love that. Thanks so much for joining us

Thank you

on La Sirena today and telling us your SIRE story.

Thank you for having me.

We will have to have you back in the near future and we look forward to seeing you on

Newport Living and Lifestyles