Newport, RI. | November 2, 2022

Unknown to many, colonial Newport was home to America’s first Synagogue. That simple fact, and the social and civic leaders who made it a reality are the subject of a new short film, “Pathways to Understanding.”

Sponsored by the Touro Synagogue Foundation and produced by Newport Living & Lifestyles CEO, Christon Gibson, the film informs teachers, mentors, community leaders, and other interested adults to learn about this period in American History.

The film, developed for middle school students, premiered on Wednesday, November 2, at the Jane Pickens Film & Event Center, 49 Touro St. in Newport, RI. A moderated discussion followed and Charter Books had a table in the lobby for young adults buy books that reflect different voices and religions. The stories, mostly fiction, emphasize overcoming adversity, the strength of character, and positivity. The event was free and open to the public.

A new Touro Synagogue Foundation program for middle school students. The film is the first step for students, educators, parents, and civic organizations to better understand the history of religious freedom, diversity, and dialogue in colonial times and today and to set the stage for an upcoming middle school symposium. When on-site, in person, students will have an opportunity to participate in a highly interactive learning experience, engage in personal reflection, and practice critical thinking. Funding for the project was provided by the Rhode Island Foundation.

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Newport is a vibrant, yet quaint, seaside resort community. Its charming character shines most brightly in the Spring & Summer months. Truly a “walking city” you can reach to the bustling waterfront, quiet colonial streets, magnificent mansions and some of the best beaches anywhere by foot, bike or trolley.