We had a humorous and entertaining time learning polo (yes on polo ponies & yes on camera ) at Newport International Polo’s new indoor year-round polo arena with Minnie Keating! If you are looking for new and fresh corporate functions, festive occasions and/or parté ideas, in addition to • Riding Lessons • Polo Lessons • Club Chukkers • Tournaments • Full Board for all disciplines just reach out to Minnie Keating Directly and Mention #NewportLivingAndLifestyles


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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles I’m Christon and we are here with Minnie

Keating daughter of Dan and Agnes Keating who own Newport Polo

and she’s gonna tell us all about her new facility, the largest and newest

facility within a hundred miles of the area, indoor arena.

Welcome ! Thank you !

Thank you for coming! We just kind of moved in to our our new

state-of-the-art polo winter training facility.

Winter – hats. gloves.



and this facility opens up an opportunity for us to

continue polo all throughout the year, in the winter months, when the ground is

frozen, we can still enjoy the sport, we can still teach lessons and recruit new

players and keep the fun going and train horses, train people and

get everybody geared up and ready for the next season.

What’s your history? I know that you educate at Brown University.

I coach the Brown University men and women’s polo team and I studied English and art at University of

Colorado in Boulder and then I came back and I’ve been teaching teaching polo and

being director of equine management here at Newport polo and

coaching high school and adults and just a lot of horses and a lot of teaching.

A wealth of information! What are the other services that you guys provide here.

We provide riding, basic riding lessons, riding for polo, we offer private lessons.

We host games for our high school teams and also for Brown

University and Roger Williams University. We have a lot going on in that regard

and then we also we have intro clinics for adults

we’re starting up a middle-school and tiny tiny kiddo program as well and we

have a bunch of inner Club games and inner Club tournaments that we are

hosting in-house for the Newport Polo Club and all of those people.

You have 33 stables here?

We have 36

36 Stalls


So people can board as well

People can board and people can also trailer their polo ponies in. They can also rent the

facility for horse shows or whatever their discipline is as

well and come in rent the big arena and have some fun!

How can they get in touch with you?

The best way to get in touch is usually online at NPTpolo.com

also on there’s all my contact information so people can text me or

send me an email, call me and we can set something up!

Direct access. Can’t get better than that!

Well what do you have in store for us today?

So today, the plan is, we’ve dolled up a

few of our best polo ponies and we’re gonna have everybody meet the horses,

we’ll give a little background about Newport polo and about the the sport in

general, and then get all of you guys on

and give you guys a good polo lesson!

Alright ! well good thing that I’ve been working out because I understand it’s a pretty good workout

oh yeah

This is Sol on my left here the chestnut and the gray is Ella.

Hi my name is Luke

Getting a couple horses ready here for you guys.

I help take care of the horses and groom and I play as well,

but basically taking care the horses, making sure they stay fit, fed and happy and

then play and exercise them when they need it

This is our stance and squeezing your knees straps you in.

The more weight you push down that straps you in, that tension

So we are doing English style?

so its a mixture of English and Western

Its like it needs something, though

Yeah, It needs a horn in the saddle

The mallet doesn’t reach the ground, exactly, so that is where getting the booty out

Then you feel more comfortable

You can always put your knuckles on the horses neck to stabilize.

Perfect! , Well, Thank you!

and We look forward to seeing you on Newport Living and Lifestyles.