Extremely Entertaining stories getting to know Jay Lasky owner of Helly Hansen Newport who has participated in the Newport International Boat Show since 1998! The first and only Helly Hansen retail store! He may not have a signature dance move, but he will dance on the table after some Clase Azul tequila ! Pop into Helly Hansen and meet Captain, he’s a favorite of the whole town of Newport. People know him everywhere and come to shop in the store just to see him.

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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles

I’m Christon and today is the 2019 Newport International Boat Show

and joining us is Jay Lasky the infamous Jay Lasky of Helly Hansen in Newport


Thank You Christon welcome back to you.

Thank you, so this is our second year in a row.

My 21st

Your 21st Wow

How long have you had your store here on Thames Street?

since 1998

You were the very first retail store in Newport.

Yeah, we’re the oldest Helly Hansen store in North America

In North America and still going strong.

Still going strong

What are some your hottest selling items?

I would have to say this brand new lovely hoodie

It’s not a Bill Belichick hoodie, but it’s pretty darn close. Warm and Cozy.

Oh I wish we could put this on right now, but it’s a little stuffy.

What is your most favorite thing about the boat show?

The energy

It high-energy.

It is real high-energy. And welcoming back the customers from year after year.

People showing us their oldest Helly that’s 30, 40, 50 years old. A lot of fun.

What is your most sentimental story about one of your products that you can recall?

What’s the most sentimental story about one of our products. Hmm good question…

Probably some of the neon green that we sold in the 70’s. Love seeing that come back.

And people still sport it.


I think it’s coming back.

If you walk around the show today and take pictures you’ll see it

Well, we will be doing that and we will report back.

Sounds good

Do you have any celebrity stories?

None that I can report back to you.

yeah good one, I love it

Have you always been at this station ? You’re in Tent A.

No, this year because of their construction they’re doing on the other side.

The last decade or so we had our own tent as the presenting sponsor we had our own tent

Which was the same size as this one

We transport pretty much our store down here, set up shop for the week and it’s a blast.

We’ll see how Tent A treats us this year

They’ve expanded, so it’s bigger this year. Today’s Thursday,

Industry day,

the start of the Boat Show so we’ll have to see how the rest of the boat show goes

but I think it’s gonna be one of their busiest

I think so too, with the rain this morning and the cool temperatures

it was great for us. We do love our rain.

Well we know how to sport it!


With Helly Hansen

How to stay warm dry and comfortable.

Do you have a best testimonial story that you could share with us?

A best testimonial story

You know there was one year when we had an overnight torrential torrential rainstorms,

similar to this morning and we had left one of our jackets on a corner,

hanging up and the whole hood filled with water to the brim.

Sounds like a pretty funny story so far

and when we got in the next morning it was still filled with water

so the whole hood was proving that it was completely waterproof.

It proved its worth!


Did anybody wear it after that?

No I think we kept it as a as a prop

I think you should have taken some tequila and dumped it on each others heads!

I love it!

What is your favorite type of tequila? I happen to know that he loves tequila

clase azul tequila

which one?

clase azul

clase azul tequila

Well we will have to go grab a little bit after the show

I’m in!

Do you have a specialty signature dance ?

Hell no

I bet you do, I bet you do

Not unless there is tequila involved

Then I’ll dance on the table!

Check back at eight o’clock

Alright I will

do you have a slogan?

Dry, warm and safe.

Clever and practical

Helly Hansen you know the company slogan is

” Alive Since 1877 “

and it’s true because if you don’t feel alive, then what else you doing

That’s what I say, If I’m not happy and having fun doing what I’m doing; it’s just not worth it.

Do you guys have any raffles here ?

Absolutely, we give away a jacket every year

This year we’re giving away one of the American Magic New York Yacht Club women’s waterproof jackets

How do people enter?

All you gotta do is just sign up. We have paperwork right by the jar.

Are you hosting any parties?

We are not, we are attending several but not hosting any.

Can you give us any insight scoop of parties I should be attending?

Absolutely, go to Gail Alofsin’s Industry party tonight, for Sponsors only

Well maybe I’ll go as your guest.

I’ll buy you a tequila shot.

All right, I’m in!

Now you have a dog. Tell us about your dog.

Captain! yeah he is my love. I have another love but captain’s my love.

Captain six years old is a Portuguese water dog

Very handsome

and he is staying at lucky dog for the weekend, lucky him.

Yes, Lucky him! These dogs love Lucky Dog Resort.

Yes they do, but he’s a favorite of the whole town of Newport.

People know him everywhere and people come to shop in the store just to see Captain.

That is a really sweet story.

So yeah, he’s my buddy.

What are some your hobbies in town?

Does it involve tequila or not?

It can!

I love being on the water

You are very athletic

Any day I can be on the water, I am happy.

I know that you cycle.

I cycle, I have a boat, love being on the water, love going to the beach, walking cliff walk

What kind of boat do you have?

I have a Sea Ray Power Boat.

If you could be any boat, what boat would you be?

I’d be a Hinckley with a great shiny navy blue hull.

Well something to look forward too!

Absolutely I gotta sell a few more jackets for that.

Alright guys get on it! Let’s sell a couple more jackets!

That’s it! Rain baby rain!

Thank you so much for joining us today!

Your welcome Christon , thank you

It’s always a pleasure to spend time with you.

We look forward to seeing you on Newport Living and Lifestyles

Bye everybody