Innovate Newport is welcoming the community. CJ Barone is an inspiration to many with fervor and drive. Serving as an electrical engineer at The Naval Undersea Warfare Center since 2001, CJ also launched Empire Tea and Coffee in 2004. Members of Innovate Newport now have access to Empire Tea and Coffee’s products inside the café . Learn how CJ got connected to this project and is helping the Innovate Newport business residents plan for their presentations, seminars and events.
Special thank you to collaboration, videography and editing of Cooper Hammond Films @composedbycoop
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Cheers! CJ Barone here with Empire Coffee and Tea. What 14 and half years now?14 and ten months!Just about that, yeah!Also, an engineer.Electrical EngineerAt NUWC?At NUWC.Thank you so much for running two businesses right here out of Newport.You are also affiliated with Innovate Newport. Tell us a little bit about how you got involved.Sure, Absolutely. Back when this was first announced,I reached out to Joe Nicholson and folks at the cityto talk about how we are interested in supportingcommunity activities / community events.Knowing that they wanted to put a cafe in here, I wanted to make sure that we could support them.We provide the equipment and the coffee in the co-working cafe.Excellent coffee it is! Cheers!You are also supporting with food in some aspects for their meetings, events and such.For today we are catering the ribbon cutting.We brought in a “make your own” parfait bar.We did some bagels, hummus, tabbouleh.Biscuits with honey butter.We have provided with different catering options when they have had different events in the past.Grilled chicken sandwiches, salads and things like that.If you are in town and you want to have a meeting space or a presentation,you can do that here and also have Empire Tea and Coffee cater it!Yes!Alright! Thanks so much!