All things cosmic three card tarot & spirit animal reading presented by Bridgette Soby & Christon A. Gibson  What a cosmic transforming evening with Patti McGarrahan and Larry Lastra of The Mindz Eye ! Wow! Hands down impressive. The evening was limited to 20 people and every single person was offered 2 readings during dinner, one three card tarot and then an animal reading.  The Clarke Cook House hosted us in the private 12 Meter Room on the top floor. The powers that be supplied a personalized menu and bespoke cosmic cosmo cocktail with pearlized swirls and star straws. The very talented and professional event photographer Qui Lawhon of The Cocoa & Co captured the evening in all of its intense splendor. We were talking about our readings for days if not months.

Curious if anyone’s experience came to fruition ? use the comment section below