Island Moving Company Summer Soiree

The 2022 ARTSCAPES Summer Soiree fundraiser event benefiting Island Moving Company – Newport’s Contemporary Dance Co was an unbelievably beautiful experience. Every turn a memorable site to behold. The performers prancing in every garden landscape at “The Bellevue House”. The front stage lounge seating for Randal and guests was the crowning moment which led to lots of laughs, dancing and a personal Chinese Dragon Dance performance.

A Special Thanks to Randal Poirier, ChFC, Financial Planner and his foundation “Doing Well by Doing Good” for participating as an important sponsor to IMC and their efforts to bring the arts and performances to Newport and supporting youth to carry on the arts in our community

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2022 Yappy Hour at The Waves

Wow! This year’s Yappy Hour broke records for attendance and fundraising for the 20-year event. Guests gathered at ‘The Waves’ on Ledge Road where they met animals available for adoption at the Potter League and supported the organization’s work by joining in for a ‘Paw Raise’ to support the Nuala Pell Animal Care Fund.
The Nuala Pell Animal Care Fund ensures that homeless animals receive everything from basic care to treatment for serious medical issues. Thanks to these generous donors the thousands of animals that walk through our doors every day will continue to receive veterinary care, surgery, extensive rehabilitation, and life-saving medications often required before they can be placed in a loving home.
We cannot thank our generous hosts, Marc Lewinstein, Xana O’Neil, and the guest of honor Maalouf, who opened their home to fellow animal lovers enough. Their generosity, love and kindness for the Potter League and our animals is immensely appreciated.
We would also like to thank our Presenting Sponsor, Randal W. Poirier, ChFC, Financial Planner of Independence Financial Partners, our board of directors, our “Party Animals” committee, our volunteers & staff, and our in-kind sponsors Peak Event Services, Glorious Affairs Boutique Catering and Event Design, Wild Season Florals, Photography by Jessica Pohl, Lainey Dionne (musician), and Perfection Valet Parking for never-ending support and kindness.
We hope that you all had an incredible evening as we did. We were so grateful to be able to gather and see so many of our generous and wonderful friends. Thank you so much for making Yappy Hour a howling success!
P.S. More photos from Jessica Pohl to come!

The Women’s Wealth Strategies Club June luncheon

Presented by:
Randal Poirier, ChFC




Welcome to: The Women’s Wealth Strategies Club June luncheon was held at the elegant hotel and waterfront restaurant Forty1 North in Newport Rhode Island. The NL&L Wealth Strategies Investment Club is one of the philanthropic arms of NL&L. The goal for the series of speakers and meetings is to empower women in the financial market and become more confident, educated, independent, and most importantly, independently wealthy financial investors. The goal of this exclusive educational speaker series and its meetings is to provide knowledge to empower women to become more confident, educated, and, most importantly, financially independent investors. 

 ~ Helping You Navigate to a Secure Financial Future ~ Sponsored by: Randal Poirier, ChFC  Financial Planner, Partner of Independence Financial Partners provided access to two of his financial firm’s extremely qualified Asset Management Team Co-Directors, Marcin Krolikowski, Ph.D., CFA and Alfonso Cumplido, CFA . They intricately offered their current market outlook and how it may impact investors as we head into the second half of 2022 and beyond.

AS A FINANCIAL PLANNER AND FIDUCIARY, and as a Partner with the largest and oldest privately owned RI based Financial Services Firm, Randal’s mission is to help his clients navigate to a secure financial future. With that sole objective in mind, he is committed to listening to and understanding his clients’ unique financial goals and then using those specific goals as the foundation of a written Financial Plan for their future.  His written recommendations will help you accumulate, manage, and preserve your wealth in a tax-efficient manner, while also ensuring that a risk management focus is part of every recommendation made. Once your Financial Plan is completed, you are welcome to implement his planning recommendations on your own, with another Advisor, or you may choose to hire Randal as your Advisor to implement them on your behalf. Either way, Randal is committed to delivering unbiased fee-based financial advice which is solely in your best interest.

Photos and video by @perle_media


Stoneacre Dog Show

Stoneacre Dog Show

Benefitting Potter League

Stoneacre’s Second Annual Dog Show brought out every dog breed and dog trick imaginable and raised $8,058.44 to benefit the Potter League. It was delightful, patrons purchased tables and everyone brought their dogs to dine.

The entree’s were limited to 40 and could sign up in any of the categories.

  1. Prettiest B**ch
  2. Best Rescue (Any dog that came from a shelter or rescue)
  3. Most Handsome
  4. Doggy/Owner look-a-like
  5. Cutest Puppy – Young Dog
  6. Best Veteran – Senior Dog
  7. Best In Show


A festive client & friends holiday reception at The Brenton Hotel

It was a pleasure to recently host my 2021 Client & Friends Holiday Reception in The Living Room at the beautiful Brenton Hotel in Newport, RI. Forty of my clients and friends were able to gather together for some long overdue seasonal cheer and delicious food to celebrate this holiday season. I was truly honored to thank those clients who attended for our strong relationships and the many years of trust placed in me as their Financial Advisor.

Read more about Randal

Lucky Dog Resort’s Cocktails and Commands event at The Viking Hotel

Dog owners cherished this canine conscious café manners class, “Cocktails and Commands “, offered by Lucky Dog Resort, a luxury Dog Resort and daycare social club and Eye to Eye Dog Training. learning how to “speak dog” and demand better behavior while fireside patio dining at Hotel Viking. $757 worth of prizes were handed out! Def stay tuned for the next event or reach them direct for sitting and training! @GambitGibson loves Lucky dog resort!

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Read the Transcript

Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles

I’m Christon and we are here at the Hotel Viking on the patio at One Bellevue,

for a special event

“Canines and Cocktails”

that Laurie Ruttenberg has put together

I would love for you to introduce your ideas and yourselves

Tell us all about this really special dog friendly event.

Sure! Thank you Christon.

I’m here with Kim Cipolla of Eye to Eye Dog Training.

Kim and I actually came up with this idea and the lovely Hotel Viking is hosting for us today.

What we are going to be doing today is a cafe manners class called

“Cocktails and Commands” and Kim is gonna be taking us through ways to make our

dogs behave a little bit better when we want to take them out and just enjoy you

know a patio dining experience.

Sounds good to me!

because they are so food frenzied, right?

so are you gonna help with how to make the dog unfrenzied somehow?

A little bit, I mean everyone’s dogs are such big parts of our lives now.

Everyone wants to take their dogs everywhere.

We want to keep them safe. We want everyone to have a great time.

That’s really the idea with this class,

is so that you can take your dog somewhere and

know it’s going to be a relaxed experience and not stressful for anyone.

How to keep them calm around distractions and exciting things,

like food, and other dogs and people.

Some dogs just think that they should meet everyone.

We also want them to have manners, so that is the idea.

That’s true, just like children!

Maybe one day in the near future we’ll be able to take a dog to the grocery store?

I see dogs in the grocery store all the time!

What? I got a know these grocery stores !

We look forward to the training. How many people are you guys expecting to see at this training?

I think we have about 40 today, so we are looking at about 40 dogs and their “Pawrents”.

Here to learn some manners.

thank you so much ladies I look forward to seeing more about your training.

Thank you!

Thanks for coming, my name is Laurie Ruttenberg and I own Lucky Dog Resort.

A luxury dog resort and daycare social club in Middletown Rhode Island.

First I would like to thank the Hotel Viking for hosting this. It is such a beautiful place.

Kim, I’ve known for years now. Kim has been working with their dogs and their humans for 10 years,

and has extensive experience with all kinds of dogs,

all kinds of sizes, temperaments, etcetera.

Her focus and I’ve seen her do this

is on developing the relationship between the dog and their handler

through the use of clear and consistent cues and body language.

She emphasizes rewarding good behavior and

here’s the key everybody,

ignoring bad behavior,

by redirecting those undesirable behaviors

Kim shows us all how to communicate with our dogs effectively through this type

of communication so it can help achieve our goals.

When things start to get crazy or you see a parade of dogs coming the street

start with your attention queue.

Until your dog is focused on you

it’s gonna be hard for them to hear or pay attention to any thing else that you signal to them.

The way we hold our leash makes a huge difference to how we’re communicating with our dog

If we have it wrapped really tight and we’re holding it up high,

we are sending a lot of tension down the leash and as soon as we do that

our dogs go into alert mode. What’s gonna happen? They’re on alert.

Instead we can signal to them, nope we’re just going for a stroll, by keeping

our arm nice and straight and holding it close to them

to signal to them they can stay close without being stressed out.

Especially here in a patio, right ?

We need to maneuver some tight spaces so

they can be next to us, but be very calm.

Has everybody gotten a little blue ticket

and filled it out and had us take the other one? yes? okay great !

Let me tell you about the prizes that you could win today.

The first is a private training session with you and your pup with

Kim Cipolla of Eye to Eye Dog Training at Lucky Dog Resort, That is a $100 dollar value!

The second one is taking all those skills that you learned here today and

coming to have dinner with your pup on Hotel Viking at One Bellevue also $100 value and

Then lastly the top dog prize here for tonight so if you get it consider yourself lucky,

Consider yourself lucky if you get any of these prizes!

A pet photography gift certificate with Koren worth $575.