The Women’s Wealth Strategies Club June luncheon

Presented by:
Randal Poirier, ChFC




Welcome to: The Women’s Wealth Strategies Club June luncheon was held at the elegant hotel and waterfront restaurant Forty1 North in Newport Rhode Island. The NL&L Wealth Strategies Investment Club is one of the philanthropic arms of NL&L. The goal for the series of speakers and meetings is to empower women in the financial market and become more confident, educated, independent, and most importantly, independently wealthy financial investors. The goal of this exclusive educational speaker series and its meetings is to provide knowledge to empower women to become more confident, educated, and, most importantly, financially independent investors. 

 ~ Helping You Navigate to a Secure Financial Future ~ Sponsored by: Randal Poirier, ChFC  Financial Planner, Partner of Independence Financial Partners provided access to two of his financial firm’s extremely qualified Asset Management Team Co-Directors, Marcin Krolikowski, Ph.D., CFA and Alfonso Cumplido, CFA . They intricately offered their current market outlook and how it may impact investors as we head into the second half of 2022 and beyond.

AS A FINANCIAL PLANNER AND FIDUCIARY, and as a Partner with the largest and oldest privately owned RI based Financial Services Firm, Randal’s mission is to help his clients navigate to a secure financial future. With that sole objective in mind, he is committed to listening to and understanding his clients’ unique financial goals and then using those specific goals as the foundation of a written Financial Plan for their future.  His written recommendations will help you accumulate, manage, and preserve your wealth in a tax-efficient manner, while also ensuring that a risk management focus is part of every recommendation made. Once your Financial Plan is completed, you are welcome to implement his planning recommendations on your own, with another Advisor, or you may choose to hire Randal as your Advisor to implement them on your behalf. Either way, Randal is committed to delivering unbiased fee-based financial advice which is solely in your best interest.

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Wealth Strategy Series with Rogue Women’s Fund

Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles Wealth Strategy series where we meet, drink 🥂and discuss. 📈.   The wealth strategy series was born from a small group expressing our wanting to be more active traders in the stock market. Our first meeting was at 41N looking out onto the yacht filled ocean with wine and hors d’oevre’s sharing our visions of what wealth means to each of us.    The NL&L Wealth strategies investment club is one of the philanthropic arms of NL&L. The goal for these series of speakers and meetings is to empower women in the financial market and become more confident, educated, independent, and most importantly, independently wealthy financial investors.

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About this event

Caroline Lewis, Managing Partner of Rogue Women’s Fund kicked off the first Wealth Strategies Series at Newport’s historic and prestigious Tennis Hall of Fame. A light lunch was served as Caroline discussed the benefits of venture capital as an investment diversification strategy and the impact and return potential of investing in women-led technology companies.

By 2030, American women are expected to control much of the $30 trillion in financial assets — a potential wealth transfer of such magnitude that it approaches the annual GDP of the United States. Women-led companies represent 46% of all US businesses and is growing at a rate of 112%. However, only 2% of all venture capital dollars are invested in women-led companies. Women are being left out of a massive wealth generating asset class with only 8% of venture partners and 4% of venture fund investors being women.

Caroline Lewis is the Managing Partner of Rogue Women’s Fund and Kauffman Fellow. Caroline joined Rogue Venture Partners in 2018, leading a new strategy to focus on women-led tech companies. Rogue was founded in 2011 and has continually performed in the top quartile for all venture funds – returning ~300% on Funds I and II. In just two years, Rogue Women’s Fund I invested $2MM in 11 companies that have gone on to raise over $30MM, employ over 100 people, and provide a 20% base return to investors. Capitalizing on the success of Fund I – Rogue Women is building towards a larger Fund II to 10x its impact and returns. Caroline currently sits on two non-profit boards and six portfolio company boards.

A special thank you to Curt Meyer for helping to kick off our first guest speaker and organizing the space and speaker before I even realized it was happening. He is a connector who is relationship-focused in his approach to life, to people, and to business. I should have realized he has a degree in communications, because folks, he is witty! But not only does he have great sense of humor and outlook on life he has a strong business acumen with Over 25-years in asset management, and instrumental in the business development of over $6 Billion of assets across the collective industry.  2ndly Curt is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Truscott Partners, LLC which is active in philanthropy and private investments and has invested in many local schools, non-profits and start ups. BUT more importantly – Curt is an avid tennis player, played 4 years of Varsity tennis, is a member of the Tennis Hall of Fame and currently serves on the Advisory Board of The International Tennis Hall of Fame’s youth development program for under privileged children in our community- located at the Canfield house. I am sure we will be seeing you at the annual fundraiser.


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