WINNER OF THE NOVEMBER PHOTO CONTEST GIFT GIVEAWAY IS ANNOUNCED! A $100 GIFT Certificate and a bottle of bubbly from Meagan Zarba LMT of Everything Ohm Massage and Wellness and guest judge & lifestyle photographer Vessi Vlasseva Photography & Creative

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To WIN prizes from local businesses simply hashtag #NLandL in your photo comments and/or tag @NewportLivingandLifestyles

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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles and Welcome to the November photo contest.

I’m Christon Gibson and joining us today is Meagan Zarba and guest photographer Vessi VLasseva.

Say that 3 times while your dancing. It’s go a good disco beat to it.

Today we’re gonna find out who the winner is of the monthly photo contest

How do you enter the monthly photo contest?

You have to hashtag #NLandL

Which stands for Newport Living and Lifestyles!

Fantastic! so Vessi did a great job of picking only five photos.

I don’t know how you did it.

It was difficult.

How many were there?

There’s a lot

A lot! I only looked for the month of November. I didn’t look past the month of November.

There is probably at least 100, I would say


Yeah, people are doing a great job of hashtagging.

Every winner, every month, gets a gift certificate and a bottle of bubbly

Today our host is Meagan Zarba

Would you like to tell us something about what the winners will receive and what you do.

Absolutely, I’m a licensed massage therapist and health coach and I

work with people. I specialize in helping people have less pain in their

body, chronic pain, acute pain, I work with people who are in rehab programs, people

who just want to feel better in their body and I’m

offering $100 giftcard to come work with me in any capacity.

I practice deep tissue, myofascial release, just simple relaxation, Swedish massage,

I also incorporate marma point therapy, which comes from Ayurveda

if you’ve heard of it, if not, if you’re curious, come talk to me.

I could probably talk for hours about everything that I do.

I do have two locations.

On Monday and Tuesday I’m located here at Stella Mare in Newport it’s 91 Long Wharf and then

my other location is Wednesday and Thursday in Middletown, inside Wyatt Square, its 575 East Main Road.

You can see me at either of those locations and

I’m really excited to work with you and meet whoever the winner is

They can book appointments for you straight through Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook @massagewithmeag Instagram @meaganzarba

Also, by my phone number, which I’m not sure if we are putting that out there….

Let’s do it!

Go for it!

Yeah! Call me! 978-870-8161

or you can reach me at my email

which is

my website is

Your Instagram and Facebook?

My Instagram is @MeaganZarba and

You can find me on LinkedIn by the same name @meaganzarba

I’m the only one that has that name.

Well I love your name and this is a beautiful space to work in with a piano and gongs, really gorgeous space.

It’s a really special space. Stella Mare is also used as a rental space for micro weddings, corporate parties, private

parties and any of that jazz. It is a gorgeous place to hold events.

Yes, I teach yoga here. The owner of this

space is super passionate about holistic health and wellness and she invites any

of that to be part of the space when it’s not being rented out for events so

We are actually home to Newport Kundalini , which is a type of yoga.

It’s a really big community here.

Every Tuesday night there’s a class at 6:00PM Kundalini Yoga and

on Tuesday mornings I teach a regular Hatha alignment based flow and

I also do private yoga, small group yoga and just teaching people how to move their bodies in general.

My whole background is in exercise science and psychology originally.

I used to be a personal trainer so I’ve been studying the body

and the workings of the mind and the body for probably 15 years.

How did you guys meet?

Through my husband and her boyfriend.

I was dying one day. I was having horrible, horrible back pains and her boyfriend who works with my husband,

said you have to go see Meagan, she is life changing and she fixed me.

I’m honored to be a part of anybody’s healing process and thank you very much.

Vessi tell us about your photography, your history, how you got started, your passions.

I am new to Newport. I moved here from Colorado in May.

I started photographing when I was 14 years old in high school.

I did it as a second major in college and then once I graduated college.

I decided that photography was going to be my side hustle.

About 3 – 3 1/2 years ago it turned into my full-time job.

I’ve been doing it ever since.

I’ve had a lot of clients in Colorado that I’ve worked with.

I primarily work with interior designers on interior design photography.

I do a lot of lifestyle shoots with people and products.

That is what my main focus is, however I’m open to new ventures in photography,

which is really really cool.

Then I also do some graphic design work as well, because my other major,

because I couldn’t just be an art major, according to my parents, was advertising.

I do all of that stuff as well.

Some clients use me as kind of a little more of a full-service, small boutique-y agency,

others just come to me for a la cart services

It just depends on what people need.

A women of many facets. How can they find you?

You can find me at

and my photography, design work and all of my contact information can be found there.

Fantastic, thanks ladies, are we ready to check out some of these photos?

I picked 5 photos off of the #NLandL hashtag for November.

Should we start with this one? This one is by @MermaidMasterpieces

She’s got fantastic work.

It’s so so pretty. It’s just the sky and the ocean.

It’s just absolutely beautiful.

I love of the colors and the reflections.

I love that it all blends together.

It looks like a painting.

I want to hang it over my bed.

That would be a great canvas.

You get lost in it.

Yes! it’s beautiful!

And it looks very mermaid-ish.

How many likes does she have, 22 others liked it,

so go check out @mermaidmasterpieces

She has really fantastic work and she DESERVES the props!!!

She has a lot of beautiful work on her page, I kind of stalked everybody a little.

She has a Christmas cards! check out her Christmas cards!

CUTE! That’s awesome!

The second photo I chose is by @l_Double

and the reason I liked this photo is because it looks a little urban for Newport

It gives the city a little more of a city, like a big bigger city vibe.

I really like it and also girls who skateboard are cool!


That one was personally my favorite.

And this one got 136 likes.

Nice work Lee Abney!

He’s one of the favorites around town by the way

I have not met him.

Each of his photos really exude a lot of mood, you can completely tell that they are his work.

You guys definitely check it out @l_double

You know everybody!

Well doing this, you meet more and more people for sure.

The next photo I chose is by @TimNewportRI

It got a 179 likes. I don’t know if Tim’s a professional photographer or if this is something he does on the side.

He works at Discover Newport and by the way,

He is a bartender at the Black Pearl, so go check him out there as well.

He’ is always out and about highlighting Newport for Discover Newport

Cool! I saw a bunch of photos.

It’s just really, just such a pretty composition.


Even the 3 that you picked so far really show so many different sides of Newport so look forward to seeing more.

Yeah, I tried to do that.

I thought that was beautiful.

It’s very calming and relaxing and this is actually a snapshot of the video that he had.

You can just hear the birds chirping and it’s really beautiful.

We couldn’t print that.

Our next contestant is @emdiggity_

She got 124 likes on her image. It’s a picture of her and her dog, I think at the beach.

So cute! I love it !The dog is on point !

Yes! You don’t know how many pictures I have tried to get

of my dog hanging out the window and I cannot do it!

They are not paying attention.

She really captured this so perfectly.

Even as a photographer, I can never nail anything like this, ever.

So good job, way to go, this is perfect,

you should frame it, I hope it’s on your wall, I love it.

I actually want to get a picture of him, which I’ve been trying to do for so long, with the caption that reads

“and I always think they’re waving at me, like a baby in a carriage”

cause they are always waving at the dog like they are so cute!

Good job

Last photo is by @K__Elizabeth.

She got, oh gosh, 968 likes!

She’s pretty popular! I have not met her yet but we should definitely make that happen!

I just loved this photo at the beach, it’s so pretty.

The lighting.

She actually has verbiage here reads,

“Stormy night” so it must have been a stormy night.

It’s just a very pretty, peaceful beach image which just makes me think of Newport.

I love how she captured so many different colors on the beach and the sky it’s really popping with that blue.

What do you like about it?

I love that you can see the storms starting to roll in but it looks so the calm and peaceful.

There’s really a lot going on to it.

I feel like it brings in a lot of different moods rather than being cohesively one.

That’s @K__Elizabeth so check out her stuff.

Vessi being our professional guest photographer,

What is the winner of November!

It is so hard to choose and I love them all and I wish everyone could win but

I am going to go with @MermaidMasterpieces

Just because I would hang this on my wall if it was printed on a canvas. I think it’s beautiful!

Congratulations! Great ! Fantastic ! so we can invite @mermaidmasterpieces here together with us and

take a group photo and we can post that as well!

We look forward to seeing you !

Excited to meet you!

If you would like to learn about new businesses in the area and who

is behind those businesses and some local influencers, make sure to visit

We look forward to seeing you on

Newport Living and Lifestyles