Charming and talented Bryan Rafanelli speaks to one of his celebrity party creations that I randomly flip to in his new book “A Great Party” which is actually filled with a Great Many Parties! Stunning Book. 100’s of events a year & worldwide & Named top event planner in Vogue, InStyle, Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings, BizBash & The Knot. Link to have your own coffee table book ~


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Do you want to go to a certain one?

I was just gonna open it up and randomly pick a story!

Oh WOW, living dangerously!

I hope that like that story, nonono just joking hahahaa

Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles, I’m Christon and joining us today is

Bryan Rafanelli from and author of “A Great Party” and he’s a celebrity event

planner and I would like you to just randomly open a page in this book and

tell us a quick story about one of these fabulous party’s.

Are you doing it or am I doing it?

You want me to do it?

yeah !

okay ! Ready and…….

Alright ! This is a polo barn

right in Aspen Colorado and what’s amazing about this is

that you could actually literally eat off the floor in this polo barn, it’s so

spectacular, but it had this amazing metal armature that shot across it , so

you know it was screaming for 10,000 Bogan via hanging from it, and so

that’s actually what we did. This is a wedding with 450 people. This is an enormous

stage with a 50-piece Orchestra all in white jacket, it was stunning, and it was

black-tie too and so when you were outside it was like this giant horse

barn so we wanted to make sure that when you stepped in you felt like you were at

a beautiful glamorous black-tie affair.

Tell us a little bit about your book tour.

Well, where do I begin? Actually to me it’s like one long party, so I

literally get to go across the country, and what’s been so amazing is people

like you and people like Candy have been throwing these beautiful lunches and

cocktail parties that turn into parties so it’s not just about sitting there

signing books, it’s about storytelling, because that’s what this book is really

all about, but also we’ve had some good times, you know we’ve had confetti

cannons and DJs and and that’s the idea.

He is adding me to the guest list as we speak. Gentlemen!

Lot’s of champagne….

That’s what this tour is all about,

so I’m very excited and and we’ve been going up and down the east coast

and we’re going to Palm Beach, and Houston, and Dallas we’re going out to

the west coast. I was just in London. It’s been fun, we’re not fooling around

I’m gonna do a little flip through this book because the pictures

are so very fabulous. You have to get one today. Where can they find you?

They can find us on our website, @rafanellievents instagram

We are on Amazon, go to your local bookstore and especially here, right in Newport.

I got this at ” Island Books “

“Island Books, I was going to say go to amazing “Island Books”

and get a beautiful copy of “A Great Party”

Thank you so much guys, we look forward to seeing you on

Newport Living and Lifestyles

Thank you!

Thanks Bryan