Newport’s Broadway Street Fair held every October is organized by the local businesses for local businesses in and around the Broadway Street area. This has been an incredible draw bringing over 10,000 locals and visitors to the area. It is free to the public, children and pets. This is a great opportunity to preview restaurants, musicians, artisans and charities all Local to Newport and Rhode Island.

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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles.

I am Christon and I am here at

Newport’s Annual Broadway Street Fair

Last year they had 10,000 people show up

and this year it is going to be very popular.

We can’t wait to see how many people show up

It is dog friendly. It is kid friendly

and all the local businesses are here to ready to show their wears.

So come on down, Let’s go!

Hello, You are here at the Street Fair,

What time did you get here today?

Maybe two hours ago…

Are you from Newport or did you travel here just for this fair today?

I have been living in Newport for about 13 years.

Welcome! She is a cutie patootie… Thank you!!!

Hey Michelle! Hey How are you? Good!

This is my girlfriend Michelle Shevlin and

she is going to do the Broadway Street Fair with us today!

Hello!!! Let’s go!

So Closet Revival has a hat contest

What do you think?

Do Michelle and I match now?

Look Mission!

Awe, the line is so long.

We will come back. It will be our mission to get a mission burger.

Mission accepted!

Alright, so you are volunteering today , Dave.


Tell us all about what your duty’s are today.

Well, when I showed up this morning,

I went to Newport This Week.

They said, and I say this with a smile,

that I was the captain of the Square.

We are hanging with The Captain!

I get rank and everything! This is thrilling!

So show me my minions!

You’re like where’s my hat?!

I just love this art work and pieces here.

Tell us a little bit about it.

My husband Ryan and I

We were walking on the beach and we found multiple horseshoe crabs

and we thought we should make something from them

and I thought it would be a good way to recycle nature

and make something beautiful out of them.

What is your name, What is your business?

My name is Matt, I am with Slate Glass works.

I am out of Rhode Island.

Just whippin up a reusable glass straw.

So FabNewport is on 1 York Street on the North end of Newport.

We special in creating the condition for kids

to feel comfortable, feel inspired to make stuff and learn

what they are good at and connect to the community.

Hi Guys! I would like to vote

This couple as the best-looking couple

in Newport, at the Broadway Street Fair

Meet Vito and Aryan!

What are you two wearing today? Who is your inspiration, and did you purchase in Newport?

Oh my goodness….

It is so warm out so I wanted to be in something light.

but I want my autumn colors.

This is from a little boutique in New Jersey so don’t know the brand.

I just like to be in my fall colors, because I love October.

The best part about being married is that my wife gets to pick out all my outfits

and I don’t have to make any decisions.

I am Christon, I am with Newport Living and Lifestyles.

and we would like to have you on camera today.

Absolutely Christon!

Great! So tell us all about the street fair and what great things are coming from it!

You know what? First of all, I would like to take full advantage of this for my campaign.

But I am not running again for re-election. hahaha.

But it really doesn’t have anything to do with me. It has everything to do with the Newport Merchants

and what they have done here to make this what it is.

In it’s third year, it has surpassed everyone’s expectations.

It’s amazing, How many people do you think are here today?

I don’t know, somebody said, “There are 100,000 people here.”

I said, I think that is a little bit of an exaggeration!

We have an event next Sunday for kids down at the beach.

It is a fire awareness safety event.

We would love to have the kids come down, if they could.

Next Sunday at Easton’s Beach. It is a big event like this, come on down.

Raising awareness about fire safety.

This is the month of October.

Fire Safety Month!

Stop drop and roll!

Yes! By all Means!

Hey Guys! We are ready to take care of Newport!

This is Gambit.

Have you guys been to the street festival before?

No, never.

Your first time.

My first time.

Are you guys from Newport?

New York City!

Did you guys come in just for the festival?

No, never heard of it, we just stumbled upon it.

Have you guys visited any booths or vendors that you thought really stood out?

We have eaten at a few.

Oh ! That hamburger place. Mission Hamburger?

That is my mission today!

It was awesome!

Okay, good to know!

Have you tried any food vendors?

I want to go to that new Caribbean restaurant that just opened.

I don’t know if they are a vendor out here yet, but they just opened today.

My mission is to get a Mission Burger for the first time.

Oh my gawd, I had one yesterday!

I have never had a Mission Burger!

So Good!


Mission Accomplished!


So Good…


Thank you so much Michelle for joining us today.

It was so much fun, I hope we can do this again next year.

Wonderful, We got all of our goodies!


We look forward to seeing you on Newport Living and Lifestyles!


Originally Posted Oct 8, 2018