The Surf Club Newport is suitably located on the bend of Thames Street at “The Wave” statue, the Surf Club is warm and romantic inside while the outside is entertaining, lively and dog-friendly with views of locals and visitors strolling by. Come enjoy the elegant surf theme at the Surf Club and the specials below.
– Monday: Pizza & Beer Night
– Tuesday: Nachos & Beer Night
– Wednesday: Wine & Cheese Board Night
– Every THIRD Thursday of the month: Pizza Class for $40 and includes a glass of wine!

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Welcome to Newport Living & Lifestyles. I’m Christon and I’m here with Charlie Holder of Surf Club Newport, and he’s going to give us an idea of their amazing specials and how they came up with their elegant surf theme. Well Christon, it’s great to have you. We’re very excited to have Newport Living &Lifestyles down here. Surf Club Newport is kind of like a throwback to an old-school Newport theme where it’s actually a really great surf spot. It has been for a long time, and people don’t really think about that when they think of Newport. They think of sailing, they think of the mansions but the locals they know all the surf spots. So that’s where we came up with surf club.  What we do here, we do some fantastic Neapolitan South pizzas, a lot of comfort food, a casual kind of setup, a lot of groups that we have come down here. We have an inside space which is located at the bottom of Newport Bay Club, and we’ll see in a little bit we have an outside space it’s open in the summertime, it’s a little bit of everything for everyone. We do three specials, we do one on Monday night it’s called pizza and beer and where if you order pizza, you get a beer no charge.  On Tuesday nights it’s a fun one it’s called Tacos & Tequila. Hey! Everyone loves tequila.  You order whatever tequila you like, you get the taco, no charge and  Wednesday’s is a good one too it’s called, “Wine and Cheese.” You order a glass of wine, whatever the featured glass of wine is that night, you get a nice a cheese plate. I love that! Yummy!  So on Sundays you can have Bloody Mary and mimosas?  Yeah we have a Bloody Mary mimosa bar setup.  Okay!  So come on downstairs, we have O.J., we have mango juice, we have strawberry guava, we have pineapple, we have pomegranate to make your own little mimosas. For the Bloody Mary side, we give you the vodka you put in your own Bloody Mary Mix and we have all the fixings: olives, cheese stuffed olives, pepperoni wrapped cheese.  That sounds like so much fun!  We got all kinds of stuff! so you can just make your own! One other fun thing that we do is third Monday of every month we do a pizza class. So for $40 you come in, we show you how to make dough, we show you how to make the sauce, you make your own pizza, we have a little contest, whoever has the best pizza at the end of the class wins a nice little $25 gift card,and the best part: Wine’s included.  Well you can’t be that! Not at all. I’m in. Let’s do it.  I’m going to show you how to make a pizza right now! Alright!  You ready? Let’s go, yeah! First thing’s first, you need to have an apron. All right. Nice insignia.Right now I’m bringing our chef Bryan Ashtis, Bryan come on in. Nice to meet you, Pleasure. Tell us about your fantastic oven. So it’s a gas-powered, brick oven that cooks the pizza in 120 seconds. How hot does it get? 850 degrees. That’s the top, okay excellent. So how do we get started here today? All right, so we have some dough right here take this handy spatula here, and we’re just going to turn it out onto the table like that I’m Italian, I should be a pro. Oh no, I already messed it up! My ball is a ball, and not flat. My Italian relatives would be so proud of me right now.  The deck of the oven actually rotates pretty evenly, so one time around and the pizza will be done.   Thank you so much Charlie for having us today, it was a fantastic experience here at Surf Club Newport, Cheers!  We look forward to seeing you on Newport Living & Lifestyles.  CHEERS!