Monthly Gift Give Away for October with Newport Living and Lifestyles

Monthly Gift Give Away for October with Newport Living and Lifestyles! Learn more about Surf Club Newport’s elegant surf theme and their daily specials while we vote for the winner of the Newport Living and Lifestyles Monthly Gift Give away for participants who have hash-tagged themselves in photos using #NLandL

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Oh! you’re live now!

Hi everybody!

I’m Christon and we are about to go live on Facebook now.

It’s our first time live on Instagram. Yay!

So we are connected!

Hi everybody and welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles

and just so that you know we are also live on Instagram today in addition to Facebook,

which is a first time for both of us right ?

Nice! Yes ! Defintely MY first time live

Yeah, so today we’re at Surf Club Newport.

We are going to pick the monthly Newport Living and Lifestyles gift of the month

award for anybody who’s hash-tagged themselves #NLandL spelled out “AND”

OH! Just like this! You might have seen this posted.

Can they see that? Can they see that? Can they see that?

I think so, yep yep!

You might be familiar with this

posting that I’ve done, and so anybody who’s posted gets to be entered into a drawing

to possibly win a local gift of the month, and today I have Erin Johnson

joining me today here at Surf Club.



So tell us a little bit about yourself.

I know everything about you (well more than the audience)

Well I’m just you, living in Newport.

Been living here for a few years now with my husband and my little baby and my big clumsy dog.

And they are so fun!

Do you have a Halloween tradition that you like to do?

We do ! I mean I love dressing up which I’m not representing today

She is wearing cat ears!


But I love carving pumpkins! We held our second annual pumpkin carving contest at my house.

Yeah, I thought it was great hit. Did you enjoy yourself?

Yes! and I think more and more

people are dressing up. So I will dress up next year !

Excellent! Did you like my costume this year?

It was super hilarious! I’m gonna have to

put some b-roll in here after with your with your costume. Can you tell them what it is?

So I was a 70s tennis star.

Oh she sure was to!

With a blonde big huge afro, head sweat band, 70’s socks, wrist sweat band and the vintage tennis racket!

I enjoyed it it!

It was a lot of fun!

So that’s your tradition. I don’t know that I have a real tradition.

I know that I love to dress up for Halloween.

So can you guys guess what I am today?

I have tails, jacket tails… spin again, spin again, what , what what what…

So, what am I again? A carnival….. master… RING MASTER !!!

We are in the spirit of Halloween here and as you can see Surf Club Newport

is also in the spirit of things, because they are all dressed up behind us.

They are going to have a dinner party tonight.

It’s $50 and the best costume wins. We got to go back into that back room

and it’s actually pretty scary.

It is scary! ( yeah it’s dark ) The candy man Rawr…!

Yes Rawr!

There is a mummy laying there with candles!

bloody foot prints leading you into the creepy dinner.

So if you guys haven’t signed up for that, you should sign up for that tonight

and see if you can win a costume contest !

but now you know what we are!

So you can definitely beat our costumes!

Yeah please , you definitely can beat my outfit! Really! I hope !

Well cheers!


and welcome!

Thank you and thanks for having me!

Just a couple of the things before we get into the photo contest and judge these.

I would like to talk a little bit about some of the cool things about Surf Club Newport.

They have a weekly special almost every week during the week of the month.

Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Sunday night and then the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Wait, a weekly special every day of the week!

You got me!

Every day of the week

Yes! Every day of the week!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday and every 3rd Thursday

so I have a little list of things here.

Just in case you don’t know about Surf Club Newport, it has an elegant surf theme, it’s really cozy down here,

(such great food) and in the summer they have a great outside place

and it’s dog friendly as well.

Monday’s they have “P’eer” – beer and pizza night!


I almost said “P’eer”.

“P’eer” and Pizza! I like to mix the words together.

They are a good mix together , that why they paired them together. I love it

Tuesdays they have nacho and beer night.

“Nacho” average night!

“Nacho” Average night! That’s so funny!

Wednesday they have wine and cheese board night for the more elegant fare.

ooohh elegante’

and then Sunday’s, they have which is super fun, we’ve done this before,

make your own bloody mary and mimosa with bar to add your own fixings

plus live music.

That is super fun, you make your own drink, put all your own fixings in there,

That is fun

Like a pile high Bloody Mary where you can pile celery, cheeseburger on top then pretzels….

Yeah, all that stuff! Super yummy. Yep!

Then we did the pizza making night which was super fun.

It was like $40 a person and you got to meet all these fun people, and

the chefs came out, and they helped us make the dough, and the best pizza wins!

They actually chose the best pizza.

They did?

They did, they judged us…

Wow so the kitchen staff, like people that make food, they had to judged your pizza. Whoa!

I didn’t win…. Kate Decosta from Ocean Cliff won…

She did a really amazing job.

Wow, they have really amazing pizza here , so that is awesome! And super fun!

and then tonight’s the dinner.

So that’s a little bit about Surf Club, so on to the photo entry .

So many entries, So many choices!

So again recognize that post ! #NLandL

Then we have … Do you want to do this one?

okay so, Oh! I know why you want me to do this one. You couldn’t say the “Diggity”

Hot Diggety EMdiggety EMdiggety EMdiggety

I really like how she did the whole. You have to see it, this part here.

Yeah, very cool. Yeah very nice.

She said, “TGIF” With the beer out at Newport Vineyards with the truck.

Cool Truck too!

How many likes did she get on that? A lot, 78 likes!

I need my glasses, ( I’ll help you out there ) I am gettin old….

So Let’s see…Jennifer Berton is enjoying her lady date with some amazing

coffee with a special coffee … (Coffee Art) Thank you! Coffee Art, I love that!

Can you all see that? That is really nice. How many likes did she get?

13, It’s not about the likes, It is about sharing the moment.

Let’s not judge too much, I mean we are judging you, but let’s not judge too much.

Okay here’s one, Karen Chabot.

I video taped for Belcourt Speaks ( at Belcourt Newport) and Reading with Robin and this is the Author.

Her name is Theresa Anne Fowler and she’s doing a reading on her book…..

Don’t look to me…. I don’t know….

hahaha! It’s there! It’s there!

and it went Poof! right out of there!

A Well-Behaved Woman about Alva Vanderbilt! oh oh yeah right! That is why I couldn’t remember !

Cause I was like a well behaved woman? Shoot I don’t know

Sounds like trouble to me!

Yeah Karen actually posted a lot of pictures with the hashtag #NLandL

Which is the special hashtag that you have to have to enter to win.

So I’ll do this one, you do the next one.

This is actually my friend Maura Lindsay. This is such a classic picture.

It’s so great! Oh you can’t see it, there, sorry…

Pink on pink with those 50’s glasses and that background. Love, Love, Love

So cute! Okay you do this one okay?

Okay, okay, So this one is The Surf Club Newport

So here we are!

Here we are!

Gosh! Ewe! Whoa! What is that? A neck, a finger ?

Reads, I would like to “point out”! Point out, get it, Point out?

I would just like to “point out” how ready we are for the Halloween party at Surf Club this Tuesday October 30th

Oh and Here we are!

Do you see the comments that were made? It’s a finger that is cut and dismembered.

It’s bread or something, You can eat it? I’m pretty sure you can eat it

Somebody posted a comment that reads, “Finger Lickin’ Good” and

Somebody else says, YO that’s sick”

So hilarious! Love that one! Good job Surf Club Newport and marketing media peeps!

So this one is Anastasia_M_Arnold who posted her and her girlfriend outside at The Landing.

They are just enjoying the fall weather out there having some drinks, and giggling, and enjoying some girl time.

Great Shot!

Yeah it’s nice!

Really represent Newport!

It Does!

Want to do this one?

Another Surf Club Newport one!

Okay this one reads, “Who is ready for scary good time this Tuesday at the Halloween costume dinner party?”

That is tonight! That is tonight again!

They’re doing a good job pushing their marketing out there!

This one is a skeleton holding a beverage!

Some Spiders….

This is how I feel in the morning sometimes… hahahahahahaaa

I bet… Like a skeleton holding a holding a, drink.

Yeah that is how I feel right now!

Whaaaaaaaaat? Ahhhhhhh!

It is Halloween, it is a day for scarying.

That was very well timed! Nice work!

Thank you Charlie Holder!

You really freaked out on that one! That was awesome.

I did! I freak out all the time, so it’s not hard to scare me.

I think I need to sit down!

This is a really great photo! Back to judging photos!

Yes judging people! Yeah judging people !

This one was taken at the Seafood Festival on Bowen’s Wharf just recently in

with a bunch of ladies and their doggy dude and they’re all having a good time.

That was really special, it says until next may or sooner for a girls weekend. Good times.

Good times will be had.

And for the last one, which we considered the number one,

because of the coloring, and the wittiness, the overall composition was great, (Oh I like that )

and I like what they said. I like the tag line.

We are going to show it to you now .

This is the winner of the $50 gift certificate to Surf Club Newport

Here is the winning photo!

See lovely composition, good color…

Look at the words! That is so clever.

It reads, “I prefer buoys over boos.”


Not Booze!


I prefer Booze!

Yeah, Buoys over Booze for this one over here!

Then I thought is said boobs…

Then I am like , Wait. Nope. No….. That doesn’t make sense..

Boo! as in Halloween

So we liked that it represented Newport, represented Halloween and the season.

This is the winning photo! Congratulations EmDiggity_ !

EmDiggity, ya did it again!

We’re diggin’ you!

We are going to post to you and congratulations for winning the Newport Living and Lifestyles local gift of the month

by using hashtag #NLandL

We look forward to seeing you

and you and you

on Newport Living and Lifestyles!

Have a good night guys!


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