No, It is not Christmas… Marc Mainville explains why they keep their Christmas Tree up all year long! He is a man of many Mentor statistics backed by his experience mentoring and his 10 year tenure as Director of Operations. He is passionate and knowledgeable. He explains that MentorRI supports 60 Programs and schools in RI including Aquidneck Island Mentoring, Martin Luther King Center and Boys and Girls Club. Marc states that these are not kids that need fixing, they just need someone else to talk to and expand their horizons.
55% more likely to enroll in college
80 % likely to be in a club, sport or activity
2x’s more likely to have a leadership role in those clubs, sports or activities
80% volunteer in their own community
It’s a trickle down effect. When you start Mentoring, you are bettering your community for generations to come !

Dancing with the stars raises a 6th of the annual budget for the MentorRI organization & Aquidneck Island mentoring.

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