Horoscope of the Month Featuring Leo ! But not just for Leo, Everyone can benefit from these tips for #Health #Wealth & #Relationships in the Leo Zodiac time frame of July 23rd – August 23rd 2019. Listen in with birthday guest Jamie Bova the City of Newport Mayor & Astrologer Karyn Marie Chabot. Learn what influenced Jamie Bova into public service and one of her missions for her two year term. Please share with your friends! They will thank you!
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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles. I’m Christon and today we’re going to be discussing the zodiac timeframe of Leo and that is betweenJuly 23rd thank you and August 23rd of 2019. Today joining us is astrologerKaren Chabot of the……. well I’m not going to do the yogic mystic anymore. I’mchanging my mind on that. What’s the new website? well I’m consolidating I havelike four websites and everyone’s confused okay Now we canstraighten everybody out! I will have all the websites point to justme. KarenMarieChabot.com it’s with a Y KarynMarieChabot.com that’swhere you can find me. Alright well she’s gonna be discussing the astrologytimeframe of the Leo today and joining us todayin addition to Karyn is birthday girl Jamie Bova who is also the Mayor ofNewport. Thank you for joining us today. Thank you for inviting me.Tell us a little bit about how you decided to get into public service in addition toyour already job as an engineer at NUWC.I decided that, I have always felt that, wherever I live, whatever I do, I want to make sure I give back.It’s a bit like a core tenet of what I believe in and so I decided totry to use the skills I have as an engineer and problem-solving leadershipto get into policy making and try to give back to the city that I love.That’s nice, it’s very generous and I’m sure the city is so very grateful to all your efforts. It’s gonna be a good two years.It’s a team effort.It definitely is , so anything on your personal agenda ?One of the biggest things overall that I always focus on is Public Safetyin terms of like pedestrian and bike safety andtraffic safety. We are a small city but we’re busy and it’s alwaysimportant to try to make sure that whatever method of transportation you’reusing to get around, you can do it safely. It’s the most important one for me andthen also keeping our full-time long-term residents in mind, as we keepgoing forward, a lot of development and new projects going on in the citythere’s a lot of development happening right now in the city, so we have to makesure we keep our residents in mind and make sure we do things that benefit them.It’s really unbelievable there is so much construction, remodeling and events!I’ve never seen so many events throughout the year ! I think it’sgreat. I don’t mind the traffic, just plan ahead and keep your eyes peeled. Well thank you.Thank you.It is an honor to meet you. Just so happy to meet a cusper – she’s born on the cusp of Leo.So she’s really not a classic Leo. She’s a cusper, we call it. Makes her it very special.What’s your birth date?July 23rdThat is the day that Leo starts! What I would like to share with you about Leo?First based on the tropical zodiac, I also do Sidereal zodiac so I might mix a little bit.There’s a 25 kilometer difference so I might pepperin and out of tropical in Sidereal .If we do not know what she’s talking about , we will just ask!Just ask!Astrology is new to us.Other than that , I am Leo and that is about all that I know.I’m gonna water it down you, meet you where you are at, you will understand everything andhopefully the things I share with you are very practical and insightful. okayso no worries if you don’t get those terms just forget that I just said that.Just in case there are any astrologers out there I had to clarify it.yeah certainly.so okay this is actually for any Leo ascendant, Leo moon or a Leo Sun Sign andyou’re a Leo Sun Sign. okay right okay okay so now you know and the zodiac symbolfor Leo is the lion, so they are leaders, they are king of the jungle. No wonderyou’re the mayor, right? They’re fiery so the element that belongs to Leo isfire, so we need your fire, we need to be feisty. We can’t just have you bewatery dreamy kind of do nothing girl. You come in with a fireand you can lead the masses which is great and that’s what a lot of Leo’s can do.There are some very important dreamy people in the world, so we need those too.Oh yeah! there’s room for all of us but in leadership positions we need a little fire.Yeah.Yes, and the planet that rules Leo is the Sun and thecolor is red which is so appropriate! Look at you!I did not know that when I got dressed todayThat’s great!yeah and the stone is Ruby, Carnelian and Peridot too. so if you wanted to…That’s great! You are just really in touch with yourself and you don’t even know it!What are the traits of Leo? I speak generally to Leo’s because you have your own chart and youhave your own planetary conditions and it makes this general instead of unique.What we want to discuss is what are the patterns, the gifts that thecharacteristics of Leo. They are leaders they are also not just king of thejungle but they are by nature stubborn because they’re one of the fixed signsand stubborn can actually give rise to tenacity so that’s what we arelooking for you to be, a tenacious mayor. instead of a stubborn mayor , but we alsowe also you know respect the tenacity because you don’t get pushed easily andthat’s important as a leader so Leo’s are fixed and they hold their space.Which is great they hold and they hold high standards and they stick to themwhich is great for Leo’s in leadership positions. They can also beCEO’s, they can be teachers, any leadership position.The shadow sides can be a little arrogant and impatient but you know what we all havea shadow side and that’s okay.We all got something.okay what’s happening for lovethis month with Leo so right now the planet that governs love is Venus, andit’s always that way, it’s not just right now. Right now the Sun is burning onVenus right for about, I don’t know, 25 more days Ihave it written down exactly but when the Sun burns on Venus it makes Venus gocombust so that is an astrological word meaning it it just can’t do much whenyou’re combust just kind of puts the Venus on fire and in a way of like debilitated.Love right now for Leo is a little challenging and the way to keeplove alive right now is to keep it cool, keep it mellow, and drink lots ofcucumber juice. Go to the Power of Juice and get a fresh cilantro cucumber juice.I have some other remedial measures but right now Venus is just a little on fire.That’s okay and so is Mars, so the the two passion planets Mars and Venusare on fire because the Sun is sitting in the same house as these two passionplanets so it can go either way it can combust Venus which it will but it alsocan make it firey, feisty and fun. It can ignite romance to the point of just like, you know, on fire!I don’t know, doesn’t sound too bad to me!We will take it! That newness, you know, if you havesomething new going on, it can really ignite it, but it can also burn it out, soif you’re in a long-term relationship and it’s time for it to end, the Sun willactually burn it right out, and it’ll fizzle, and it’ll take it’s rightcourse to to purification. The Sun is a purification planet. Okay, so what can we do?We can actually do the Hoʻoponopono. Did you ever hear of that ?Say that three times fast!Its not the Hokie pokey but you can do the Hoʻoponoponoand that is a Hawaiian novena and it’s powerful and when Venus is combustDoes that mean like a prayer?It’s a little prayer novena it’s like a like a mantra or it’s a ritual and it raises the vibration of love.Here it is, this is very simple.Hoʻoponopono prayer from Hawaii is:Please forgive me. I love you. I’m so sorry. I forgive you. I thank you. and I bless youIf you say that over and over and specifically if you say it10 times, for 10 hours, for three days,It’ll shift everything and it could save your relationship. Now, if you feel you don’twant to say it to your lover or your partner, just say it to yourself in the mirror.Think of your lover and your partner and don’t get in the way ofwhat’s right, what’s wrong, who’s right or who’s wrong.Just say it and from your heart and it will shift everythingand it will fix that combust Venus right now. Okay what else can you do?You can Google that too or you can go on YouTube, and you can read about the Hoʻoponopono.it’s really powerful and I didn’t just make that up. I know it sounds so simple and mundanebut truly if you can forgive and say I’m sorry and and keep lovingthat person despite the adversities and despite how you want to be out of thatrelationship it’ll either do two things, dissolve the relationship in apeaceful way or renew the relationship so can’t go wrong with either of those.More love, more better right ? Yeah! yeah ! Yes, and if you don’t have arelationship you can do it with your own self you can forgive your own self andlove your own self so it’s really a powerful thing to do. Alright what elsecan you do? You can keep a vase of fresh flowers,Look at this! and you can sit and meditate by still water, or go walkalong the ocean, because there are negative ions there that raise thevibration and clear the energy, you can take a brisk walk, but take the brisk walk notduring the heat of the Sun, during Twilight is the best time right now, whenwe’re in the season of August the hottest time of the year, and at the sametime the cosmos is burning the two love planets. It’s a pretty feisty time.it’s a time to cool down on every level.Forward bending, I’m a yoga teacher as well, so when you forward bendyour head goes below your heart and this increases humility. Sometimes inrelationships it becomes a power struggle ,and we butt heads, and we getthe entitlement, and the ego in the way, but when you do a forward bendand bring the head below the heart, we can physicallychange the dynamic of how you see yourself and how you see yourrelationship just by kind of being more humble in that way.Poses can actually can change you in a psychological way.Wow I didn’t know that, I’m learning so much today.Sun Salutations as well. Sun Salutation just go to any yoga studio they usuallydo a couple of Sun Salutations. You’ve probably heard of them.Eat fresh watermelon and sweet blueberries to cool down.Which you should do all summer anyway.Yeah no problem there. I put in my water…. and my Rose’And your Rose? Wow, that brings me to another point. There are two liquids that actually dehydrate us the mostand that would be coffee and alcohol. Those are so dehydrating andright now with all this combustion in the air, and in the hottest time of theyear, most of us are dehydrated and we’re also catabolic which is a condition thatbreaks down amino acids, proteins, and minerals. Right now is the time to build.I recommend more protein shakes. If you’re notinterested in whey protein, then do vegan protein, add some chia seeds in there.I’ve got mine going right here. If you are a catabolic type of personruled by Mars or Venus you will be extra catabolic right now , meaning deficientyour immune system can be breaking down. If you’re one of those people,which you would be, because you have Sun as the ruler of your chart, and it’s acatabolic planet. When you think about it, if the Sun burns on the paint of a houseit’ll burn that paint right off or burn your skin so it’s catabolic and thatmeans you need to increase your protein during this time especially in August,and with the cosmos, the cosmology up there. So to get to the point Icould go on all day about this, but I don’t want to take too long.Money! What’s going? on so the good news about money for everyone actually is Jupiter rules moneyand so does Venus, even though we know Venus is combust, we can’t reallyrely on Venus right now to bring money, so we’ll wait patiently for Venusto move away from the Sun, and then Venus will start to support us, but right nowJupiter can support us, and it is a money planet so it is going direct stationingin the sky on August 12th if you’ve been struggling financially August 12th is awindow for more money to flow into your life.Thank God, hallelujah!She’s like, I don’t know about all this….I am just listening.She’s processing….and to help Jupiter in the strengthof your chart wear gold and yellow colors, because it has an affinity for Jupiter.I’m starting!Donate your time to the Boys and Girls Club.Spend more time teaching children, especially about forgiveness, give flowers or giftsto your favorite teacher or guru, and offer to be of service to someone in need,Give money to children’s charities. I purposely choose these because Jupitergoverns children and it also governs selfless service so the more of that you do,the more Jupiter will smile down upon you and send money into your bank.Very insightful, thank you.Your career really quickly, with Saturn going retrograde,Saturn is retrograde and it’s with the South node and Pluto inthe 10th house of career in Leo’s chart, it makes career a little challenging sohang in there Leo, it will pass, it’s just a tough time right now, butwhen one door closes, another door will open. if you lose your job or if you getsome sort of a purification in your job, where maybe you move, you could even dothis move from one level to the next level, and you even could get a raise.That is a possibility with this conjunction, but it’s also a possibility to lose a jobthat no longer serves you, so hang in there. If you lose your job anotherbetter job is coming your way.What else can I tell you?How to help SaturnHow to soften the effects of your career or the malefic influences on yourcareer at this time. You can actually make Saturn smile down upon you byfeeding the birds because Saturn governs the birds.I know that sounds out there, but if youhave a little bird feeder, make the birds happy. Why not anyways, right ?Yes and help elderly people across the street, donate to saving the beesanything that flies in the sky, Saturn will govern.Visit or call your grandparents and tell them you love them, because Saturn governor’s old people.I have no more grandparents.You can say a little love prayer to them.Oh you can say hello. They’re probably right with you here in spirit.Just say hello, and that you love them and miss them.East vegetarian foods on Saturdays because Saturdays are Saturn days and Saturnloves purification, so eat clean, eat green, and if you can don’t eat meat onSaturdays and Saturn will smile down upon you.Well thanks so much for that astrology. Do you have any specific questions?It was a lot.yeah it was a lot to take in…No, but I mean a lot of these things I think sound like great things to do anyway.I’m all for things that are giving back to the community and selfless service. I like hearing that.Perfect ! That works and why not?Thanks ladies for joining us today.It’s an honor.Thank youIf you’d like to see more interviews withbusiness owners, local charities, or just learn more about local events, go toNewportLivingAndLifestyles.comand we look forward to seeing you on Newport Living and LifestylesBye everybody