Dreaming of a CoronaVirus Safe Vacation about now? Welcome to Travel Tuesdays where we speak with dashing Yacht Captains aboard some of the most lavish chartered yachts in the world. What are they doing during the COVID19 pandemic, where are they able to charter, what activities and amenities are available and last but not least, what to bring!

“Yacht Charters are intimate & Custom Custom Custom” says cohost and President Jennifer Saia aka @YachtQueen of B&B Yacht Charters, Inc. @B&BYachtCharters @bnbyachtcharters

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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles

Travel Tuesdays

brought to you by B&B Yacht Charters, Inc.

with President and co-host Jennifer Saia.

Hi everyone! Social distancing! Check out my anchors !

Love it!

Today we’re going to feature

Motor Yacht CRU and Captain Nick Kincaid.

We’re so happy to have you on board

This is a 96 foot Westship and she’s been so popular in the Caribbean.

You’re in Florida now and headed to the Chesapeake.

I want you to tell us why we should actually charter with you and your crew this summer.

We are go getters, of course, we like to do a lot of activities keeping the kids busy.

Everyone on the boat has their own special talents.

We take a lot of pride in the crew that’s that’s on the boat, good to be a part of this team.

What are some of the activities and amenities that you guys offer on your boat?

We make sure that they get the best experience.

We tow a 33 foot Intrepid fully rigged for fishing.

It carries inflatable toys, we have wake boards.

Then when we get onto the big vessel CRU, we have two jet ski’s

We have three inflatable islands, we have four paddle boards

We also have a kayak that can seat either two adults or three kids.

Up on the upper deck, it’s a nice patio sun deck area where

you can grill out and lots of room to

congregate and and enjoy barbecue on a sunny day

We put together theme nights that’s a lot of fun!

Yes we love theme nights!

Give us a good story

Our Christmas charter is always a big one for theme night

Everyone dressed up as elves and

I dressed up as Santa and our charter guests were sitting there wake boarding.

We had one of them wearing a Santa costume and they loved it

I’ve seen the Murder Mystery or Pirates of the Caribbean.

Anything you can dream of, we can execute it.

What if there’s an inclement day?

Then you have the amenities inside. Everything you could ask for like Direct TV & internet

Then we also provide some fine dining on the interior with Alex Decara as our chef

The boat can still move and take people to shore in different areas.

We go up to Newport and all New England this season.

As soon as things open up then maybe go through a mansion tour

or fine restaurants that are here

even though we have the best one on board

but people like to get out a little bit.

You take people out to fish. Can they bring it back and eat what you catch?

oh absolutely

That’s how I started my career as a Captain.

I started out on fishing boats.

When we were down in the Caribbean.

We would take the guests fishing.

We’d catch a nice big wahoo or tuna and

I’d fillet it right there in front of them

and then Alex would have it cooked for lunch.

There’s been times where people wanted to eat out and

they had Alex’s cooking day one and

they just canceled all their reservations.

We get preference sheets on what they like to eat.

Alex will cater and change her whole plan

on how she’s going to execute meals.

based on their dietary requirements.

Custom Custom Custom. That’s really the theme of chartering.

What would people need to be prepared to bring for a yacht charter

as opposed to other vacations they may go on.

Everything that they’re really going to need, we have.

You’ve got toiletries, you’ve got blow dryers, you’ve got sunscreens,

Everything, All of that.

You’ve got towels, you’ve got incredible sheets and all your amenities

that you’ll expect at a five-star hotel.

How far can one go and back one a tank of gas (fuel)

On charter the longest leg we’ve done was maybe 100 miles but

we can go on one tank of gas 1200 miles

so people can see a lot!

Generally when we do trips we’ll go about 40 miles

We’d like to have a nice summer up here in Newport and

the islands right off the coast Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Block Island

and have clients go between them by private yachts

Actually, I think this season instead of going traveling abroad or

places that you’re going to go with more people

you want to go on a smaller vacation where it’s low risk

It’s almost like one to one.

We’ve got 6 guests & 4 crew

This is an intimate experience.

Not for the masses and it’s still affordable.

What did you do down in St Martin while you were quarantining?

A lot of projects.

We’ve been improving everything,

making sure everything’s perfect.

We put our hearts into this boat.

They can reach you through

Jennifer Saia of B&B Yacht Charters, Inc.

and book anything, put anything together and

customize an amazing trip.

Yes, Absolutely

We are looking forward to the Chesapeake and

the New England itineraries and

then we will head back down south.

We look forward to seeing more of your trips and meeting your crew.

Thanks so much Jennifer for hosting Travel Tuesdays.

Nice to meet you Nick

Nice to meet you as well

We look forward to seeing you

on Newport Living and Lifestyles

Thanks everybody