Honored to host an interview, and dance, on the bow of a Sabre 45 with Andrew Savage of Boston Yacht Sales at the Newport International Boat Show! B.Y.S. is one of only 40 professional brokerage firms in the country to have earned the distinction as an Endorsed Brokerage Firm by the Yacht Brokers Association of America: YBAA . Watch to see what NEW products 2020 Sabre and Back Cove’s coming to market and why boaters are choosing these classic family style cruising yacht’s.


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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles

I’m Christon and we are at the

2019 Newport International Boat Show and

joining us today is Andrew Savage from Boston Yacht Sales, Welcome

Thank you

What a beautiful and gorgeous day we have here.

This is perfect boat show weather today. We are thrilled, the docks are full.

This gonna be a great great weekend for us.

Tell us a little bit about you, where are you from?

Sure, I’m from Marblehead Massachusetts

I grew up in Maine, near where these beautiful boats were built and

I work with Boston Yacht Sales here out of Weymouth as well as Falmouth and the Marblehead office.

How’d you even get into the industry ?

You know it’s a second life for me. It’s something I’m really passionate about.

I’ve been with them for five years now. It was a funny story actually.

I was looking for my next boat. I knew it was gonna be a Sabre or a Back Cove.

I started working with them and loved the brands, love the people and it’s a family business.

That worked out perfectly, timing was great for me and been with them ever since.

Where do you sell? What’s your basic geographical area?

My geographical area is New England primarily. We work with Sabre in Back Cove in Massachusetts and in Rhode Island.

The boats are built up in Maine, so we have a lot of clients up in that area as well.

What attracted you specifically to Boston Yacht Sale’s?

It’s the people. This industry is a small industry but it’s all about relationships and the people.

We are really fortunate to have people that have been working in this industry for over 50 years and really care about their clients.

So, so far in five years what’s your most sentimental testimonial?

You know it’s really interesting we get so many families on these boats,

they are really couples and multi-generational boats.

That it’s not one particular instance but it’s the time that these boats allow families and

multi generations to have together on the water.

If I’m out off Stellwagen watching the whales and all of a sudden two other boats pull up and

they’re my clients and I see them with their families out there, that’s what

gets me really excited and about what we do.

And whales !

And Whales,

That’s a good secondary plus.

Well , that’s the great thing about these boats, they have lots of range, people can take them up

and down the coast, they can go to Florida on them for the winter

What are some unique things about these particular boats that most people love?

Sure, so Sabre and Back Cove are sister companies. They’re down east traditional

Maine style boats, really set up for comfort and cruising, but also very

functional for day use. We have couples that can live on them for months

at a time and other families that just use them as a day boat .

I have got to see these closets!

We’ve got room for everything! Wardrobe after wardrobe.

They’re classic in style,

Yes, really nice lines, they’re classic, they’re clean.

Classic Maine built boats.

I love this leather interior that you guys have on this one.

I love the trim, the classic cherry interior so it’s a very yacht feeling,

but a very traditional yacht feeling but within a modern propulsion package and modern technologies.

What kind of engines are you guys working with?

The Sabres all come with either Volvo Penta IPS drives or Cummins Zeus drives, which are pod driven boats.

These are twin Diesel’s. The pods allow for joystick functionality.

I love the joystick

It makes around the dock, it makes everybody look like a superstar!

Even I can use the joystick to dock

Especially, grand kids and kids get on the boat,

If they’ve been playing video games all their life, this is child’s play for them.

Oh perfect

Then the sister company, Back Cove, is a little bit more of a traditional economical kind of lobster boat functionality,

where they are all single engine outboard boats.

What’s your hottest selling product?

The hottest selling product right now for Sabre is the one we’re standing on right now.

The 45, which is a new model about 18 months ago. Really popular twin cabin design and

then for Back Cove they introduced at this show last year, we introduced the 34o ,

which is the first outboard version of Back Cove.

We can’t keep those in stock.

Put your order in now

People can custom design these boats, I imagine.

Within a platform, yes, there’s a long options sheets, custom build them.

We often have them in stock too

See there guys, where else would you want to go?

That’s right

Can you give us any insight scoop to what may be coming and for next year 2020?

Yeah, we’re really excited about next year, for both brands.

Sabre is coming out with a new 58.

Actually, that hull number one is just about complete.

We’re hoping to see that this winter.

That’s been so popular that we’ve sold the first 13 or 14 just off the drawings.

Beautiful three cabin three stateroom boat.

Then Back Cove just yesterday here at the show announced

their second outboard boat which will be a 39-foot, 39o, 39-foot two cabin boat.

Since you have new product all the time, you must have a great celebrity clientele.

We do, If I told you, I would have to kill ya, right?

Yeah right! Just throw me overboard!

If you keep your eye out on the water you’ll notice enough out there,

we try to respect their privacy.

Do they have special celebrity flags, like a burgee, on the front?

They try to be incognito out there as well, that’s their family time as well.

That’s a great opportunity for them to get away from the hustle and bustle.

I’d like to ask,  Do you have a signature dance move?

I know your kids will be able to tell all, but they’re not here today.

yeah, they would kill me.

We’ll do it together

Well I think I would just have to go with raise the roof

Alright! Raise the roof!

Boston Yacht Sales!

That is what we are hoping to do here this week

Oh I love that! That’s great!

How can people reach you?

The best place to start is our website www.bostonyacht.com

We’ve got physical offices in Marblehead, in North Weymouth, as well Falmouth.

You can find all the information for all of our brokers and all the boats we represent on the website.

All right, What’s your favorite boat show of all time?

It’s got to be the Newport International Boat Show, right?

This is it! Look at the weather, the people can’t beat it!

Thank you so much!

That was great talking to you, getting to know you, getting to know your business and

We look forward to seeing you on

Newport Living and Lifestyles