The 49th Newport International Boat Show has expanded location! Find out where to go, where to park and what to do with show director Nancy Piffard.

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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles I’m Christon and we are here for the

second year in a row with Nancy Piffard from the Newport International Boat Show. Welcome

I know, it is our second year working together, thank you.

Give us the overview of the Boat Show and if there’s anything special and new this year.

Let’s see it’s our 49th year, so that’s pretty special, since next year is our 50th and

we are chock-full of new boats, power and sail, and you know

everything from cruisers to inflatable dinghies so we have everything you can

imagine, on the site, we open on September 12 and run through the 15th and come on down.

How many people usually attend the show?

I’s about 40,000 people that come in over the four days and that includes, you know, the exhibitors

who are coming from 20 countries are represented, and they bring all their

staff too, so when you add it all up it’s easily over 40,000.

That’s great, now that could be a problem for parking, but you guys have that all taken care of.

I mean it’s a great economic boost to the city of Newport and the State during that time.

We have a parking program at Easton’s Beach which is only

a mile and a half away and with your parking space which is from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

you have free shuttle service right to the show site and back so that

really works well for people. To Park is $25 a day.

How much are tickets? so when they get there do they need of pre-purchase can they purchase onsight?

You can either you can do either pre purchasing is a convenience and there is

a bit of a little discount if you order in advance or you can just come right to

the gates, there’s a seven gates, 4 places selling tickets and they’re $22

day of, and they are $17 if you order in advance.

That’s great for whole families to come and spend the whole day, the whole weekend.

Yes and children under 12 are free any day of the show.

What kind of venues to do you have for the children to eat?

We have Wally’s hot dogs this year,

That’ll be great for kids and we have Pranzi’s Catering, we have

Flat Waves with tacos, so there’s a lot on sight. Not to mention we are

right in the heart of downtown and there’s restaurants on our site.

What are some of the show highlights this year?

I think we’re gonna be, hopefully doing a Facebook Live every morning, and

just kind of saying what’s going to be happening at the show that day

but if you can give us any secret behind the scenes tips.

Every day we have seminars that,

with a show wrist band they’re free, and we have Pam Wall who’s joining us from Florida.

She’s a world-renowned lifestyle cruising lifestyle expert and

she will be having seminars at the Seaman’s Church Library on everything

from cool products no one knows about to hurricane preparation import.

Her registrations are unbelievable right now so she’s very…

she has a following actually , she is great.

We have the “At The Helm – Confident Captain’s” at the helm

program and

I might sign up that! We just got a new Hinckley Picnic boat so

Perfect! so you could learn how to dock. There’s everything from

docking skills or learning how to sail or learning how to power boat and you can

register right at the show or in advance online and you’ll go out with a

experienced captain right out into the harbor.

It’s not just boats, I mean you can go and look for boats, all kinds of boats, but you can also go shopping.

Absolutely! I mean it’s a lifestyle and so you know you have

foul weather gear, you have nautical jewelry, you have fabric cushions for

your boat, if you already have one.

Anything nautical ! Anything boat related.

And all the toys that go with it!

Paddle boards and kayaks

Or if you need a new engine.

Or if you need a new engine, exactly!

There’s lots of those.

If you want to know about some of the specials that are happening at the show,

and any raffles that some of the booths are offering,

you can download the Buki app.


You guys have partnered with


That’s really fabulous.

It is and we’re really happy to have Buki on board and you can

you can prepare and plan for your visit to the show.

So you can know exactly where you want to go ahead of time, so that’s really great.

There’s wonderful sponsors

We will be doing samplings and we even have

an airplane that’s landing in the harbor.


pretty sure…

oh maybe we could work something out where I land with the airplane….

Thank you so much for the overview of the show. It’s going to be very exciting.

Thank you

There will be lots of people here and we look forward to seeing you on

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