Sandi Warner of Warner Realty Group & newly formed team Harbor to Hill Real Estate Team

I have known Sandi for a while, so it was enlightening to sit and get to know Sandi Warner, the Realtor, a little bit better. I think the thing that I like most,
besides her being a big supporter of me and my ideas, is her candid yet friendly tone. I am very impressed with anyone who opens a Real Estate agency in Newport and finds themself successful and growing. It is a tough market and Sandi developed a niche. While the Warner Realty Group may focus on investment property, property management and landlord centric rentals, their website is pulling in buyers looking for waterfront properties in more exclusive areas. And now The Warner Realty Group located in Newport is blossoming into Rhode Island with her newly formed team Harbor to Hill Real Estate Team. I have found that clients and Warner Realty Agents are appreciating Sandi’s law degree, welcome her work ethic and fond of her good nature. and work ethic.   #NLandL #WarnerRealtyGroup #SandiWarner #HarbortoHill #lovewhereyoulive #newportrightnow #newport #newportri #rhodeisland #love #mynewportlife #sailing #ocean #summer #sunset #newengland #theoceanstate #wedding #cityofnpt #narragansettbay #beach #travel #newportrhodeisland #newportbeach #ri #coastalnewengland #realestate #discovernewport #multifamily #CurbAppeal #JustListed Location #DreamHome #MillionDollarListing #OldHouseCharm #Investment #Realestate #Realty #Realtor #Realestateagent #Homeforsale #Newhome #Househunting #Broker
Hi Christon, Hi Sandi. Thanks for coming to see us today. Absolutely, look forward to our chat.
Welcome to Warner Realty Group’s new office at 358 Broadway.
I’m excited to show it to you. why don’t you come and have a seat.
Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles. I’m Christon and I’m here with Sandi Warner of the Warner Realty Group.
Hi Christon, how are you?
Great, Thanks so much for having me.
Thanks for coming and doing this for us today.
It’s a beautiful office and you have done such a great job
renovating it, very warm and cozy and lots of greenery.
Which we love.
Tell us a little bit about how you got started and your background.
Absolutely, I’ve been in real estate since 2014 went independent in 2016, I guess.
We bought this building last year. We have the whole first floor.
We love it.
It’s on the corner of Broadway and Summer. We get to decorate and show off for everyone that’s going by.
We try to have you know beautiful plants
outside and a nice warm space inside. Glad you like it and glad you got to see it.
You weren’t always in real estate.
No, so my background is like everyone.
I just sort of hopped around on jobs and prior to working in real estate, I worked
for a company called I like to tell people that because
I learned so much about marketing and how they built their company. They were a
brand-new startup at that time. I think I was the 5th person hired in the United States.
O wow!
I got to see how a young company can really
develop and what sort of culture I wanted to have for my company and how we
wanted people to feel when they came to work every day.
What got you interested in real Estate?
I always wanted to do real estate. My whole life, I wanted to do real estate!
Did you just want to see the homes?
Absolutely, I wanted to see the homes. I thought that would be super fun to go into everybody’s houses
and of course they tell you when you’re learning real estate that it’s not just about going in people’s houses.
It’s about marketing yourself and marketing everybody else’s properties.
It’s about helping clients market their homes and telling them the
things they need to do to make their home as visible as possible.
Sometimes that’s news they want and sometimes that’s news they don’t want.
It’s learning how to be professional and sharing the information they have to have in the best way possible.
There’s a lot of real estate companies in town and what sets you guys apart from them?
We have our niche,
if there is one, we really focus on the investment property side of things.
We work with a lot of buyers who are looking. Right now, in this time the market,
it’s mostly buyers looking for something they can use part-time, they rent for the rest of the time.
Whether they’re looking at short-term rentals or multi-unit families.
We help them source the property. We help them
identify whether the property actually is a good investment. We show them how to
do the analysis. How to do the mathematical analysis
based on how they want to use the house. We then have an extremely strong rental division as well.
We have our own bespoke lease that we work on, because I’m a practicing attorney
I use it, every time I go to court, if I learn something new, our lease then reflects that
to protect our landlords.
We are very landlord centric. Which I think is different than most agencies in town.
Then we help them sell the property when they’re ready to move on
to something else using the knowledge that we have about 1031 exchanges and
other options for deferring some of the tax burdens that can come with that.
That’s that’s a lot, I think that certainly you having a law degree
and using that in your everyday practice is really good and you do a lot of commercial as well?
We do, but we really don’t, we’re not in the commercial realm,
our wheelhouse is two to four family. We do have
access to commercial properties but I think that’s a specialty. Our’s really is
the two and three families that are so common in Newport and in determining
what’s a good one and what isn’t and having a pretty good working knowledge of the
various quality of structures in Newport and being able to eyeball that pretty
quickly and know how it is built and where are the utilities
at and what’s going to need to be done also having a very strong knowledge of
what the fire code differences are from the size of the houses that you have
which is a big big issue and where the utilities are and what needs to be done
to make those as functional as possible.
It’s not just you, you have developed a team.
We have a team, we do. I’d love for you to meet the team while you’re here today.
When we first started everyone was independent agents and as
anyone who’s watching who’s in real estate knows, they tell you to really
develop a team. We were starting to get such a strong influx of leads that I
asked some really great agents who were here in the office if they want to form
a team with me. We have recently done that. We have formed the Harbor to Hill Real Estate Team
with a focus on the corridor between Newport and up to Providence. We have a pretty good
Providence connection so we’re focused on both. Again that’s the multi families
and some of the antique homes in that area.
Why don’t you come in and see them!
let’s go guys
I have to stop here real quick and just show this off to you.
This is on our brag board. This is just the rentals, this year to date (July 1)
You can see we’re pretty busy.
There are a lot of names up here. Who are some of these folks.
We’ve got Christine MacDonald, Karen Santos Dill who’s been an agent in
Newport for a long time. Newer agent, guy named Ben McAndrew who is in the office.
He’s not here today. Alicia Juzapavicus. You can see Alicia is just a power house.
Then Paige Kane, Paige just joined us so she’s not on the board yet, but she’s gonna be this week.
I’m sure she’s doing lots of other things. Let’s go see what they are doing.
Let’s go check it out.
Hi guys, do you mind if we bother you for just a second? Surprise!
I wanted you guys to meet Christon Gibson, Christon has a great video blog Newport Living and Lifestyles
and she’s come in to see us today.
This is Alicia Juzapavicus and Paige Kane and we are the newly formed, within our company,
we just got together as a team.
We are the Harbor to Hill Real Estate Team.
Congratulations Everybody!
Thank you!
What are you guys working on right ?
Sandi and I have a client coming into town this week who’s interested in some high-end condos out at the old Carnegie Abbey.
So I am setting up showings for that. We also have one on Ledge Road that we will be showing this Saturday.
What is the new name for Carnegie Abbey again?
Aquidneck Club. Perfect. Paige, what are you up to these days?
I have a new client
and they’re interested in coming into town this weekend so trying to schedule
them for tours for multi families.
They found us through our website
that streams live through MLS or with MLS.
It is really easy to use. Obviously, people are utilizing it.
They are. We find a lot a lot of clients find us through that.
It’s really very visible.
Christine McDonald actually brought that to our company, we are really excited about that.
It works great! We have found a lot of clients on it.
Christine’s really active with it.
This is our team!
Wow so great to meet you guys!
Let’s do a champagne toast to your newly formed team!
Sounds great to me!
We’re so glad that you got to stop by and see us today Christon.
We are really excited to celebrate the formation of the new team with
Newport Living and Lifestyles!
Cheers everybody and Cheers to you!
We look forward to seeing you on Newport Living and Lifestyles!

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