One of the top 5 boat shows in the U.S. is the 48th Annual Newport International Boat Show! We chat with show director Nancy Piffard and Rosie #BerneseBoatShowMascot about what to expect for serious boat buyers and fun for families! There are seminars and raffles every day, so come and win! Parking is $20 at Easton’s Beach with a shuttle to the show.

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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles! I’m Christon and

I’m here with Nancy Piffard,

show director of the Newport International Boat Show.

Hi Christon,

thanks for having us.

So this is a really big deal in Newport.

It is! Tell us all about it!

It takes over 13 acres of Newport’s

waterfront , runs from September 13th through

the 16th and we have over 40,000 people

visiting and 600 exhibitors.

So the town is full and hotels and restaurants

and everyone so it’s a great boost to Newport County.


What is the price to get in.

Is it good for families?

Is it more of a business transaction?

Thursday is preview day.

And that just means a higher priced ticket

so that there’s more time to spend with the dealers

and manufacturers.

If you’re a serious boat buyer and they prefer that.

to have less people on the docks.

Children under 12 are free everyday and the other days

prices are $22 dollars for adults

in advance they’re discounted so it’s good to order online.

It’s very affordable.

So the families can go do some shopping.

Oh yeah,

everything has a nautical theme as it should.

It is a boat show.

But there is great clothing if you need to upgrade your

weather gear or there’s nautical jewelry

there’s a lot in those tents in addition

to all of those.

If you want to upgrade your boat and classes!

Yes! We have boating and safety classes from US

power boating, America’s boating club and we have

competent captains at the helm training where

you can get right on the water with the captain to learn

the skills or refresher courses.


And if you buy a ticket for that you get into the boat

show for free.



Is there anything unique or new to the boat this year?

Every year we have, well actually our

13th year , we have a Newport for new products

program and many of the boats in that program and products

are making there US debut or their world debut.

So they’ve never been seen before,

except at the show.

So that can be really exciting to see what people

were kind of launching and what’s new and innovative.

And this is one of the top five shows in the U.S. !

That’s a big deal.

It is!

And we’re really proud to be that.

It’s power and sail together which is unique for instance

like Annapolis has a sailboat show separate power boat show.

We are power and sail together.

So whatever you enjoy doing, we have it.

Are there any gifts or prizes

that people can win?

There are! Every day

giveaways mentioned on social media, for instance

a Helly Hanson vest or Sea Bags.

There’s also Raffles from various exhibitors.

I Think the British Virgin Islands and The Bitter

End Yacht Club has a raffle.

So there’s lots an opportunities and lots of sampling

and it’s a lot of fun.

Show up and WIN!

so where will people be parking?

Parking is available at Easton’s beach and each

parking space is $20 dollars.

You have a free shuttle service to and from the show

that runs all day continuously from 8:00 a.m.

to 8:00 p.m.

So their cars will have a water front view!

They will! All of them will!

How do you like running this show?

I love this!

I love my job and I love what I do.

It is crunch time.

It is crazy but it’s so much fun to see

the whole puzzle come together and for the show to open it’s gates

on Thursday, it’s really exciting.

And the dates this year are September 13 through 16.


10 a.m.

to 6 p.m.

And if people want to learn more

where is the website that they can go to?

Web site has all

the highlights, all the courses and what’s

taking place each day.


There are some behind the scenes parties that are not

open to the public.


We do have some great parties and also private parties taking

place during that entire time but we have our Centreville

bank sponsored party on Thursday evening

and then the exhibit at the annual exhibitor party

is Friday evening and a lot of fun.

I might just go!

You’re invited!

Would you like us to introduce

your boat show mascot?

She’s taking a little nap right now.

Rosie, do you want to say hello?

Yes this is our show mascot.

This is Rosie.

Hi Rosie.

She’s in the office with us all the time and makes

everybody very calm.

She’s a beautiful dog.

Well we look forward to seeing you on Newport

Living& Lifestyles.

Thank you.