WINNER OF THE OCTOBER PHOTO CONTEST GIFT GIVEAWAY IS ANNOUNCED! Owner Rich Willis offers a $100 GIFT Certificate to Caleb and Broad and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot from Point Wine and Spirits and guest judge and photographer Adam Himber Photography picks WINNER!

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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles. I’m Christon and this month is the photo contest for October and

Last month was really exciting Tim Newport RI

Won the photo contest and won four tickets to the Audrain

Concours and Motor Week. He very much enjoyed himself. And all you have to do to enter to win is

Hashtag #NLandL which stands for Newport living and lifestyles and/or tag

@NewportLivingAndLifestyles in your photos and

In order to win the gift giveaway of the month

Which this month joining us is Rich Willis from Caleb and Broad. How’s it going? Great!

What are you offering the photo contest winner? This week or this month

It’s gonna be a $100 gift certificate to Caleb and Broad here down on Broadway in Newport

Rhode Island also from Point Wine and Spirits my other business, We have a bottle of Veuve Cliquot

Who doesn’t love Veuve?

Always a winner in my book. Tell us a little bit about Caleb and Broad

Caleb and Broad

I opened it a

Little over five years ago now, so I grew up in the area, kind of had a dream to always own my own restaurant. Ran

Businesses, I ran restaurants around here for a long time and then just really decided to go for it.

So I opened Caleb and Broad, May 20th, 2014 and just kind of hit the ground running from there.

There you’ve done a lot to the place. I always try and update everything, change everything,

We got some big things coming in this next winter

I plan on

revamping the whole restaurant a little bit. Kind of bringing a different style again and just kind of freshen things up around here.

You heard it first here. Exactly… actually, very true

Well, you know I’m new to the area so I just moved up here myself from New York

So maybe you can tell me a little bit about what kind of food you guys have.

So I like to describe it as funky and fun. A step up from bar food and a step down from fine dining.

I hover around $20 or less for every entree. Actually, you can come in on a Monday night, which is our big deal

We win it every year. It’s our best dining deals in Newport. It’s every entrees $10

It’s the same portion that you get every other night. It gives you kind of a low cost,

low risk reward to come in try us our and check out other things on the menu, that you might not have

tried because you are a little scared. so what’s the beer situation like? The beer situation,

It’s we got a lot of locals on draft. We actually just did a did a deal with Foolproof

They make our own beer right now. It’s Caleb’s brew. So it’s an amber ale with a little saffron zest in blood orange twist to it as well.

Well you are packed and you said on Tuesday night you have a… yeah, we do a deal on Tuesdays

All the wines half price as long as you order an entree. So a bottle of Veuve right now would cost you

$45 which you can’t even get that in a liquor store for, so, you know

dinner entree and a nice bottle of wine, you can save some money

Come try it out. I was here on Monday. It was fabulous is packed. So get here early

Definitely on Monday’s unless you do have some patience

We do fill up around 6 o’clock, and we keep rolling right until 10 o’clock when the kitchen closes.

It was delicious, by the way. Thank you

awesome! so Adam!

Our guest photographer Adam Himber.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you chose the top five or six photos

well, I came up here from New York three months ago, was a photographer and ran a photo studio down there and

Came up to Newport a couple times for vacation and just loved it so much. I couldn’t leave so I stayed.

Well, I don’t blame, that’s what happened to me too. The thing that’s great about

Newport, you know, your blog is a perfect testament to that too – is that the lifestyle,

environment, the culture, the art scene, the food scene,

Just the way everything looks you could be in a vineyard one minute you on the beach another minute later

It’s just for a photographer. It’s great. Yeah hiking, camping, fishing, bird sanctuary fishing, boating the whole thing,

It’s just a lot of culture, a lot of different experiences in one small place, which is amazing. There’s nothing like it.

What were you doing in New York?

I ran a big photo studio in New York. We had tons of clients a lot of cars. We did a lot of car photography.

We did everything from dog food to cosmetics.

We even had Victoria Secrets as one of our clients, so that was a lot of fun.

Hook a woman up!

That is a wide range

Yeah it really was,

But you know in the photography business you take them as they come

How can they find you?

You can find me anywhere at or @AdamHimberPhoto

I’m all over social media so you can check out my work there. Yeah

Lifestyle. Newport Living and Lifestyles. There you go. marriage…


Do you want to go over the top photos that you picked?

Yeah, it was really, I gotta tell you it was really hard to pick

I agree, that’s why bring him in!

The photos are amazing. There’s some tremendous work out there and a bunch of a bunch of pieces that I like

So we’ll take a look at the first one

This is some this is a great piece and this is by I_double

L_double That is Lee Abney, Oh, okay

He is one of my favorite photographers, Sure

beautiful work

this piece really caught me four color and composition and

the main thing that I look at when I look at a photograph is what kind of story is it telling

if you’re a lifestyle photographer or any kind of a photographer you want to tell a picture take a picture that’s gonna

Keep telling the story over a period of time not just something you want to look at and turn the page

This photo tells a wonderful story

Obviously, it’s the photographer’s hand is reaching out down along

Towards the Sun rising in the distance or possibly setting so there’s a little bit of a question there

and it’s it’s very

Moody it’s moody. It’s mystical. It’s it creates a lot of different thoughts in your mind

So it’s engaging and it makes you think so. That’s one of the reasons why I love that

How many likes did he have on that? That is an exceptional amount of likes.

Let’s see 238 238 likes that’s pretty good. Yeah, great job Lee. Here’s another one

This one’s from Kara_Ann322, Kara_Ann322

This is a really cool shot. She’s got a hundred and thirteen likes this is a weather shot

And you can sort of see this little path going off into the distance with you know

Really ominous looking clouds a little bit of bright sky there on the horizon and it’s rain in the distance. This is also exceptional

composition too- she’s really balanced the frame really

well, you’ve got you know sort of light in the lower left corner dark in the upper right hand corner

then sort of the opposite thing going on with

light in the upper left hand corner and dark in the lower right hand corner and then this path

Kind of bisecting the frame going out to the horizon. It’s it’s beautiful photograph beautiful color


I love her term here, September stormin its way in.

Yeah, it looks like the day is about to be ruined, real quick

Get off the beach! Its a great photo, now I’m a boater and a sailor

So this one really resonated with me in particular. This is a great shot by

SailonHopeSan and yes, Patrick and Monika they charter they’re sail boat out.

Yeah, this is a beautiful shot, beautiful color,

And again, very very strong in composition and also tells a really really wonderful story, what you see here is you know

Nice use of her horizon line. You don’t want to cut the photo off right smack in the middle

So they kept the horizon a little low

Beautiful angles here too, which is great

You’ve got the boom of the sailboat coming down forming a really nice triangle with the hull of the sailboat

And then you’ve got this open triangle of water here accented by another sailboat

That’s just catching the sunlight as its reflecting off the water. It’s really really amazing composition lots of triangles in this piece

I’m a big triangle fan

So I really like this.

Good to know, good to know your a triangle guy. I am

That’s also a key to taking good photos too

If you can put triangles in your pictures, they’re gonna look a lot stronger and a lot more stable

I didn’t know that. Yeah

Do you sail?

I do when I can, I used to race on a boat called White Rhino. It was a lot of fun. They used to take me down around to the Carribean

and sail around here.

In my off time, before, Pre-business

Yeah, now you have two businesses.

I don’t have much time now

So now let’s jump over to the next photograph. This one is I really really like a lot. This is ElyseMariePhotographyRI

she has a few likes on this picture, but I think it deserves a little bit more attention than

than it got, its it’s a beautiful image. It’s black and white again. It tells an amazing story

There’s a little bit of a triangle here with the girl with her arms out and her dress

And again you sort of have that

You know nice strong triangle shape going on with the top of her head in the corners of the frame

Again makes a very very stable picture. What’s also fun about it too is that there’s a tilted angle

So the tilted angle makes it fun and makes it a little bit more

a little bit more naturalistic

Do you need to get that?

Naw, its okay

All right. Do you want to want to start again with this one? No no. So this is Dancing into the Weekend.

She is really fun, I love it.

Its just so full of life. It’s beautiful shot at the Norman bird sanctuary too, which is a beautiful place. I’d love to go there

Now this this one is also great too. I mean, there’s so many nice pictures

It’s really hard to come up with the winner. This one is is really really great. This is by


Also has a few likes, but I think it deserves more

Generally speaking. I am not a big fan of… (answering machine kicking in)

Hold on, I just want to hear who’s leaving a message. Will we be able to hear it?

Apparently, it wasn’t that important.

Oh they hung up! I thought that would be super hilarious

Its probably a robo call asking for me to take a $150,000 loan

or they have $150 million waiting for you

Okay, sorry, go ahead. no worries. We’ll jump back to Kay.Spies photo here at First Beach

First Beach great place to take pictures the Sun is awesome there first thing in the morning

The Sun is also awesome there at the end of the day

You also have this long beautiful shallow beach with very little wave action. So you get beautiful reflections of the sky and the Sun

This is a great shot. I don’t own a dog, but I consider myself kind of a dog person. I love dogs

This is a great shot because you can see the leash

That the owner is holding

And the dogs are out there sniffing around again. It tells an amazing story because

You you can look at this

Picture and kind of lose yourself in the mood and feel exactly what it was like to be there at the time

That’s key to a good photograph

Does the photo put the viewer in the place of where the photographer took the picture? And in this case it absolutely does

and she it her Fur-child

I just love that.

And while I’m on the subject – I’m gonna hit you guys up with triangles again, also there’s another triangle there

You can see it nice strong triangle, that way another triangle going the other way,

So the dog is not smack in the middle of the photo

Also super key you do not want to put your subject in the dead center of a photo, always a little bit off a little to the right,

to the left, a little above, a little below

There we go, We are perfect now, a triangle

There we go, so anyway, so yeah, so there it is and I mean it was really really tough to pick a winner

But when it comes right down to it

I am definitely going with ElyseMariePhotographyRI and this this beautiful picture dancing into the weekend

I mean it’s it’s you could blow this thing up to six feet by four feet and hang it on the wall

and look at it all day, it’s an amazing photograph

There is not much room here, but maybe we can make some room


Well done!

Come to Caleb and Broad and hopefully we can grab a photo with all of us here again together

And your gift certificate and your champagne

That would be so fun!

Fantastic yeah, come on down. Yes. So congratulations to the winner this month and every month and thank you guys so much

Thank you for participation


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