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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles

I’m Christon and I’m here with my good friend Maura Lindsey of Tresor Estate

Sales and she’s going to join Tori McNally and I on a haunted ghost tour of


Welcome everybody and happy Halloween!

Thank you!

We’re gonna start right here with Washington Square.

Newport was really the hub of colonial commerce but it’s also

very much a paranormal hub as well.

This is the spot where 26 pirates were hanged

in July of 1726 . Right where we’re standing.

People definitely get the feeling of overwhelming doom, strong sadness,

people will also sometimes get the smell of tobacco

completely out of the blue

with no one around them or perfume.

So it is definitely is a very active square.

Like I said, this is really the hub of commerce and everything kind of ripples

out from here, I tend to feel.

All right, well let’s go take a look at some of the other places on your agenda today.

Absolutely! Absolutely! Why don’t we do maybe Brick Alley or as we

or as we call it, Blood Alley!

This is the K2 meter. It measures electromagnetic frequencies and it

allows us to kind of sense what energy is around us. So here in Blood Alley

we definitely get a lot of interesting readings. As a matter of fact,

it was just going off, (Yes it was) like crazy !

The whole reason why this whole area is called Blood Alley

is because sailors were coming in to town with pockets full of gold,

from being out at sea. The whole area was pretty much covered with tattoo parlors,

brothels and bars. ( Oh! ) It was said that there was a lot of

fighting from the soldiers and the sailors. That’s why it’s called Blood Alley!

So let’s check that off our box! Oh! So nothing to do with deaths and spirits.

We were wondering why it was called Blood Alley!


Welcome to The Artillery Company here on Clarke Street in Newport. It’s the oldest

continuous working artillery company in the country. Started off with a charter

by King George II in 1741. During the day it is a Museum of all war

artifacts. Things that soldiers and sailors would carry with them in the

battle or at sea. So we’ve heard everything from whistling,

to boot steps, the members of the Artillery Company

have heard revelry coming from the second floor.

Really! So these are harmless spirits I would gather?

I would gather, otherwise we would hear stories.

So they are harmlessness in the sense that they do not do damage?

Anytime that you have energy that’s connected with war it is very dark.

Welcome to the White Horse Tavern. It is actually the oldest continuous

working tavern in the country. It was built in 1673

by a gentleman by the name of Willie Mays, not the baseball player.

Good Clarification!

It’s been everything from a tavern, to a cabinetmaker shop,

to a boardinghouse and is now a fine-dining restaurant.

And shall I say, it definitely has a lot of activity.

People go in there for the spirits and they get a little bit more than they bargained for!

This has been great! So Fascinating! Thank you so much Tori!

You are most welcome! I’m happy to do it!

If you guys would like a Haunted Newport Tour ( Yep ! ) You can call Tori !

Contact Newport Ghost tours !

We are still doing tours every night up through Halloween.

Then starting November we tour on Saturday

and then we take a hiatus until April.

I’m also available for Tarot parties, as well as table tipping parties.

Well this has been such a treat!

Yes! Thanks so much guys for joining me today!

We look forward to seeing you on Newport Living and Lifestyles!

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!