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 I’m Christon Gibson and we are live via Facebook and Instagram today to talk about Horoscope of the Month for Scorpios.

We are here with astrologer Karyn Chabot and a special guest. Karen’s gonna tell us a little bit about what she does and then we’ll hear from Anastasia Arnold the birthday girl !

Thank you! I am Vedic Astrologer & Sidereal Astrologer , which is different from the Tropical Astrology. A lot of people here in America use Western Tropical Astrology which is great, I love it, and there’s a lot of credibility. You can gain a lot of insight through that type of astrology, but mine is Eastern and it’s Vedic Sidereal Astrology, which is 23 degrees off. So when I tell you things about when a planet is going through a certain sign, if you’re a Western astrologer, you might wonder, oh my goodness, she must be off. I’m not off, I’m just using a different type of astrology. I just wanted everyone to understand that first.


Now do you want to introduce yourself?

Yes I’m Anastasia Arnold I’m a fitness coach here on Aquidneck Island and I work with women that want to get in shape I work with junior athletes and we lift eights together and get in shape and get our health back on track!


Well it’s Anastacia’s birthday today, so we wanted to have somebody live with us today that actually had a birthday in this month and it’s a Scorpio.

That experiences all the craziness that we will go through this month.

Exactly, so we’ll be asking a lot of questions today and if we don’t understand something I’m just gonna jump up and say I don’t know what that word means.

So what’s going on in the month of November?

Happy Birthday to all you Scorpios and this is a really exciting time we have the end of the Venus retrograde happening right now. We have one more week of Venus retrograde. What does that mean? It just means the planet went backwards and it can bring back past lovers and I already reviewed this in the last clip but we have one more week of past lovers, past girlfriends, past things that may have happened around money and romance. and not just money and romance, but that is sort of front and center for one more week.

SO JUST SAY NO, correct?

Oh yes! Just say no! You may want to have lunch or dinner and do a reconciliation and find a closure with a past girlfriend, a platonic girlfriend, or a lover. This isn’t the time to to start something new. Maybe that closure might heal your heart and there could be some forgiveness but then move on.

Okay! So, today we’re going to be talking about finance, romance and self-care. I just wanted to kind of give a brief synopsis of what we’ll be covering today.

Yes, so what’s going on? We have Mercury going retrograde as well on the 16th of November when Venus goes direct. When Mercury goes into the sign of Scorpio it can bring up all kinds of communications that can be passionate, hidden secrets, mystical, magical, things deep conversation. You want to make sure that you don’t tend toward arguing. Keep your cool, take a swim, go for a nice walk by the ocean, and keep your calm. Go ahead and engage in passionate conversation, maybe a debate that’s stimulating. Just make sure that it doesn’t go down a different road, because that can happen during this retrograde. Mercury governs cars, and communications, and technology, so it’s not a good time to buy a car. It’s not a good time to rely on your computer, because sometimes technology goes wonky during this time. Then it affects everyone a little differently.

Work. Work. Work. Work.

Does any of this resonate with you as a Scorpio?

A lot of it resonates with me as a Scorpio. Yes, especially all the Venus things that we talked about as well, with taking care of yourself, and taking care of money, and the love life and the Mercury is coming up in Scorpio.

Mercury is coming up in retrograde and it’s in Scorpio now. And Jupiter is in Scorpio now. Jupiter is the money planet. We love Jupiter !

Okay, Jupiter we like!

Jupiter will also cause you to have not only expansion in your bank account that it could have expansion in your adipose tissue, which is…

Fat tissue!

OH! Well we wouldn’t know what that is!

It also depends on the condition of your chart and that planet. There’s so much to it, and what degree it’s at, and blah blah blah… but overall as an overall general , we can say Jupiter and Mercury are in Mars, Mars is a sign of Scorpio, right now which can bring adipose tissue front and center. So either you’ll lose weight or you’re gain weight. Most likely you’re gonna gain weight, because we’re coming up to holiday season.

So do some Squats! “Adipose Season!” Adipose Season, That’s a good one!

It’s there for one year until November 24th. Bank issues will come up, whether they’re good or bad. That will depend on your chart. Money will be front and center right now, children, travel. Jupiter governs higher learning too. It’s a good time to maybe take a course, or a workshop, or read a really interesting book about maybe ancient mystical secrets, or yoga, or you know the ancient knowledge, because Jupiter represents higher knowledge. and actually means “guru” when you are defining it in the Sanskrit language.

That is interesting. Do you have any Scorpios squat advice? Adipose advice?

Wear black and squat deep. Hope for not expanding as much in front and out to the side this holiday season.

I would just recommend more exercise in general. Up the ante on your spices. Drink some ginger tea …Ginger tea and licorice, really good quality organic licorice and ginger tea, ( you don’t have to mix them you can take them separately ) they do something called scraping fat tissue, as well as cholesterol.

Well I just had a whole bag of licorice yesterday, so this is really good for me!

“Adipose Scrape”

That has the sugar! No, no, no! You want like the real hardcore like gingerroot, put it in some water, boil it up, make a tea.

so I better wear black this holiday…

Make it magical.

Yeah, so you want more exercise, more ginger tea, more licorice. (Okay) and you can put some more black pepper on things spice things up a little for digestive fire. But not too much! Because we have Mercury sitting in Mars’s side. I mean, things can get a little spicy, emotionally. We want you to check the body, so you don’t gain the weight, but we don’t want to over check and overdo and cause emotions to get inflated and too fiery. We want to keep that balance. That’s why I recommend for exercise, this time around, swimming. Swimming is cooling. The water is soothing, and calming, and then you can spice up your pasta and put some cayenne pepper and hot sauces. Spice it up!

 Swimming works every muscle in the body..

Swimming works top to bottom.

So we got the spice in food and the cooling effect of the water. which Scorpio is a water sign. Don’t overdo the swimming too because sometimes swimming in the wrong conditions can actually be one of the exercises that makes you gain weight, because of the water element, you can actually get more swollen. but with this unique paradox of Mars, because Mars is very feisty, this is a good time to… you’ll just trust yourself to know, okay today I’m feeling a little feisty, everything’s upsetting me today, I think I’m gonna go for a swim and then come home and balance it off with something spicy.

Yes, well Anastasia makes personalized plans.

So this is a good month to add spices and my clients nutrition.

It is yeah

What can we teach non Scorpios, and our friends that are watching that do have Scorpio’s in their lives, about how to better communicate with them, how to get

their message across with a Scorpio Sun or Moon person.

YES please, I have a lot of Scorpio’s in my life!

That is a really good question.

How to talk to the November people.

When Sun is in Scorpio in someone’s chart, the Sun is really the seat of the soul. Their true nature can be secretive. Not in a bad way. There are a secrets that are sacred and should be kept sacred and quiet. There are people who like mystery, they like to be kind of in the darker corners and observe as a witness before they decide to step out into the limelight . When you meet a Scorpio you might want to be very careful how you approach them. Introduce yourself, earn their trust and don’t just jump right into something deep. because they may not want to share and they might all of a sudden shut down.You have to, not to be manipulative, but to honor their nature of just disclosure come slowly for them and once you earn their trust they are so much fun and they’re one of those friends that you can just knock on their door and go right at it and talk to them about deep. You know nothing surface and boring. They are fun, deep, and meaningful conversational people and I have probably 70% of my girlfriends are Scorpios. I love them.

Oh wow, so would you say that in general maybe Scorpios are more extroverts or introverts or does that even apply?

Not really, you can’t generalize to that degree. I would like to be able to. I was married to a Scorpio and he just wanted to go out all the time and whenever he went out he was passing his business cards and he was vote for me and very extroverted, he was a Scorpio, but his deepest inner self was, don’t ask me that, I will disclose that when I’m ready.

oh wow

Yes, yes! Not in a way that was standoffish it was just he had boundaries.

Right, there are some private questions and private comments that we like to keep to ourselves until the time is right or the person is right.


I feel like it takes a little bit of time for them to open up and like you said you might start off with a introverted quieter person that eventually opens up to his friends and that’s why the best friends always feel they’re the center of the group and who you have the most meaningful conversations with. I agree yeah.

They’re not shallow types of people, they either say nothing at all and maybe they’ll entertain a shallow conversation for a little while to see if you’re someone trustworthy and then, if you are, in their perspective, they will talk to you about meaningful things that are transformational. Scorpio is a sign of transformation. You can’t transform if you’re just floating at the surface,so they’re willing to go into the deep dark corners, and dig things out, and shine the light on them, and help you resolve, and understand things, so that’s why I like these Scorpio friends of mine, because they’re interesting to talk to, and there’s never just like blah blah blah, surface chatter. Right? Yeah. yeah, and I like deep meaningful things to talk about, so that’s just my nature.

Yeah, so what are the main ways to describe a Scorpio, we got deep so far, what are the main characteristics or words we use for a Scorpion? Well we got that, we got deep and passionate, intense.

They are passionate people and they happen to be what’s the word for it? Queen and King’s of the root chakra. I have no idea what that just meant. The root chakra is very meaningful to Scorpios. A lot of the center is focused on the seven chakras. They are in charge, sort of, over the root chakra which is all around.

If you can imagine a root of something. It’s underneath so it’s under the soil, and it’s often hidden, and it also is safety, comfort, protection, and and money. You’re feeling safe if you have money so these people… you can’t just generalize that, you know, I can’t just give you a whole personality of a Scorpio, because we have to look at their moon, we have to look at other placements but in general somebody with a Scorpio Sun is going to be someone of depth. and I can’t… I’m just…

the words aren’t coming, but I really like them. I know when I meet one.

 We are coming closer to an end and I wanted to know if you guys had any more quick questions and answers that you guys would like to ask or make points of.

Looking to see if I have anything else here.

You brought up the moon, and the moon is also in Scorpio tonight.

Yes, that’s a really good one I want to talk about. Since we have a Scorpio moon currently in the sky right now, and it is affecting everybody, even if you’re not a Scorpio. So what that does is it brings up hidden secrets, and it can, or you can actually, actually have a secret that isn’t disclosed and so it’s all about secrets. In this particular Scorpio is in a dark moon, so the moon was new last night. When the moon is new, there’s not a lot of light, so things don’t get lit up or illuminated which makes it even more secretive, right ? yes which is fine because there’s a time. A season and a reason for everything. That was a time for, a more, private things to be front and center, secret things and a cult, mystery, passion. yeah so it’s never a dull moment in the life of a Scorpio.

No it is not.

Well I have something for our Scorpio birthday today. A little happy birthday ! Thanks for coming on the show today. Thank you Karen for going over Scorpios with us. We’ve covered finance, romance and self-care. Next month the Sagittarius starts November 23rd, I think I believe , so we are going to do a pre-recording because I will be out of town and Karen will be out of town so we’re going to pre-record next month Sagittarius horoscope and to be released November 23rd. So stay tuned for that! and again happy birthday to everybody out there and thanks for joining us! Happy Birthday !!! Happy Birthday!!

We look forward to seeing all of you on Newport Living and lifestyles!

Have a good day everybody!! Bye-bye everyone!

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