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Hi everybody, I’m Christon ! I’m Karyn! Hi Karyn! I am Christon with Newport Living and Lifestyles. I am a Libra and today is my birthday! Happy birthday!  Thank you!  and in light of my birthday I decided to start a horoscope of the month and joining me every month and today’s horoscope will be Karyn Chabot and I’d like her to tell us a little bit about herself and her tenure in the industry before we talk about all of the romance the finance the self-care that’s gonna come along this fall for all Libras. Excellent ! Thank you. It is an honor to be here and part of your gig! Thank you! Thank you!  and happy birthday to all the Librans out there !  That’s right! Happy Birthday! I’m Karen Chabot owner of Sacred Stone Academy of Massage and Ayurveda and I teach astrology I’ve been studying astrology for 18 years and I also ampassionate about the astrological cards that I’m teaching. I’m doing a fourweek series on that starting at the power of juice in Middletown on thisFriday night.  Yes, okay!  and I’m also teaching online on October 21st for fourweeks, so anyone that doesn’t live here can still learn.  Okay yeah, so this is a new passion for you or is it an old passion?  It’s an old passion that started as a hobby. I was just doing body working, healing and massage and Ayurveda medicine teaching it and I was doing these cards in astrology as a hobby and now all of a sudden it’s turned into a full-time career, sure so here I am! Well I am happy to be apart of all of that! This is gonna be a very general reading.  Very general, but I will go into specifics about Librans because it is the month of October and it’s all about Libra and just coincidentally Libra is ruled by the planet Venus we know that’s the love planet so Libra since it’s ruled by Venus is very affected this month by the retrograde,  the Venus retrograde that just happened .  Okay, you’re gonna have to explain.  I will explain that so the planets all go in a certain direction and this time when it goes retrograde it turns around and they go backwards so so Venus is going in a backwards direction it’s a little more complicated but I want to bore you with the details, but just know that it’s backwards, and when things go backwards it’s time for us to go introspectively and time to go quiet and and ask yourself is there anything I need to do for myself are there closures that need to happen with regard to romance love and friendships and money even.  All of those are good!  Yes! so right now since it’s gone retrograde starting October 6th and itgoes direct again November 16th. This is your time to do closures. Maybeyou have a romance or an old boyfriend or a girlfriend that you haven’t seen inyears and she may resurface, boyfriends, old boyfriends will resurface. This is atime for closure and forgiveness. Yes so, so it’s not a time to start anything newso if you meet anyone new during this window of time it’s probably not such alucky thing . It might be just for a season and a reason, so don’t be attachedto the outcome of a new beginning and love during this cycle.  Okay very well said. Yeah just go with it and enjoy the moment. It’s the best recommendation I can give you for a Venus retrograde new love. Right now is the sweet time during the retrograde when people can do art and beauty and poetry and music. Soulful types of things that make you feel good!  Yes! Okay.  It’s sort of a redesign. Like a redesign of your house. You could even buy a new car or redesign your financial situation, revamp your books. Because you know Venus governs money and love so, it’s not just about love. It’s about the money! Show me the money! So go into all of your statements and look and see where you can cut the fat, and do like a little revamp all of yourfinances. As well as you know, sit in nature, be in nature and find abeautiful place because Venus is all about beauty and the arts.  Well we have a lot of beautiful places here in Newport. Put your feet in the grass, put your feet in the sand, go hug a tree.  Yeah go hug a tree! or just jump in the ocean! It’s still warm!  Oh yeah! It’s true!  Great! So also, the last two weeks of Venus retrograde is when it gets a little steamy and you might be tempted by a secret love affair.  Whaaaat?! hahaha.  There’s like a dark shadow that happens toward the end of the retrograde. When is the end? It’s the last two weeks before the November 16th direct when it goes direct, that day, two weeks just prior to that, is when secret love affairs tend to happen. Try not to go back to that old boyfriend. The sex will be very tempting!  Whaaat?! hahahaa! This can also relate to friends and other things as well?  Yes! Of course it can! It can be with girlfriends is can get kind of hot and steamy you know with debates and can be feisty with girlfriends you could have a closure that involves some real forgiveness and emotion so it’s not always about romance but yeah in this case the last two weeks is when it does get a little bit tempting where you might lose your your logical mind and go with matters of the heart and lust so watch yourself with that, it’s not worth it, you know, if you go back to that guy and you sleep with him during those last two weeks, you may pay the price! I’m just giving you all heads up; what may come.  and we all have free will. But that’s what may happen. these are these are possibilities that are unfolding right now in the universe. Okay, staying awake and aware is key.  I think those things are probably good throughout anyone’s life at all times. Be aware and make the right decisions. That’s great to know that, that’s coming.It is almost validating that if you find yourself feeling a certain way or if you’re out and about and things are happening to you and you don’t really know why it’s good to have that validation that this is kind of happening in the world. So it’s not just you specific.  To everyone! You’re not the only one being visited by old boyfriends and girlfriends. So also, so there’s going to be a time during the window of October 10th to 20th where the sun is coming very close, close orb to Venus and that makes Venus combust so, it overheats Venus it gets very hot and feisty and can be like if you’ve had a sunburn or you’ve been in the sun all day. It would feel like that heat exhaustion. Okay. So during that window of time, you might feel a little under the weather especially if you’re a Libran, and that means that Venus is ruler of your birth chart. But this will affect everyone on some level because we all have Venus somewhere in our chart. But this is a time to go and do some yoga and meditation, eat really well, have a fresh juice in the morning. Really nurture yourself. Yeah, get some extra sleep and know that it’s not just you feeling this way. We’re all in the same boat. I need to see you every day!! You need to validate me!! I would love to give you a reading! Okay, Well we may have to do that after our segment here today! Absolutely! So we have covered romance, finance, and health or self-care, so to speak and is there anything kind of in general about Libras that when you read these horoscopes online or that apps that we have tendencies toward? Yes, okay, so Libras, I’ll just give you an overview. Librans are all about balance as you know and also they are very prone to loving the art, beauty,entertainment, poetry, music. Anything that’s light and and fun and and sweet.They like sweet!  Send the Strawberry’s! hahahaa! Yeah and love is oily too so they can be they can be so sticky in a way . Librans can be, they want to be with someone, which is why the scale has two sides.They like to, not necessarily glom on to their lovers.  They are committed. They can tend to really want to be with them. Yeah. Yeah. Also globally since Venus is going retrograde, Venus has this pattern every eight years, there’s a connection. So whatever you were doing eight years ago, I think it was 2010 eight years ago, yeah, in the fall there will be a repeat so look back into your life eight years ago what were you doing in the fall and think about it is there something happening this fall that’s very similar is there maybe another closure that has to happen. I’ll tell you what happened with me. I’m a healer right. I’m doing massage and Reiki and healing, all kinds of modalities, massage and astrology. But all of a sudden I started selling sailcloth bags in 2010. It was my best friend, she passed away Ella Vickers, I loved her very much. But she made, she’s one of the first people to make a recycled sailcloth bags.I moved from Iowa that fall to live in Greenwich Connecticut with Ella and sold bags. and I thought what am I doing? So it was a repeat? No no that was the first time I ever sold bags in my life and I was helping Ella out and she was helping me out and I was sort of running her store on Greenwich Avenue, and it only lasted for a while but I just found myself buying poptabbags.com on godaddy. yeah now I am going to be selling pop tab bags made out of pop tabs. recycled pop tabs. The old pull handles from old drinks. Yes. all kinds of beautiful bags that are shiny and made from these recycled things. So I just bought that website and I’m thinking this is so strange why am I doing this? I’m Looking back and I sold bags in 2010 so think about your life what did you do in 2010 it doesn’t have to be exactly the same because these weren’t poptabbags. Just anything similar and like that and I also moved so I think I’m moving again so if you moved eight years ago you may be moving again this fall. We bought a boat in 2010…So we may be buying a new one! It could be purchase of a car, it doesn’t have to be a boat. like a conveyance of some sort will come into your life.  Fantastic! Alright! Oh! Who are the most compatible people with Libras? Male / female of the other signs? Are their any signs that are more compatible? I have heard that Libra and Librans get along best together . but I don’t really know if that’s true… That’s a good question I don’t have any Libran friends. Come hang out with me. Awe, my daughter is a Libra, she would love you! I don’t think that there is one sign that goes with every sign, so I can’t answer that because, there are, you know, nine planets, if you include the nodes of the Moon. And we all have them. So to pick and say that, just because your Sun is in Libra that you should be with another person with a Sun in Libra. We need to look atall the planets. There’s a lot of different aspects to it. Soooo much more to it. Ican’t generalize that one.  Yeah, okay I can understand that. Yeah so anything else for us today or should we wrap this up and get ready for next month? Let me see, is there anything else I can say… I think that is it . I’mlooking forward to next month it’s gonna be all about Marsbecause it’s Scorpio !  Oh alright! Well my daughter will have to join in because she’s a Scorpio and I’m thinking we should do this every 10th of the month.  Sounds like a plan!  So, if you guys are on board, stay tuned for next month on the 10th at 1130AM for the Scorpio reading.  Excellent ! Alright! Thanks so much guys! Look forward to seeing you soon !

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