The 23rd Newport Flower Show is the signature event in Newport for the summer and will be hosted from June 22nd – June 24th. This year’s theme is cottages smart and small with special guest Martha Stewart! Enjoy on a modest or luxurious budget. Purchase your one day ticket or experience the entire weekend to include th Friday night Gala, shopping, dining, lectures and of course Flowers! Lots of Flowers! All hosted at Rosecliff on Bellevue Avenue benefitng The Preservation Society of Newport County to maintain these beautifully restored homes and landscapes.

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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles.  I am Christon and I am here with Andrea Carneiro of The Preservation Society of Newport.  She has nineteen years in the industry, so she is a wealth of knowledge. At least I know where all the secrets are!


We are here at Rosecliff where the 23rd annual Flower Show will be hosted from June 22nd – June 24th .


Tell us about all the amazing opportunities we get to experience. The Newport Flower Show of course as you know is a signature event in Newport for the summer time. It has been going on for 23 years now and every year it seems to get better and better. We change it up and it is run by a committee of volunteers and it is amazing the work that those people do. This year’s theme is cottages smart and small.


What people will be able to enjoy in general is a whole variety of things.  We will have gardens out here on the front lawn of Rosecliff with a village of tiny houses.  Six or seven?  Six tiny houses that will be here. They will have their own gardens built around them.  People will be able to tour those gardens. We will have something called the tiny house theater with a stage.  We will have pop up lectures and demonstrations all weekend long Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Too bad those stay so we can rent them out for the rest of the summer!  Wouldn’t that be fun!  Unfortunately not, sorry! Inside the house are the amazing floral design arrangements.  Outside on the back lawn horticultural displays.  We are going to have children’s activities.  Shopping!  Shopping, exactly.  On this front lawn and also on the back lawn we will have wonderful vendors and great shopping opportunities all weekend long.


The real major event of the weekend is on Friday night.  We have our opening night party and that takes place here indoors and outdoors, but mostly outdoors. That is from six to nine pm on Friday night.  Sounds fun to me!  A fabulous garden party! We have music, we have open bars, we have wonderful food!  And wonderful guests!  And wonderful guests, YES! One of our special guests this year at the opening night party is Martha Stewart!  Yay!  She is coming as a guest to the party, it will be her first time at The Newport Flower Show, so we are excited about that. She will also be doing a lecture on Saturday, but unfortunately, if you did not get tickets,  it is too late, because that one is sold out.  But you can come to the opening night party and perhaps get a chance to rub elbows with Martha and all of the other wonderful people that will be here.


We will have several thousand people perhaps six or seven thousand people over the weekend total among all the events and you can come either for the day or you can decide to make a weekend of it. We have weekend packages, because we have a variety of events, besides the opening night party on Friday as I mentioned there are some special lectures throughout the weekend.  We have a jazz brunch, we have a champagne brunch, we have a afternoon tea, a movie night! A movie night, exactly! Dinner and a movie here at Rosecliff outdoors on Saturday night, so there are a variety of ways to experience The Flower Show. So you can experience on a modest budget or a luxurious budget.  Absolutely! 


With six to seven thousand people coming in just for The Flower Show where will they be parking. The good news is, we have FREE parking and FREE shuttle service! Yay! You don’t have to fight the traffic on Bellevue Avenue in the summer. That is always a good thing! We provide FREE parking down at Newport Grand on Admiral Kalbfus Boulevard and we will have free shuttle service taking people back and forth to their cars. That is one worry you do not have. That is Fantastic!


Who is this benefiting? All the proceeds from The Flower Show of course benefit The Preservation Society of Newport County.  We are a nonprofit.  The proceeds go directly to our landscape rehabilitation and restoration efforts.  They ensure that we are able to maintain the 88 acres of gardens and grounds that our Newport Mansions sit on, with 1800 specimen trees.  It is a beautiful property and it is one of the reasons that we do what we do.  Not only to preserve houses like this, and the Breakers, and Marble House, but also to preserve the beautiful landscapes. You will see one of the most fantastic ones when you come to The Flower Show because the grounds here are just amazing.  They are very beautiful!


Go to You can read all the details about the show and you will see all the different ticket packages that are available. You can purchase your tickets right there online.


Thanks so much Andrea for joining us today!  Thanks for the opportunity!


We look forward to seeing you on Newport Living and Lifestyles!