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Chronicles of Entrepreneurs, Bespoke Products, Lifestyle Events & Activities


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The Chronicles

Chronicles of Entrepreneurs, Bespoke Products, Lifestyle Events & Activities

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Newport Living & Lifestyles

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Discover international events, restaurants, hotels, boutiques, bespoke goods and charitable causes with, Christon A. Gibson — presenter, and producer as she explores what it means to live well, in style, and on purpose, while shining light on businesses, humanitarians, and entrepreneurs.



The Chronicles

Chronicles of Entrepreneurs, Bespoke Products, Lifestyle Events & Activities


An Interview Style Video Blog Highlighting Business Owners, Charities and events.

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Chronicles of Entrepreneurs, Bespoke Products, Lifestyle Events & Activities

It is an absolute honor and pleasure to work with Christon of Newport Living & Lifestyles. Her charismatic, charming nature blends beautifully with her professional, witty, and colorful interviews. She brings out the best in everyone while educating the people of Newport, supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses, and bringing the community together. 

NL&L is Newport RI’s premiere video blog. The Vlog gives you the inside scoop on local businesses and area events. What caught my eye most was Christon’s lively, humorous and entertaining interview style; she’s just so very charismatic! If you want to know what’s really going on behind the scene: art, area small businesses, restaurants, organizations, or who and what is attending or supporting charity fundraisers, Newport Living & Lifestyles has the inside track.

Christon and the NL&L video blog have been nothing but extraordinary to work with. She always brings great energy and positivity to each subject she deals with. I have worked with her on numerous occasions and look forward to doing more creative concepts. NL&L is what Newport is all about! 

Newport Living & Lifestyles, and Christon, have been so much fun to work with over the past few years and learn about other exciting businesses in our great area. Christon brings laughter, skill, and a great eye for directing with her on location and maybe some tequila 🙂 Helly Hansen has certainly benefitted from partnering with NL&L in recent years, and I look forward to the next adventure. 

I loved working with Christon on Newport Living & Lifestyles. It was fun, and my clients loved seeing me get exposure for the work that I do. Though it was an ugly sweater segment, I received a ton of responses, views, and shares from people who saw the show. This is marketing you just can’t pay for! Christon drove the whole show. She made it so comfortable for me, which made it easy for me to be a success. It was great not to have to sell myself for once in 30 years! People still comment on my segment! Great new and unique idea. I can see this show being picked up by a network very soon. Keep up the good work!

I originally met Christon from Newport Living & Lifestyles as a guest at my spa; she approached me about featuring the bodhi spa in her lifestyle blog. We offer a unique spa experience in Newport, RI and being only 2 years old when we knew we needed to add to our brand and presence to stay relevant. I appreciated Christon’s willingness to adapt to our needs as a new business and work with me on my business presentation. While it’s easy to feel out of your comfort zone while being interviewed, I felt completely at ease with her big smile beaming back at me as she guided me through her thoughtful questions. Newport is the loving home to many small businesses and offers opportunities for unique lifelong experiences that may get overlooked with the wealth of choices available. The Newport Living & Lifestyles platform is a wonderful way of sharing some hidden and not-so-hidden gems in our beautiful city by the sea.  

Newport Living & Lifestyles is a new and fun way to get the word out about your business! Christon is wonderful to work with, and even though being on camera can be nerve-racking, she is a pro and made me feel really comfortable. I am excited to support her mission and this new exciting platform. Newport is full of amazing things to do and see, and Newport Living & Lifestyles is a wonderful way to stay informed. 

Newport Living & Lifestyles is a unique platform to inform clients, friends, and potential customers, to learn and understand your business and how it can affect your way of life. As an Interior Designer, TurnKey Design shared and showed our life-changing living spaces through Newport Living & Lifestyles – Come, Join and Enjoy your new life! 

I loved working with Christon Gibson from Newport Living & Lifestyles on a gift giveaway during the holidays last year! She has her finger on the pulse of what is happening here in Newport and brought her unique panache and energy to promoting my store “SWANKY Newport” with a lively and entertaining video-cast specifically created with my products, as the stars of the show!! 

I truly enjoyed working with Christon! I was really nervous about filming our segment. She totally put me at ease and walked me through the whole experience. 

Christon and I met through a mutual close friend. When I heard her tell me that she wanted to highlight a doggie day with dog-friendly businesses as the topic, I was completely on board. Newport Pedicab is the premier pedicab company in Newport. We specialize in amazing and memorable tours. I always keep up with Newport Living & Lifestyles, and at Newport Pedicab, dogs always ride free! It was such a pleasure working with Christon! Bringing herself and Gambit around town was a pleasure! Being featured on Newport Living & Lifestyles has been a highlight of the season. We share a mutual love for Newport, and we truly appreciate her shedding light on the city we love.

Working with Christon of Newport Living & Lifestyles was a wonderful experience! She really captured Lucky Dog Resort’s essence and what a joy it is to be surrounded by dogs every day. We really felt supported and guided through the process, which was fun, easy, and collaborative.”

Working with Christon was a delight when I helped with the editing of her Travel Tuesdays video segment of Newport Living & Lifestyles. She was outstandingly helpful with providing all the digital materials and resources I needed to deliver the final products. Keeping projects on task is a breeze because she makes sure she is accessible for questions and feedback along the way.

Christon is a true professional when it comes to her courteous, communicative, and attentive manner while also maintaining an easy-going and friendly approach in all aspects of her business – from interviews to behind the scenes projects. I would welcome future projects with Christon!

Hiring Christon of Newport Living and Lifestyles to produce a promotional video for the Kent Washington Association REALTORS, a Rhode Island non-profit real estate organization, was one of the best decisions we made. Her wit and vivacious energy, combined with her expert knowledge delivered us the perfect marketing tool we were aiming for. Christon is a reliable and dedicated professional. I guarantee, she will not disappoint!

NL&L delivers interesting content and unique facts. Christon is a total professional; delightful to work with, knowledgeable and always 100% prepared for her interview. Be in the know with NL&L

Christon is such an amazing and inspiring person to work with! Newport Living and Lifestyles is the chicest way to market your business. She is also a true professional and very hardworking! I believe that almost every business on Aquidneck Island would benefit by Christon’s marketing skills; she has a natural talent for attracting positive results!!!

It was such a pleasurable experience working with Christon Gibson from Newport Living & Lifestyles. She showed up everyday offering such great ideas and her charisma was infectious. She didn’t hesitate when we asked her if she would fly to Naples with our team and document a marketing and fundraising event that Bimini-me was involved with. Through this experience she has become a trusty colleague and a friend. Christon is a “go -getter”, she has a strong work ethic and she’s a connector. I would recommend Christon to anyone!

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