1st announced here on Newport Living and Lifestyles! Pull out your party lights & “Light up the Harbor” at the 1st Annual “Harbor Lights Newport” event September 20th – 21st 2019, presented by Newport Maritime Alliance and Discover Newport !
Fashion your first rate dazzle, sparkle & twinkle as a forefront to the glorious Newport sunset to enter to win prizes for best Marina theme!

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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles. I’m Christon and I’m here with Evan Smith of Discover Newport and Matt Gineo from Oldport Marine and we are here to talk about “Harbour Lights” first annual. Indeed, appreciate the opportunity and I wanted you to know that this is going to be the first time that you have a scoop on announcing this event this is the first time we’ve talked about it in public. The inside scoop! Exactly, we want to light up the entire harbor this September. Our goal is to have just about every boat and every restaurant and all the docks along Newport Harbor front illuminated and looking very festive. It’s never really been done before, but we think we can do it on September 20th and 21st. Sounds gorgeous and what better way to treat the locals and visitors.What was your inspiration behind this? Matt and I have been looking at other harbor parades around the United States.Down in Fort Lauderdale they have an excellent parade,out of Newport Beach California they have a wonderful parade,There are a lot of work.You have to have a big committee, you have to have lots of people organizing this,and you need a lot of sponsorship.Matt and I have been talking about this for over two years.We came up with the idea of rather than moving the boats,was just to leave them in their slips along the harbor front here and asked them toilluminate there, which is actually easier for them, because they have power at the dock right?It’s a better place for them to entertain because this is going to be a great platformfor boat owners who want to have a year-end party on their boat right?To be able to have one big tailgate party along the Newport waterfront,which is gonna be awesome !Absolutely, I actually visited Fort Lauderdale this past winter during thatparade and it’s been going on for almost 50 years. They attract 1 million visitorsto the parade and brings in 50 million dollars worth of revenue.I don’t think we’ll get that in our first year here but it’s going to be very exciting.We are going to light up not only the boats in Newport Harbor but the marinas andrestaurants along the harbor front as well.What can you use for support to make sure that this thing goes off without a hitch?For anyone who’s watching your show and we hope everybody’s watching your show,if you own a boat or if you know someone who does own a boat, we want you toconsider lighting up your boat. We want you to make plans to buy lights andother festive decorations and really get in the spirit, get creative, getinnovative, get out there and light up your boat, go out and get a little silly,get a little fun. I think each of the marinas depending on where your boat is,different marinas are going to have different themes, and so you want to talkto your marina manager and ask them does our marina have a theme, because somethemes may go from Caribbean to pirates to Jimmy Buffett.Each marina is going to have a different theme and they can win anaward if they get the best-dressed marina so they have lots of prizes.PRIZES! FUN!Yes, something to look forward to come September 19th through 20th (20th-21st 😀 )It’s the same weekend as the Newport Mansion Wine and Food Festival, so there will be a lot of people here, a lot of boats.It’s the weekend after the Newport International Boat Show.We did actually look and talk with the boat show organizersand ask did you want to do it during the Boat Show. They thought it might be a little bit too much sothey passed on the first year. We moved it to the following weekend, butagain our goal is to have the waterfront from Goat Island all the way down theharbor here to be totally lit up. It’s going to be absolutely beautiful.You’re going to want to come down, you’re going to want tostroll the waterfront, you will want to go to your favorite restaurant and you will want to shop.It’s gonna be a fabulous night! We want everybody to come out!Well I look forward to this and we look forward to seeing you and we’re very excitedon Newport Living and Lifestyles!Thanks guys!