Newport Curates & Jessica Hagen Fine Art Hosted the Grand Opening of “Front Row Seat” a photo exhibit by E.A. Kahane officially open September 30 through October 31, 2021 at The Hammetts Hotel.

Documenting life in a highly personalized fashion, she used the camera to express her unique and dynamic artistic viewpoint. Her latest work moves in the direction of sharing an experience by telling the story through photography.

In response to the pandemic, and to highlight Spring Park, the historic birthplace of Newport, in 2020 Kahane gave us, “We need A Parade,” with over 160 large format prints in an outdoor installation, free to the public, recreating the excitement of Newport’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade that had been canceled that year for the first time in its 100 year history.

In 2019 she took us on safari, with an installation at the Jessica Hagen Gallery in Newport, entitled “OFF THE WALL” On Safari with E.A. Kahane. Newport This Week’s review of the exhibit concluded, “It’s often said art can transport the viewer.”

Her current exhibition is entitled, “Front Row Seat,” in recognition of the “most beautiful race in the world. ” as the Nille Miglia (1000 Miles ) is so famously known. In June this year, Kahane joined her husband, Bill and son, Harry, as they participated in the legendary race. Photographing the start in Brescia, traveling south to Rome, and returning to Brescia to complete the 1,000 mile loop.

Kahane invites you to be a passenger in her journey as she documents the beauty, excitement, chaos and splendor of a race that is so passionately tied to the country and the people of Italy.

Strap in and enjoy the ride.


-Hammetts Hotel Grand Opening Photo Exhibition